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The big map o the Caminos de Santiago

may babies unite!

okay you zillion people walking the camino in may...

i thought it would be cool to have our own (non-exclusive) exchange. drop a post about what's on your mind, how you're training (or not), your packing list, your funniest pre camino moment, ANYTHING...
Hola Buena! I was stunned to realize today that in exactly one month, I will be in Paris! :shock: Sil gave me some suggestions on places to visit related to the Camino, so I've included them in my plans for the day.

I'm up to walking 4 miles/day at a stretch (takes me about 1:20 to do this), & tomorrow morning, I'm going to walk 4 miles 2X day, morning & evening, with my back pack. By the end of the month, I should be up to 10 miles/day.

As for packing, the more I pack, the more I realize that I will be bringing more "stuff" (shampoo, first aid, etc) than clothes! :shock:

I'm still on the fence about getting a phone. I looked at mobalphone.com, but wasn't impressed with the prices. Telestial, otoh, allows for free incoming phone calls. I need to contact them tomorrow to see what kind of phone number I'd have (UK # or Spanish #).

Funniest thing? Well, I decided to take the Air France flight to Biarritz, thinking it would depart from Orly (some of the flights do), made a reservation at a hotel close to the RER that goes to Orly, then realized that the flight I purchased leaves from Charles De Gaulle. :oops: Oh well, I'm not going to complain about a day in Paris. Who could? :)

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Oh my.
I wish I knew how to find the time/energy to physically train more, but, alas I am a full time student with and almost full-time job right up until 6 days before I leave! So time to just walk is pretty non-existant for me. At least I know I have good shoes! I figure I will just do it and I will be OK. I am a bit nervous about walking from St Jean with little training and jet lag though!


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I'm flying from Stanstead to Biarritz on May 11th. Been training approx every other day averaging 4-5 miles with a 10 miler inbetween, stepping up the milage this week. :?
Bought lightweight backpack today as I am now becoming a bit obsessive about weight :shock: Will I really cut the handle off my toothbrush? :lol:
Hope to meet up with some of you along the way.
Getting excited now!!!

Lauren, if your schedule allows, break up the walk from SJPdP & Roncesvalles with a night at the albergue in Orrison. That's what I'm doing. This way, you can get adjusted to the time difference without beating yourself up to get up & over the mountains on your first day.

may, baby

First of all, thank you to buena!, I think this is a fun idea. I am leaving from New Mexico to Biarritz in exactly...3 weeks! Ok, I guess maybe I will get kicked out of this group since I start a little bit earlier, but as penance I have decided to walk from Pau to Oloron first, which means I might be in Spain close to May 1st. Can I stay in the group? I sure hope so, since spiritually I feel like a May pilgrim.

My plan includes crossing the border at Somport and then carrying on to Jaca and connecting with the 'big river' at Reina la Puente. Dont ask me how many days that is, I suspect something like a week...maybe I should look it up. Anyways, I am walking every other day, between 4-8 miles with the occasional 12-16 thrown in. We are in the midst of allergy season here so I have taken to walking at the gym on a treadmill, which is kind of lame but practical.

My packing list is really minimal and limited almost exclusively to the clothes I will trade on and off my body, plus a sleeping bag. I am sure when the moment arrives I will manage to drag along a multitude of useless, non-essentials like everybody else. I have my eyes on a sweet looking pack that ways next to nothing and am trying to figure out how to explain to my old back pack that this is not goodbye. Seriously, the thing has been with me for 15 years on 5 continets and its very emotional to even think I could do the Camino without it. Still, weight is weight.

This weekend I am hoping to comlplete a two day mini-pilgrimage from Santa Fe to Chimayo. Its about 40 miles the way I have it planned, which includes an overnight with a tent. Perhaps the funniest moments so far have surrounded my decision to take this Easter walk. Its a very traditional thing here and most of my friends think I am headed off the deep end. I find it interesting that this is raising so many eyebrows, but when I tell them I am going to Spain for the Camino everyone says they wish they could come too. Typical!

Buen camino to all. Please let me know if you have any experience or information on the Pau-Oloron-Jaca-Reina la Puente route, or if you are interested in joining me along the way. Peace, VP.
I would say you count as a "May baby" so you're welcome to stay.

I should be walking through Puente La Reina on May 9. I plan to stay at the refugio in Eunate instead of Puente La Reina. Is that about the time you would be there? :)

Promise your old bag a nice badge from the Camino. :)

Well, since I am also walking in May, I thought I should add myself to this group.

