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William Garza

Veteran Member
Camino(s) past & future
Camino Frances, The Jakobsweg
De que piensas,

Adonde fue?..tu alma
She asks.

Porque no estas aqui..

Todavilla estas..alla...she chides me gently...softly sorrowful that she is not among the horizons i see.

Que musica ha llevado tu alma hasta otros dias.

How can a person explain the poignant and incessant draw to someplace known to the soul..drawing us behind in its wake

Otros dias y otros vidas.La Luz de memoria se hecha tesoros y traje

Yes...I tell her
What i value i seem to wear on my sleeve.
Sadly they look on
Or is it the wonder of it all
The romance,mystery and wonder of it all.

Some people look into the unknown and know fear
Some look and know

Que te vayas con Dios...she knows i have already left in mu heart and am among the mysterys i cant explain to her

Sometimes the pull is too great for mear mortal and fragile souled man
It will break those who dont know hope

Those Sirens sitting demurely on the rocks are killers of joy
And yet their song pulls so sweetly

You wont know the words
Until you figure out

From all across the world they will come
And ask as they drink from the river of stars
Puede ser "Negosios Inconclusos"
O peude ser ..porque esta....
Por la primera
O..el fin.

Stop wondering and wandering about Pilgrim to be.

Go ask
Go find an answer
Go find
The answer

Off you go Pilgrim
May you find the dust of the ages in your shoes.

William Garza

Veteran Member
Camino(s) past & future
Camino Frances, The Jakobsweg
My Spanglish is sorely neglected these days
Or more like the TexMex Patois that deflects the Castillian
I lack the lisp
The Th...
But thats ok i think

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