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Lleida to Logroño

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Tarragona -LLeida 2018
Barcelona-Montserrat 2018
Hello! I live in Tarragona, so have started the Camino St. Jaume from here. Now I am onto the Lleida - Logroño stretch, in order to join the Camino Frances. The section from Tarragona to Lleida was not terribly well marked, and it was rather difficult to find lodging. Has anyone done the Lleida - Logroño section, and how well is it marked? I am used to hike with quite detailed topographical maps, and the lack of detail in the Camino Catala guides is a bit discomforting.


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2002, Toulouse/Aragon 2005, Cami S Jaume/Aragon 2007/9, Mont Saint Michel/Norte/Vadiniense 2011, Norte/Primitivo 2013, Norte/Primitivo 2014. Norte 2015, Cami S Jaume/Castellano-Aragonese 2016
It is more disconcerting, than discomforting, but it is certainly annoying. There may be a Spanish guide which someone knows of, and that may be of much use. I’m not sure I can be a lot of help here, although I walked part of the Ebro route two years ago. I copied maps from Gronze and Mundicamino and stitched them together in a notebook, comparing them with Google maps the night before--- hardly a perfect solution and it did not always work for me.

This page (https://www.caminodesantiago.me/community/forums/ruta-del-ebro.107/), perhaps, is one of your best sources. The first five pinned items might be your best sources in English. As you can see from day 5 of my account, I gave up on the stretch into Lleida/Lerida and took the bus from Tarrega. Day 9 refers to a difficult stretch, which would justify thumbing a lift, or taking a detour of a few extra km down country roads.

I did the stretch from Lleida/Lerida to Gallur, from where I branched west to Terrazona and Soria and other points. From Saragossa/Zaragoza, the camino more or less follows the Ebro river, and was well-marked and moderately well-served as far as I followed it.

I found the Lleida/Lerida to Fraga Candasnos Bujaraloz to Saragossa/Zaragoza tough, but from Saragossa/Zaragoza on, it was well-marked (with, however, some challenges in leaving towns). As well, I used Gronze at www.gronze.com/camino-ebro and Mundicamino (www.mundicamino.com/los-caminos/21/ruta-del-ebro/) to find accommodation– I found Mundicamino better on this stretch.

However, I just did a test of one spot (Ribaforada), 26km after Gallur and 10km before Tudela, and on research neither of the hotels Mundicamino quotes (NH Sancho el Fuerte or Hostal las Palmerallas) seem to exist at their mutual address of km104 on the carretera. There is no albergue there although, upon enquiry at the ajuntamiento, you may well find someone to rent you a room, perhaps above a restaurant.

Let us know how it goes, as the few of us who do these obscure routes can be a valuable source to others.
Camino(s) past & future
Tarragona -LLeida 2018
Barcelona-Montserrat 2018
Thanks for your very generous and detailed reply and useful links.

I have the guide "El Camí Català de Sant Jaume. Des de Montserrat" by Joan Fiol Boada. It is in Catalan, but I can read that, and I have not encountered any other in Spanish or English. The maps are indicative sketches, rather than proper maps (see attached).

When I hiked from Tarragona to Lleida, the first about 100 km more or less coincides with the Ruta del Cister (GR175) for which there are very excellent topographical maps. For the remainder, I did as you, I printed out some screen shots from Google and found my way, with minor detours! I did not meet a single hiker any of the days (in June). The first three nights I stayed in alberges at Santa Creus (the municipal one), Poblet (the more expensive one at the monastery) and at the Vallbona de les Monges (the pilgrim one at the monastery). I did not find any accommodation in Juneda, but stayed privately with a very kind woman in Torregrossa, which is about 4 km off the trail.

Will try to complete the Lleida - Logroño part over new year, once the days gets a bit longer. I did the GR99 hike on the Ebro, which is well marked and where the lower sections coincide with the Camino de Ebro.

Will let you know how it goes, and how I resolve the logistics!


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