I will be arriving in SJPP on May 11, spending the night there then heading off (weather Permitting) to Orrison where I will spend the night also.

I have been training as much as I can, am now up to 10-15 km per day over varried terrain, and just yesterday added my backpack. I was suprised to find what a difference it made. My pack only weighs 3 lbs and fits me perfectly, one of those ones designed specifally for a woman. I felt great for about the first hour. After that, I was really begining to notice a difference, not used to having that weight on my hips . This will take some getting used to! Fortunately I still have some time before I leave. I intend to keep my total pack weight under 15 lbs including water, right now in training, I am working with 10 lbs. :lol:

I have been looking forward to this journey for some time, I have no doubt this will change my life. I am also looking forward to meeting all of you on the trail

Buen Camino and blessings
Lora, Nanaimo British Columbia
Hey Guys, yeah its hard to believe in 4 weeks il be in paris, staying 3 nights there before catching a train down to Biarritz. Leaving St Jean bout May 6..
Trainings a bit difficult, working 7day weeks at work but when i can get time away i head into the hills for usually about 2-3 hours, been finding im getting a recurring blister on right heel but some tape will take care of that, pretty sure my general fitness will get me through, my job involves a lot of running around luckily. Been training with around 22pound pack(backpacking down through italy and greece after camino so need a few extras-thats not counting tent and cooking stove which im sending on ahead of me)
Its gona be real good catching up with you gys on the trail, these refuges sound like a pretty good place to swap a few yarns :p
Hey Rich! You just might catch up with me! I'm taking 2 days to cross the Pyrenees, so will only be in Zubiri on the 6th. :) Check out my blog; maybe we can meet up somewhere down the line before I have to leave the Camino in Burgos on the 17th.



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May Walk

Hi, I'm also walking in May. Will be leaving Australia on 2 May, having a 'holiday' first in Avignon and Lourdes, then start walking from Lourdes on 13 May. Might see some of you on the way.

Buen Camino
WolverineDG, yes im sure we'l meet up along the way, i dont really know what sort of pace we will be setting over the pyranees but hope to be over them and into spain quick smart haha
yay! this is fun. and vitaminporter you are indeed welcome here!

my training has been up & down. i began 6 months ago but i am still doing rather short walks & low mileage b/c of some knee & ankle issues i hit. i'm breaking in some custom insoles and yesterday i was only out for an hour walk and ended up wiht shin splints! ha!

my big decision today: poncho over a rainjacket. i found one at REI for $4.50. it does't specifiy its for packs, but it will cover the both of us. it's made by lacrosse.

still debating over:
non gortex shoes and waterproof socks, or
gortex shoes and regular hiking socks
what size & SPF for sunblock
size & type of journal
and million other things

i'm going to start somewhere near St jean may 10 but haven't decided. i'm having a little trouble deciphering the CSJ book.

thanks for joining the may-baby party everyone!
Buena, do you have the Brierley guide as well? I found that very useful in deciphering the CSJ guide book. The Brierley guide has pictures & maps in addition to descriptions of the accomodations.

I still need to get a poncho. With snow still falling in the mountains, I fear that I will hit nothing but rain on my trek. I'm even seriously considering going the Valcarlos route instead of the Route Napoleon. I'm not going to be able to carry cold weather gear & it looks like it's going to stay quite cold along that part of the Camino for a while. Even if it warms up, that snow has to melt, which means mud, which means the Route Napoleon will probably be impassable at the beginning of May. Oh well.

I'm still doing 4 miles/day. Takes me 90 minutes, but I'm fine with that pace. I've kept to that pace even with my pack on. Speaking of packs, I'm going to experiment with my other pack (which is more like a book bag) to see if I like how it feels better.

dg :arrow:


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Hi! I'll start my camino on 9th May from Ronchesvalles. I'll arrive to Pamplona the day before and hope to catch the evening bus to R. I'll have about a week to enjoy this year, hopefully in the future could complete the whole camino.

My training has included running after, lifting and carrying children. With a family of 6 members there's not that much time left for extra mileage... But I'm so looking foreward to May, the experience of just looking after your self, enjoying what ever the camino has to offer. Hope to see some of you along the way!

Buen Camino

good point dg. although i am sure the locals won't reccommend the napolean route if there's any chance you won't be fine. has anyone checked the temperature charts? i don't have that site handy and weather.com doesn't recognize any of the small towns near St Jean. if nothing else it makes me feel good i am taking my sleeping back over a sleep sac and decided on full length pants (instead of capris). cold makes me much more nervous than heat (i'm always cold!), so a cold camino will do me good. show me what i'm made of...hehe.


ps i did 4 miles today no problems. maybe the.... 7th pair (?) of shoes did the trick?!
7 pairs of shoes?!? :shock: Buena, try the New Balance 977. Dawn suggested the 976, which I have & love, but that model has been replaced with the 977.

