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I need a good detailed map of the Camino. We'll be using the "French" Route. Does anyone know where I can get one? I dont' need a book, just a map.
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How detailed do you want? When I first travelled the route (or, at least, the last 150km) I had been looking for something equivalent to the Ordanance Survey maps available for every inch of Great Britain: nothing came to hand.

I ended up relying on guidebook maps and, of course, the yellow arrows and waymarkers that make route-finding relatively easy.

There is a range of very detailed maps available but you would have to buy a lot to cover the whole route. You can also get maps that show the whole route - they do indicate the albergues but aren't a close enough scale for day-to-day wayfinding.

One guidebook I saw might have fitted the bill as it had a lot of maps covering the route in some detail - each village and hamlet you pass through and details like road crossings and fountains. Unfortunately, I didn't end up buying a copy and I can't remember the title - can anyone else think what one this might be?

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John - that title sounds familiar. I was tempted to pick up a copy but the weight put me off when I was browsing in Santiago before travelling to the start of my walk and the shop was shut during the time I had in the city on my return.

I've found some reviews on Amazon but they don't have the book in stock.

The Maps with the Practical Guide to Pilgrims are strip maps as are the ones in those in the book:
ANGUITA JAEN, Jose Maria. Pilgrim's guide, the road to Santiago (Leon: Editorial Everest SA, 2004 - 360 pp. ) with strip maps in a separate waterproof pocket which is sometimes issued free by Spanish Tourist Offices (try an enquiry via the Spanish Tourit office website in your home country).

I found the ordinary Michelin maps useful I think there were two the 441 and 442 but the numbers may have changed.

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Maps for your pocket

"Ediciones Way" publishes pocket maps of the Camino. They fold into a 3 ½" by 3 ½" square and are chock-full of information: distances, altitudes, albergues (with their telephone numbers) and even bicycle shops. There is one that covers the Camino from St Jean to Burgos, and Somport to Burgos; another from Burgos to O Cebreiro and another from O Cebreiro to Santiago. The name of the map series is "El Camino Jacobeo en tu Bolsillo” (The Way of St. James in your Pocket); ISBN 84-930395-2-7 they are printed in Spanish, French, English and German. They cost about $2-3 and may be ordered from the publisher:
Ediciones Way, S. L. c/ San Anselmo No. 1 2818 Madrid Spain

I sent them E10 in an envelope with my order and promptly received two maps - from St Jean to Burgos and from Burgos to Santiago.

I have lent these to 2 South African pilgrims and both said that were invaluable.

Good luck!
I'm not saying I wouldn't have wanted one, but when I did the walk last time, I never had a map the entire time.. between the yellow arrows and others walking, plus locals along the way, you almost don't need one. Again, that's not to say you shouldn't have one if you can find a lightweight one.

I am known for being "directionally handicapped" among my friends, and I only got lost once on the Camino (and it was only for a mile or so). Itwas kind of funny - because I learned to rely on instinct and in this instance, I realized pretty quickly I was going the wrong way.

Good luck! You'll love it.


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I Willl start biking from SJPD on 9.may with Ebike. I have a list of bike friendly albergs is there somebody who have experience with charging batery in such alberg. Do i need afdition 220v...

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