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Hey hey hey! I made it to Pamplona and stayed at a VERY cool alburgue along the river there. Then took the only bus on Sundays to Jaca today.

The ride was SPECTACULAR and I cannot wait to begin walking tomorrow morning. I will walk slowly, maybe half stages and try to keep in touch when possible.

The Municipal alburgue here is a ghost town.. not many perigrinos right now anyway. But it is clean, nice, and has a good kitchen.

Ok.. that is it. The sun is shining... pray for more!

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Re: Live from JACA

Wonderful! You have the luck to be on a quiet camino. Walking in smaller stages sounds so right. Savour, relax.

I remember this peace from a long time ago and it is to be treasured.

Enjoy! D'ya hear?! :D
Re: Live from JACA

Jaca is a place name I imagine in my future! Go well, and we look forward to hearing more about it.
Re: Live from the Aragonese

I published a blog that I am unable to cut and paste about my attempt to reach the Monastery today. Those of you planning on walking this route should maybe read it.

This is an older message. Decided to make it one topic


I am in Sta. Celia tonight. Nice hostel with 20 beds. Nobdy here but me, a German boy, and a French couple. They have a FREE washer and FREE dryer. Holy Moly, I was happy to see that.

I am chuckling at this German boy who is expecting free washers and dryers and nice clean bugfree alburgues all the way to Santiago. I hope he gets his dream.

He, by the way, DID make it to the Monastery today. He tells me from Sta. Celia, it took 4 hours up and 4 hours back, which seems about right. I hiked 5 hours from Jaca and did not make it... read the blog for more info.

Tired, so going to sign off. Hope to run into some of you on the road. This is a SPECTACULAR Camino, and not difficult so far (unless you attempt the hike to the Monastery).

Love and Kisses,
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After Sta. Celia (9 euro) and a very nice alburgue, I walked to Arres. This is a BEAUTIFUL little town atop a mountain, and when you come around the hill and see it, it´s like a fairytale village! The alburgue was donativo, the only one along the route so far. There were few pilgrims that night, maybe 6, and we had a lovely dinner and breakfast next morning. I really enjoyed my stay here. I ran into a lady I met on the bus to Pamplona. She had fallen on her way into Arres, and had the same two shiners that Wolverine had!

From Arres, I walked to Artieda and planned to sleep there. But the lady who ran the Pilgrim Alburgue(10 euro) there was horribly rude. So I ate my meal (which was good for 9 euro), grabbed my gear and continued on to Ruesta.

Ruesta was fantastic! The walk there was flat, but the bugs were horrible on the way in. You walk through a very tight path through forest, and you cannot stop for the mosquito swarms. If you look carefully, however, there is an OPEN pathway where a farmer drives his tractor right next to the tight path... I figured that out and the rest of the walk was nice.

The hostel is very nice at 9 euro. The dinner was also offered, but I had food to eat. I believe it was 10 euro and my French friends said it was very good. He also offered breakfast and a picnic breakfast for 3 euro, which I accepted and enjoyed.

From Ruesta, the walk was difficult, similar to the climb up Alto Perdon, but longer. And once at the top of the hill, the wind began to blow. It was like walking in a hurricane the rest of the way, with 2 steps forward and 3 steps back. By the time we reached Sanguesa, we were torn to pieces and battered... It took about 2 hours longer than usual because of the wind in our faces. I cannot describe it except it was STRONG and COLD.

After battling the winds again this morning, we decided at Monreal to take the bus to Pamplona and walk to Puente la Reina tomorrow from there. The wind is just too strong and it makes walking very difficult.

All in all, the Aragones is a spectacular route and I would highly recommend it for someone who is considering a Camino, even for their first. There is nothing on it as difficult as the stretch from San Jean Pied du Port to Roncevalles... and the scenery is just as incredible!

Ok.. that´s my report. Time to eat and sleep.. Gotta walk again tomorrow.

Oh yes.. P.S. Not one single bedbug was spied along this route! :D

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