I'm really leaning towards going the Valcarlos route, even if the weather improves. It will be much easier on my right knee, which can act up & have tantrums. :cry: Not as remote, not as steep uphill or down. Sure I'll miss the fantastic views, but maybe next time in better weather.

I think Peter Robins has weather links on his site; look for one of his posts & go to his website. It still looks quite cold around Roncesvalles. Brrr....I'm from extreme South Texas. I don't do cold. :wink:

Heya guys, just got tickets by train from Paris to Bayonne foe 25euros a ticket, quite a saving i think i what they usually are, so i should be getting there bout 6am so if i can get a quick connecting train and cross my fingers il be at stjpdp early enough to set off on the 7th..
Not quite a May baby but in between!

Well I'm not exactly a May baby but decided to join in anyway as I set out from SJPdP on 25 April and, after all, I will be walking in May. I think that qualifies me but you can kick me out, I won’t mind too much!

buena wrote
did 4 miles today no problems. maybe the.... 7th pair (?) of shoes did the trick?!
Well buena, trust these will be your final shoes. Remember “It’s safer to try your shoes and break in them before you go than letting your shoes break you in the camino”. I tested also two sets and settled on Ecco Perceptor GTX hi boots. Have walked 275 kms with them and are quite comfortable.

Living in the Caribbean, I do not tolerate cold temperatures either! My training has been on mountain roads walking from a low 10k to a max 22k daily in 86ºF (32ºC) and 80% humidity. Hardly comparable to the Pyrenees weather during the last couple of wks!

So I’m praying for good weather for the next two weeks to melt down the snow and dry up the mud in the Napoleon route!! Otherwise, in spite of confirmed reservations at Auberge Orisson, it’s “goodbye Napoleon route”, “hello Valcarlos route” for me too, Wolverine!!

Buen camino to you all!
Lilian you are certainly a may baby!

As for my admittedly excessive (obsessive?) hunt for shoes 7 would be the grand total over the past several years...like I said, very difficult feet have I! So far haven't encountered any of my usual problems with the "Solomon XA Pro 3D." It has XRT Goretex which is supposidly more breathable than regular goretex.

I'm finalizing my pack list and will post that up soon!

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Hi again!
I'm starting from St Jean May 17th or 18th. Now I'm really at a loss as to how much warm stuff to take. Since the larger half of my walk is in June, I was not worried...untill now.
I'm one of those people who is always excessively cold. (ei. wearing a down parka when it's 45 out. Even on the hottest days of summer I never leave home without a hoodie in case a wind picks up.)
So in light of that, I'm thinking I will need long underwear, a very lightweight fleace pullover, my windproof softshell fleece jacket and full rain gear if it gets really cold.
Is this too much do you think? I've looked at average temps but I have no idea what to expect on mountain passes over there. (Here in CO, the softshell is a must in the rockies even in July.)
I may be overreacting because it has been below freezing here for the past 3 days! Oh boy am I allready getting quite anxious!
Also, are any of you bringing anything to protect against bedbugs?
LaurenE said:
Oh my.
I wish I knew how to find the time/energy to physically train more, but, alas I am a full time student with and almost full-time job right up until 6 days before I leave! So time to just walk is pretty non-existant for me. At least I know I have good shoes! I figure I will just do it and I will be OK. I am a bit nervous about walking from St Jean with little training and jet lag though!
Don't worry too much. I didn't train at all - for the same reasons - and confided on the fact that I was young, healthy and in quite a good shape, and I made it to Santiago without too much trouble. SJPP-Roncevalles didn't seem THAT hard, I've done mountain walks that were way more tiring. :)
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Thanks for the encouragement. I'm not in bad shape after all and I do wonder how the walk from St Jean will compare to hikes in the rockies.
Now on to find suitable layers...


