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  1. RJE

    Book on Spanish History

    My Camino Frances is booked for Aug-Sep. I’ll be spending my 6 week sabbatical walking from SJPDP to Finisterrrae. I feel good about travel logistics, what to pack, accommodations, etc, thanks to this forum. To keep my mind occupied until August, I’m looking for book recommendations about...
  2. Bradypus

    Urban growth around the Santiago cathedral - detailed history

    Just came across an interesting article on the history of the cathedral and its surroundings. A detailed description of changes over time since the founding of the cathedral and how local conditions shaped the later plan of buildings and plazas. https://www.muyinteresante.com/historia/63620.html
  3. thestorypilgrim

    The Old Way and The South Downs Way

    Hello everyone! I live in Brighton and am a few miles away from The Old Way and The South Downs Way. The Old Way stretches from Southampton to Canterbury, to the resting place of Thomas Beckett. It is a glorious walk, filled with chalk ridges and history. I am walking various parts and putting...
  4. Gadflyparexcellence

    The Intriguing Story behind the Cross of Santiago in Velazquez's Artwork

    While recently working on an article on Diego Velazquez I discovered some interesting facts that I wanted to share. Most of you, if not all, might have seen the Cross of Santiago emblazoned on Velazquez’s tunic in his signature work ‘Las Meninas.’ The story of how it got there is very...
  5. Crosbie

    Templiers/Hospitaliers wrt the CdS pilgrimage?

    It seems that the CdS pilgrimage arose at about the same time as the formation of the Templiers and Hospitaliers, i.e. circa 10th, 11th centuries. I am intrigued by what I suspect is a probable connection. The Hospitaliers were those who established secure places of refuge for travelling...
  6. dick bird

    How many pilgrims walked Camino de Santiago in the Middle Ages, Medieval times? Was it really 500 000 per year?

    OK, a brief explanatory introduction. What follows is the thread as it first developed under the original title ¨500000 pilgrims expected in 1023¨ If you want to know the answer to the question posed by the new title, you could read through the whole thread - it is well-worth the effort because...

    Beginner's Guide to Spanish History and Architecture

    I am looking for recommendations for a book (s) that will provide me with a basic understanding of Spanish history and the significance/history of the architecture I will see along the CF. In other words, I'd like to educate myself so I can understand what I am seeing. Something not technical...
  8. Bradypus

    "Crusader, pilgrim, slave, warrior and nun: the incredible story of Margaret of Jerusalem"

    An article on the website El Debate about the extraordinary life story of a 12th century peregrina for whom visits to Santiago, Rome and Jerusalem are just a few of the highlights. Born in Jerusalem but raised in Yorkshire...
  9. VNwalking

    Quirky Museums on the Camino

    Recently, @Dave posted about his walk on the Madrid, and mentioned two little museums on the Madrid - People sometimes mention quirky museums along the way in passing, and I have to say the latter is one of the most whimsical of them all. I thought I remembered a thread about these, and found...
  10. B

    What the fanega!

    The sign by the Cruz de los Valientes says: "Esta cruz recuerda una disputa medieval entre Santo Domingo de la Calzada y Grañón por la propriedad de una dehesa. Hoy, olvidadas esas antiguas demandas, hermana a ambas localidades." However, a noticeboard in Grañón says (in English): "It is a well...
  11. David Tallan

    Wealth in stone: building activity of the viscounts of Bearne on the pilgrimage roads of the Atlantic Pyrenees (c. 1063-c.1130)

    I saw this in a Facebook group and thought it might be of interest to those who frequent this forum: "An open access article in the Journal of Medieval Iberian Studies [vol. 15, issue 1 2023 pp 24-49] may be of interest. It is "Wealth in stone: building activity of the viscounts of Bearne on...
  12. S

    Pagan origins of the Camino

    Hello Fellow Pilgrims, I am interested in researching the pagan origins of the Camino. Do you have any suggestions of resources and/or authors that I could look into? I don't have a clue where or how to begin. Thanks so much and Buen Camino!
  13. FisterraWalker

    Interesting article about 5th Century fortress

  14. El Cascayal

    Stable isotope analysis of medieval pilgrims and populations along the Camino de Santiago

    Most interesting article first published online Journal of Archeological Science 1 February, 23. "To the field of stars: Stable isotope analysis of medieval pilgrims and populations along the Camino de Santiago in Navarre and Aragon, Spain" Highlights • The radiocarbon dating results...
  15. JillGat

    Roman ruins at foot of Pyrenees?

    https://nicenews.com/culture/roman-city-discovered-pyrenees/ Can anybody tell me where this might be located?
  16. t2andreo

    Study indentifies scallop shell history surrounding pilgrims

    I came across this in my daily reading and thought some might be interested. I was - very. https://www.lavozdegalicia.es/noticia/sociedad/2023/02/01/estudio-identifica-origen-concha-peregrinos-camino-santiago/00031675274200171393764.htm As before, some browsers will convert this to English on...
  17. jungleboy

    NYT: Remains of possible medieval pilgrim shops found in Rome

    An article in the New York Times today about excavations at the Baths of Caracalla in Rome contains this nugget: Here is a gift link to read the entire article without a subscription: Ancient Roman Road’s Beginning Will Remain a Mystery for Now P.S. @Wendy Werneth and I were married across...
  18. E

    How many Camino routes are there?

    I'm following up on an American Pilgrims on the Camino webinar I enjoyed a few weeks ago. John Brierley said in his presentation that there were hundreds? thousands? of established routes across Europe that could be considered Caminos. I'd like to pass along that statistic, but I don't...
  19. LavanyaLea

    Beautiful video Camino del Norte/Primitivo focusing on history/culture

    https://www.rtve.es/play/videos/caminos-de-santiago-entre-el-cielo-y-la-tierra/camino-norte-primitivo-2/6733492/ Came across this video… it’s about 45min long, so I watched it over a few days… in Spanish with Spanish subtitle - which I find pitched at the right level for possibly my somewhat...
  20. Bradypus

    "Legends of the Camino de Santiago that not all pilgrims know"

    An article which gives short summaries of a number of legends associated with places along the Camino Frances and Fisterra...

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