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Monica A

New Member
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Plan to walk the Camino May 2017
I’ve walked the Camino May 2016 and it is calling me back. I can’t explain it it’s something I feel like i need to do. This time i plan to do the Le Puy Route. I plan to Start mid April. I have a couple of questions that i’m Hoping the Camino community can provide. I’m a little nervous starting in France only because I do not speak any French. Will there be places that speak English? ALso, Where can I pick up a passport? Are there Albergues along the way? Also, i’m Torn on having a Pancho vs a Rain Jacket this year. I’m leaning toward the Pancho however any information would be helpful. The last question i have is i want to walk the Battaan Death March at White Sands, NM On March 25th however i’m A little nervous with walking 26.2 miles so close to leaving for France. What do you think community? I have plantar fasciitis and have been receiving injections. I wear my insoles and do my stretching and so forth. I”m torn because I have always wanted to do this March in honor of my Grandfather but i’m Worried with it being so close to leaving. Just a fellow pilgrim with questions who fell in love with the Camino and looking forward to going back. THank you in advance for your responses and comments


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Camino Frances SJPdP-SdC 2016, SdC-Fisterre 2016, Le Puy-SJPdP-Logrono 2017 Te Araroa 2018
Hi there Monica,

I did SJPdP to SdC in 2016 and LePuy to SdC in Aug/Sept 2017. here is my two cents worth:
  • You will definitely benefit from being able to speak some french. It will be difficult if you don't speak any at all.
  • You can pick up a Compostella (passport) from the Pilgim shop in the cathedral in Le Puy. There is a pilgrim service early each morning and you can get your passport after that service.
  • The Albergues in France are called Gites. Yes they are all along the way however not nearly as frequent as the French Way in Spain.
  • Rain jacket / Poncho is really your preference. You will definitely need a rain jacket and also some warm clothes as it will still be very cold up on the Massif Central during the first 2 weeks.
On a more subjective note, the GR65 Le Puy route is beautiful - especially the first 2 weeks. However I found a real difference between the Spanish and the French. I don't want to offend anyone, so suffice to say that I looked forward to crossing the border into Spain.

My next walk will be the Northern Route through Spain.


Jakobsweg Junkie
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Le Puy 2010-11, Prague 2012, Nuremberg 2013, Einsiedeln 2015, Geneva 2017-18
...I do not speak any French. Will there be places that speak English?
You are in France. It is basic courtesy to learn a few basic phrases in French (see several threads on language learning resources elsewhere on this board). Miam Miam Dodo indicates which establishments speak English, and you can pick up a copy online or in Le Puy.
Where can I pick up a passport? Are there Albergues along the way?
Get your credencial at the Cathedral bookshop in Le Puy. There are lodgings; but remember the Le Puy route gets about 10% the number of walkers as the Camino Frances, so it has correspondingly less infrastructure.
i’m Torn on having a Pancho vs a Rain Jacket this year.
A rain jacket will be warmer; April is still early spring. Spring is definitely damp, though. You will want raingear of some sort.
i want to walk the Battaan Death March at White Sands, NM On March 25th ... I have plantar fasciitis ...
Um ... the plan to do both in such close proximity does not seem wise to me. (I'm trying to be as diplomatic as possible here.) Can you delay one to another year?


New Member
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Camino Frances, Le Puy
The Pilgrim Welcome Center at the cathedral in Le Puy also has a pilgrim happy hour. I can't remember the time....maybe 5:00. They serve wine and you can get your passport then.

One thing to keep in mind if you weren't already aware, when on the Le Puy Route, many restaurants and shops in France are closed on Sundays and Mondays. You'll need to plan accordingly for lunch and snack supplies.

It is a beautiful route, especially the Cele Valley option after Figeac.

Bon Chemin!
Camino(s) past & future
I went to camino Franch way in 2012, and I am planning to go Portuguese way in May, 2016 to Camino - Finisterre - Muxia.
Thank you for all the information. I also plan to walk Le Puy way in middle of April. It’s my 3rd Camino. I did Camino CF in 2012, and Portuguese way in 2016, and will do Le Puy this time. When I arrive at SJPP, I try to go to Bilbao to walk Norte and Primitivo.
I will arrive Le Puy on April 16th. I may stay there for 2days, and start to walk on 18th. I may meet Monica there.
Buen Camino



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Le Puy (Aug/Sept 2018)
CF (Sept 2017)
Anyone else out there walking the Le Puy beginning mid-August?


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see signature
as you will be walking in april, be prepared for possible snow on margeride and aubrac plateaus. its has been known to snow there in may and even in june. also, the winds up there might be wild.

if you don't speak french, a good bet is to go to the local tourist office and ask there for info and to reserve you a bed for a day in advance. several non-french-speaking pilgrims have tried this option and it works very well. but as this is still early in the season, all tourist offices might not be open yet.
you can also ask the owner of the accommodation you are staying at to help you with the reservation for the next night. or a fellow pilgrim with french skills. (pastries welcome :p)

it is advisable to reserve ahead for several reasons.
- the first 10 days of the route are also the most popular, but since you are going so early, this may not be such a problem.
- french people tend to hike in groups and reserve ahead.
- if you call, the owners will know you are coming and will heat up the facility.
- if you are taking half-pensions, the owners will know to buy and prepare food for you (and you preferences, if you have any).
- you will know that the gite is open.
- owners will not take a day off if they will know you are coming.
- they will expect you and if you don't snow up for whatever reason, they will probably try contacting you to see where you are. especially if the weather is not favourable.

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