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Keep in mind that the highest elevation you will reach is less than 5000' and the latitude is about the same as the Black Hills. I don't think you need to expect anything much different than you will get in Boulder during the same time frame. I will be a couple of weeks behind you.
lauren, i'm wondering about the bed bug spray now too. although i am taking a sleeping bag and my own pillow case...can they crawl through those things? what if your bag gets infected? maybe some kind of mat/covering for the bed under a sleeping bag. hmm....
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This bedbug thing is really a mystery to me. I don't see the point to "anti-allergy sacs" or plastic sheeting over the bed since these things live everywhere! In walls, floors, electrical sockets, etc. and if they can get from there into your sleeping bag well then I don't see how one more layer under/over you will actually protect you. The spray might work, but that would take up a lot of room in my allready crowded pack.
Anyone have any ideas?
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Hmmm. What if you sprayed your bag real good before you leave? I wonder if the insecticide would linger long enough to repel the bugs. Of course, then you're sleeping breathing in insecticide...


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Hi everyone!

I'll be arriving at SJPDD on May 17th and I'll start on the 18th to Roncesvalles. It's a bit of a pity that this hard, but beautiful, stage has to be done in one bit (the albuerges in between are already full), especially being the first one ... but I guess it's a matter of taking it slow and not overstress your body already the first day ;)


Hello Jerome, I believe if you are in good physical/mental shape, the SJ-Roncesvaux portion is not bad. As u say, "it's a matter of taking it slow and not overstress your body already the first day." If that first time I did it was difficult for me, it was precisely because I had not exercised. It can well be done in one journey and enjoyed, at the same time. Best, xm 8)
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I am arriving in St Jean (provided I make my flight from Stansted) in the evening on the 16th. I plan to spend a rest day recovering from jet lag and getting supplies, then leaving for Roncevalles the 18th. I might see you there!
Leaving May 23rd

Feeling mostly good about it because I need a vacation badly and because I'm just ready to get on with it. I find myself freaking out every couple of days over the things I don't have yet, the dogs, and crazily... what to do when I land..... I spin the questions over and over in my head. All the unknowns and the fear of doing this alone and on and on. You know all the stuff we freak ourselves out over. Thanks to these boards I realize I am not alone in this but it still doesn't calm me. Again, I just need to be there I think. I have faith I'll be fine once there. Until then, trying to get through what I call "the crazies".

I've got most of my clothes. My shoes. My pack. Big decision I can't seem to make right now is weather to get a silk liner or a fleece liner. I can't find anything smaller than either of these things. Worried if i go silk it will be too cold at night. Fleece may be hot as we get into June farther.

Training. I've been doing the gym 4 days a week including lots of walking. 1 day a week I go on a long hike in the Mountains around Los Angeles. Yes we have nature here. More than I ever realized actually. Training for this trip has brought this city into a whole new light for me. We have some pretty beautiful trails here. Anyway I usually do anywhere from 6 to 10 miles on these. I know it's less then the Camino mileage but at least i'm getting moving. Work makes it hard to do more.

Perhaps I will see one of you along the route, although it seems most are leaving much earlier in may in this post.

Hola everybody,Jerome says:"(the albuerges in between are already full), "

Now I am worried. I thought one couldn't book and havn't. I have no itinery or time schedule. Just leaving Somport on 25th and walking as far as I can. Are my plans too loose? And I don't think I can carry a foam mat or thermorest. I've already got too heavy a pack and am trying to cut back. How?
Buen camino to everyone,


Hi Renee,

...freaking out...things I don't have...dogs...what to do when I land...unknowns...fear of doing this alone...stuff...am not alone in this...need to be...have faith I'll be fine once there..."the crazies".
That's pretty much how I felt prior to my first Camino. Matter of fact, I'd say that's how many of us felt.

Doubts and fears are two of the things of what this adventure is about. The thing is to meet up to them, or not. Personal choice the Caminos present us with.

U seem to have done ur research and have been training well. Now, as u say, it's a matter of doing it.

Re: "doing it alone..."

I've always done it alone (though in a spiritual way I've never walked alone; as u say, u won't either).

I like to carry a pocketbook with me, a novel or whatever. Yes yes, added weight, am ok with it. Once I finish it, I buy another one, and so on. The book, along with my pole, have always become my best friends. To give u an idea, this time around I'll probably start out with one of Isabel Allende's young adults' novel, don't want reading to get 2 2 deep...

Keeping a journal is a good way of facing that pervasive loneliness hard to deal with at times, physically alone or with company. There r so many times one can be alone with people around...Though it's always happened that I start out writing one and then towards the middle of the Caminos or so, I get too tired to think/write & cease it altogether, or write sporadically!

When I've been walking by myself in the middle of nowhere for days, feeling my mind going going gone, I sing, have this incredible monologues, meditate, dance with my pole, look for company, absorb the environment, talk with folks along the way, have awesome "mind" conversations/discussions with people back home, and come up with all kinds of imaginable/unimaginable things.

Am sure u'll come up with ur ways of coping, too.

You'll be fine, peregrina!

Buen Camino :arrow:

xm 8)


I plan to take plenty of water!
The first time I walked the SJPDP-Roncesvalles road, I ran out of water. I approached a couple of peregrinos and they told me they only had enough H2O for themselves. Then I walked downwards to one of the few farms in the area and was given some. Eventually, I got thirsty again. Two pilgrims, French and German, saw me tumbling/fainting, came up to me, and shared their water. They helped me, literally, to walk. I was fine after a few minutes. Their company was also morally uplifting. We arrived together at the albergue in Roncesvalles. That taught me a few lessons: always take enough water with u, never deny water to someone that needs it even if it means cutting down on ur supply, look out for fellow pilgrims that may need ur help.


xm 8)
Thanks for the support and kindness xm.

Hey now I'm reading above about Albuerge's being full already? Can you, should I, be booking these in advance? I thought the point was to be taking the day, the time, the path.... as it comes. Or am i reading into the above posts incorrectly???
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My understanding (and someone please correct me if I'm wrong) it that you cannot book at the refuges in Spain in general. But I think you can book at the gites in France. The places between St Jean and Roncevalles are a bit more upscale and so I think you can book these ahead of time.

I, however, did not book, so I guess I'll be doing the whole length in one day!
I'm looking at it like this: The first day will be the hardest and a true test. If I make it to Roncevalles with my spirit in tact I'll know the rest will be easier.
Don't worry too much about planning ahead. The albergue in Orisson (between SJPP and Roncesvalles) does take reservations, but that's not typical. Everything works out -- even if you end up sleeping on the floor once in a while.

Also... my recollection is that the Orisson albergue had a small camping area behind the building with a handful of tents set up by the albergue's owners. Maybe that might be an option?


Hi LaurenE,

I would recommend 2 polyester short/long-sleeved t-shirts, very lightweight Polarmax pullover, and a wind/waterproof jacket c/ hood.


U may want to add in a light sweater.

In the event that u need anything else u can always buy it along the way.

You may need these particularly for early pm as u start walking, and then at night at the albergue or walking around the town.

It does get cooler most everywhere, more in some places, like in Galicia, than others.

Buen Camino,

xm 8)


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Just to clear things up:

I only tried to make a reservation in one of the FRENCH albergues because I initially intended to walk a few kilometers upon arriving at SJPDP and then do the rest to Roncesvalles the next day. So I wouldn't have such a big stage at the beginning. But there aren't many hostels between SJPDP and Roncesvalles therefore they were fully quickly.

But doesn't matter now. I will simply make the full stage then.

I don't intend to make reservations in Spain (and I think it's not possible either anyway), it takes the adventure and flexibility out of it ...

One more month to go, woohoo! :)
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XM, thanks for the advice.

Here's what I'm thinking about taking now.
1 pr long pants
1pr capri length pants
1 synthetic t-shirt
1 longsleeve med'weight synthetic long underwear top
1 longsleeve button down "sun" shirt
3 pr socks
brimmed cap
very l/w waterproof shell jacket and pants
I'm still deciding whether to take my thin, pull-over light fleece zip-neck or my thicker/warmer fleece hoodie/jacket.
Also still deciding whether to bring poly-pro long-john pants. They don't weigh much, but don't know if I'll need them.

Oh boy, am I agonizing over this! I just really hate to be cold!



1 pr long pants (synthetic, make them combo: pants/zipper/shorts)
1pr capri length pants (" " " " )
3 pr socks (recommend wool)
l/w waterproof shell jacket and pants (nix pants)
Take: thin, pull-over light fleece zip-neck
Nix: my thicker/warmer fleece hoodie/jacket.
NIX: poly-pro long-john pants.

ALL (except socks) should be synthetic, polyesters, dryfast, materials. ABSOLUTELY ZERO COTTON :!:

In the end, feel comfortable, take the minimum of whatever it is u want. As u walk u will know exactly. Should u want to eliminate things u can mail them home/Compostela or leave them behind at an albergue. Should u need ANYTHING, u can get it along the route.

Buen camino, peregrina :arrow:

xm 8)


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Hello May Babies and all!

I can't believe that 3 weeks today I will be arriving in SJDD. I'm very excited but also very apprehensive! I suppose this is normal :roll:

Been covering good distances and my pack feels okay it's around 7lbs so far!
Can I ask two questions or maybe three!
1. Which ear plugs are the best? I have foam ones but they keep popping out of my ears!
2. Water from the fountains, is it okay to drink? I've been told to drink only bottled water
3. First day up Pyrenees, should I take Red Bull to give me wings!!! :lol:

Thank you all for the brilliant information and advice you share on this forum. Don't know what I would have done without it!
As Sil usually say only 20 more sleeps!

Buen Camino
Marie -

The foam ear plugs should be fine. Just squish/roll them between your fingers before you put them in your ears. They'll expand and should stay put.

You can drink the water from the fountains unless it says "no potable" or something of the sort. Almost every fountain is fine, and there will be a sign if it's not.

I hadn't thought about red bull. I could have used wings on that first uphill stretch. :D

Buen camino!


Marie, here's my 2 centimos' worth...

1. ...ear plugs...foam ones
: great for me, 2. You'll get used to them, after a while they'll stop "popping out of (ur) ears!"

2. Water from the fountains, is it okay to drink? I've been told to drink only bottled water.
Ditto to bottled water advise.

3. First day up Pyrenees, should I take Red Bull to give me wings!!!
Wings u got already, peregrina :!:

Buen Camino,

xm 8)
in response to the ear plugs question...

I'm not sure where you are from, but if you are from the US...there is a brand of ear plugs that is great. they are called HEAROS and they squish and expand in your ears very well...blocking out all sound and don't fall out nearly as easily as other brands. i think you can get them at walgreens or walmart...

i traveled in turkey, and stayed an arms length from the blue mosque, and i didn't even hear the call to prayer with these ear plugs in....


Thanks for the tip, viajera25. The foam ones I've been getting in Spain have worked well. They, along with concentrating on my breathing as I fall asleep, helped. But there's always room for improvement and I need to pay Walgreen's a visit anyway to check out traveling toothbrushes, small toothpaste tubes, etc. I like to get as many supplies here in the States as poss., what with the $ :arrow: e exchange, all costing us more there. Though, of course, inevitably, we need to replace them. BTW, someone mentioned before being unable to take nail clippers and metal objects via hand baggage. So far I've never had any probs. with that because I've been checking in items like that as part of my regular luggage. Never have taken Swiss knife, no use for it. But I have friends that do take it the same way as I take other metal objects and they've never had any probs, either. Be well, xm 8)
just a thought about warmth (for lauren and anyone else like us who are ALWAYS COLD)...

i am considering a pair of leggings instead of thermal underwear. they can be layered under pants, or if need be worn as is so they're a little more versatile and proabably about the same weight.

i'm also planning to mark which cities have post resansate thing so i can post unnecessary things to myself.


...leggings instead of thermal underwear...

Hmm... I'd leave them behind; as u walk u'll feel warmer bec. of the exercise. Best, xm 8)

Thanks for all the support and information over the last few weeks, especially to Sil and Ivar. I leave for the airport in about 2 hours, arriving in Biarritz sometime tomorrow. My plan is to head by train for Pau and walk down to Oloron, then cross at Somport. See you all in Puente la Reina! Buen Camino, VP.


One more pilgrim to go, who's next :!: Darn, it's getting so lonely here...Come on June, come on June...
to all my may babies near and far...tomorrow is the first of may and i am thinking and praying for you all! may the last minute jitters and packing decisions be ENJOYED (yes, that's right! we only get ONE first camino so enjoy every minute) and your entire journey full of delightful surprisess, wonderment and a lifetime of memories!

hopefully i will bump into many of you along the way!!!

Thanks, buena! Buen Camino to you too! :) I've finally gotten everything I'm taking, just have to get it in the proper places for the plane flight.

ONE MORE SLEEP!!!!! :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

Buen Camino everyone! I hope we meet along the way & if not, I'll be sending you my best wishes!

dg :arrow:
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Buen Camino WolverineDG! And to everyone else here about to take off... MAy 15th for me!


buena! and dg, a Buen and safe Camino to you both, good peregrinas. I'll miss u :cry: Best, xm 8) :)
thanks xm! i have a wee-ish left so you might still see me around.

DG- i loved corresponding with you and i'll be checking your blog before I go! hopefully you might have a post until i roll out. BUEN CAMINO!!


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Camino(s) past & future
(2006) Roncesvalles to Leon (2007) Leon to Compostela
Another May baby gone.

Well, another May baby is about to depart (although can hardly call myself a baby!). Tomorrow I fly out from Australia, have a few days holiday in Avignon and Lourdes, and begin walking from Lourdes around 13 May.

Thanks to everyone here for all the tips and encouragement. I hope to see many of you along the way.

Buen Camino
Add me to your list too xm, im leaving for paris tomorrow, i love it, i leave here 5am on the 2nd, travel for 42hours and get to paris 8 am on the 3rd.. Packings done, i must have packed and unpacked about 100 times in the last year trying to save a few grams. Still not happy with the weight(camino weight bout 9kg) but as im walking on for a few months after through italy and greece i need a few extras haha, have a great trip everyone and il hopefully run into a few of you in the coming month


Trudy & kiwirich added to the list: :( + :D . Buen, buen, Camino, peregrinos :!: Best, xm 8)
hi from the camino

not too mucho time to write. just arrived at najera after the heaviest rain day of the past five. Lots of rain, mud up to your ankles and very cold, but wonderful walk. hundreds people walking. anyone heard from eleanor? with this kind of weather, she´s been constantly on my mind! Hope she´s doing well.

In this kind of weather, the nordic poles are a must to keep your balance. good trekking boots will give you a better foothold. and, the rain jacket and pants a must!

am having the time of my life. already have a group consisting of one austrian, one german and two spaniards! have excellent company for walking, sharing a meal, an albergue and for emotional support!

great walking
wow lilian! so good to hear from you!! and that you are having a marvelous journey. thank you for taking the time to share the conditions and your experiences. i am packing myself at this very minute, so your commentary was priceless!

i haven't heard from eleanor , though i don't know who she is either i will check! is that her screen name?

hope to hear from you again at some point. may babies are off and growing!

buen camino and ultrareya. and, AZUCARAR! as xm would say!!



Maybabies may the Camino be good to you - travel safe, surrender to all that is good - enjoy.

Con Dios - Vaya Con Dios


I myself am now off...my plane leaves in 3 hours. My plan is now offically to start in San Paliais.

You can link to my blog through my website

I will also try to post things here in the forum!

Best wishes to all the other May June July and beyond pilgrims!!!



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Hello everyone,
Another May baby's departure. I am leaving tomorrow morning! Very nervous, but also very excited to meet new people, experience a different culture, and perhaps find peace.

Thank you all for you advice and support. The site is brilliant and so informative, I couldn't have done it without you all! :wink:

Pilgrim Hugs

PS 1 More sleep Sil!
Leaving May 20

One more May "baby"...I'm leaving 20 May from Detroit to Bilbao, somehow getting to StJPDP. That's all I know. The rest is TBD. Two days ago I walked 17 miles (27 km) in about 4 hours at a reasonable pace. I didn't suffer. I ended up at a neighborhood bbq...perfect! My el cheapo shoes and used socks worked quite well- the petroleum jelly anti-blister thing WORKS GREAT! I'm sooo nervous, but I know that all will be fine if I stay positive! I think I may shave my head...always wanted to do that!!! Buen Camino to all! :lol:
perhaps our paths will cross

I leave for Pamplona from the US on the 23rd...stay one night for rest and head to Roncesvalle to start. YIKES. I am excited but really FREAKING OUT! I know it will all be ok... I just keep saying that over and over and over and over. I just want to be there already so I don't have to be anxious about it for another minute. Geez... just reading the posts tonight got my heart racing at how close it's getting to departure day. Thank you all for being there with me!


Aww - everything new that you do produces fear - for how else could it be?

Great thing is - you are going to do it anyway - fantastic! Enjoy (you will).

All these MayBabies leaping off, it's like watching paratroopers leaping out of an aeroplane - don't forget to shout Geronimo.

Have fun!


When do June babies unite???
Good question. I put a post up about that some time ago but there was no answer. Maybe if u try...I'd be the second on after u :lol: Best, xm
Camino(s) past & future
Frances from SJPdP 2007, TBD 2017
Heading out May 15th. Two more sleeps for me! :D Thanks to everyone here and Buen Camino to all other may babies! Hope I may see some of you on the road!


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Camino(s) past & future
2002 CF: 2004 from Paris: 2006 VF: 2007 CF: 2009 Aragones, Ingles, Finisterre: 2011 X 2 on CF: 2013 'Caracoles': 2014 CF and Ingles 'Caracoles":2015 Logrono-Burgos (Hospitalero San Anton): 2016 La Douay to Aosta/San Gimignano to Rome:
To all the May babies - a few chosen verses of the poem ULTREYA SANTIAGO:

I stand upon the road of time
And see the path I have to climb;
From valleys low to heights sublime:
The way to Santiago!

This shrine for pilgrims from each age
Has been writ large on history's page;
And now I, too, will take the stage
To play for Saint Iago!

I see the ghosts of pilgrims past
Who to the challenge all held fast
And reached their journey's end at last:
The goal of Santiago!
Then suddenly, so soft and low,
I hear a voice from long ago.
Within that timeless pilgrim flow
En route to Santiago:

"Take heart, my friend, you're not alone.
Think not you travel on your own:
Though we're no longer flesh and bone
We go to Santiago!"

Buen camino,

BIG BIG hugs!
Camino(s) past & future
Frances from SJPdP 2007, TBD 2017
Well, wish me luck! I am off tomorrow morning and can hardly believe it! 2 days of travel, 1 day od rest and then start walking May 18th! May the Universe grant me courage, determination, and the ability to find beauty in all that I experience. Thanks again, a million times.
Jerome, I hope to see you in St Jean!
Hey all you may babies worry not you are well on your way to a wonderufl experience!!

I began my camino on my 11 in st palais, two days before st jean pied du port. I have been keeping a few notes for your all in case they are helpful. Feel free to take or leave them, but perhaps they will be helpful. I know i was glued to the board before i left!

pamplona 15 may 2007

-i can highly reccomend espriitu del chemin in st jean. it is right across from the pilgrims office, the hosts are lovely and the food is great. really set a nice tone for hte journey, even though i had two days of walking already in.
-i ended up taking the vascalares route and was initially disappointed has i had no intention to do so. however, i can say that it is INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL, perhaps not as high but filled with lovely views, magical forests and loveliness all around. it also was very peaceful as most pilgrims (and there were a lot on sunday). it´s also not TOO easy, you really have to work it at the end. however there was a fair amoutn fo POISON OAK AND POISON IVY so if you are allergic, be prepared or opt for another route
-if you happen to have extra energy when you arrive in roncevalles, it is not to far or too hard to get to the next town. there will be a lot less people, HOWEVVER you miss out on the perhaps once ina lifetime experience to sleep in a beaituful old huge stone building with 119 other pilgrms. YOu have never seen so many bunk beds in your life! ´Thére´s also only 4 showers for everyone (2 boys 2 girls).
-YOU sometimes have to make reservations for a pilgrim meal! maybe eveyrone knows this but i did not. there are two sitting times and if you wait too long the first sitting iwll be full and you will be eating at 8:30 or 9pm.
-i never used a walking stick, did not take one and dont´regret it. a lot of people have them, if you´re used to one you may want it but i never wished i did. in fact a lot of time i see people carrying theres and just think of the extra weight they have w hen they don´t need or opt to use them. totally personal pregference
-you CAN be alone on the camino if you want. ihave spent hours alone, by choice, though if i stopped it was not long before someone would pass by. everyone looks out for solo pilgrims and makes sure you´re okay.
-i had 4 days of blue skies and sunshine and one day of rain, on which i was very happy i had my poncho rain pants and gaiters. i could have gotten away without the rain pants, but it was nice that i didn´t have to was mud out of my regular pants.
-clothing wise i opted for 1 pair of long pants, one walking skirt and one pair of knickers (spandex knee length leggings). i lñayer the spandex for warmth, or wear them solo or sleep in them. i also have two wicking t shirts, one LS shirt and one fleece. so far it has been perfect for me.
-i would consider a sleeping bag essential. there have been blankets on the beds but for me (always cold!) it would not be enough.
-´five days and i´m still getting used to the camino life. no major lightening moments or major inights but walking i am a doing.
-no problems wiht bed bugs so far

well i am out of time, i hope this might be helpful. dont´worry, you will bring just the right things and have have a good time!!!

much love from the road,


Buena!!! Hey - so now you are a veteran! So, nervewracking at the start? That stone building you slept in at Roncesvalles was an 800 year old pilgrims hospital - I loved it - especially those ceiling lights.

So you are out there and enjoying it - I am so glad - good luck

Bon Camino! Keep us all informed.

God Bless - and all you other MayBabies
Thanks for the report, Buena! I am back in Pamplona now. I was about to ask if anyone had heard from you! :D

I think walking sticks are a personal thing. I know in my case mine saved me from taking several bad falls. On the last two days, I really didn´t have to use it, but it was nice to have anyway, just in case.

And I did eventually fall. On the way into Logrono, on the bridge. No mud, no rocks, completely dry pavement. Only I could do something like that. :lol:



Good to hear from u, u sound great! Thanks for ur notes, much to think about there. Animo, azuuucar, and Buen buen Camino, xm 8)

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