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  1. Anik2001

    Short film from 1955

    I found an interesting link on a French Facebook page. It’s a short film in black and white from 1955, on the camino and Santiago. https://www.rtve.es/alacarta/videos/documentales-b-n/camino-santiago/2845385/
  2. peregrina2000

    Uproar over the renovations of San Marcos (the parador in León)

    The gist of this article is that some pictures have been released showing the renovations to the San Marcos parador. The article describes the public's reaction as scandalized. Look for yourself -- it is the post-industrial chic look. At least there are no exposed pipes, at least that I can...
  3. peregrina2000

    Alcalá del Júcar, a jewel on the Lana

    Escapada Rural keeps sending me links to all the many beautiful places to visit in rural Spain. Today, I got one about Alcalá del Júcar, which was a planned stop on my ”2020 Lana.” It looks just gorgeous, and helps motivate me to think about “2021 Lana.” Any other members hoping to walk the...
  4. peregrina2000

    Castles in Spain (many on a camino)

    I have occasionally reserved places to stay on the Escapada Rural website, and now they must think it’s a good idea to email me with tantalizing information about why I should be going to Spain. Just got this one, with a list of 31 ”not to be missed” castles. Though I think any list of ”top...
  5. VNwalking

    A resource if you are interested in prehistory of any of the caminos

    Or at home, for that matter. If you want to see what you might encounter on your camino or your walk at home of stone circles, menhir, cave paintings, castos, Roman stuff, etc...have a look. (I learned I walked right past a cave with paleotithic paintings in Astigarraga on the Vasco. Sigh.)...
  6. caminka

    crucero del santo cristo in molinaseca

    years back, I came across an article about an excavation beneath this (more) modern cross at the end of calle real in molinaseca. the article said that beneath the cross a monolith (possibly a menhir) was buried. this would probably be a unique definite reference of a cross replacing an earlier...
  7. Felipe

    A Visigoth necropolis found near Grañón and the Camino

    The archaeologists who carry out the inspection and possible rescue prior to the expansion of the A-12 motorway, between Santo Domingo de la Calzada and Villamayor have found a huge Visigothic necropolis, from VI or VII century, near Grañón (first thought was that they have discovered a mass...
  8. VNwalking

    Ancient churches on the San Salvador, Primitivo, and Via de la Plata

    Looking around online for some information about a virtual Camino de las Asturias, I stumbled across this beautiful article that describes some of the oldest churches in Spain, in detail and with photographs. https://orthodoxartsjournal.org/the-ancient-churches-of-spain/ Then, as one does, I...
  9. JLWV

    About the Camino del Cid

    Last thursday, July 2nd, during the zoom on Levante by Laurie, I named the Camino del Cid, and one participant lady asked about it. As I am not sure that my answer was clear enough (due to my bad english), here are some more information. This is not a pilgrimage way, but and historical one...
  10. Terry Callery

    When was James the Apostle Canonized as a Saint? What were his miracles?

    I am busy writing a historical novel set in the year 814 about the first pilgrimage of Alfonso II to the burial site of James the Apostle. When the headless body was discovered in the Roman Cemetery in the year 814, James was not yet a Saint. Two post mortem miracles are required for Sainthood...
  11. VNwalking

    Detailed Planning for Viejo/Olvidado from Pamplona

    Now that I have the hang of walking virtually after taking on the Invierno, I'm going to be more ambitous: next up is the combination of the Viejo and Olvidado from Pamplona to Ponferrada. I won't go any faster then I walk here everyday, so it will take a while (weeks? months?). As I go I'll...
  12. AJGuillaume

    Virtual (and very detailed) plan to walk the VdlP and Sanabrés (planning while in confinement)

    This year we were going to walk from Lisbon to SdC, after a few shorter walks in France and a week volunteering at SJPdP. As a result of Covid-19, we are now confined in Melbourne, Australia, and I have been keeping the dream alive by planning 2021 and 2022 (when I am not running after a...
  13. VNwalking

    Looking for something to listen to? Here's some Spanish history~

    This weekend, I spent some time on the internet looking for something interesting to listen to that had nothing to do with the pandemic. And I found these: https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/wondery/tides-of-history/e/59974981 https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/wondery/tides-of-history/e/60120706...
  14. Mark McCarthy

    Camino Trivia

    While on lockdown, I was wondering if we could start a daily post of Camino trivia (history and background). As a start here is some background on the monastery next to the wine fountain at Irache: "The abbey at Irache was one of the oldest Benedictine monasteries in the world with its...
  15. Friend from Barquinha

    General Camino/Caminho history from the Spanish Post Office

    Interesting background info, for those who haven't run into this website yet... https://www.elcaminoconcorreos.com/en/blog/day-22-the-origins-of-the-pilgrimage-routes-to-santiago-de-compostela

    What did pilgrims eat 1000 years ago? - do share simple recipes

    I started thinking about this a day or so back - How spartan was the cuisine? After some very basic research it seems as if the menu may have not been so elaborate but there was almost as much variety then as now. Rice may have not quite reached Iberian peninsular and potatoes had to wait...
  17. David

    1648 Camino map showing pilgrims

    Hi all (nope, not about the Coronavirus) .... a friend who lives out in the country in a large farmhouse (built 1645) has in the downstairs toilet (rest room?) a framed print of the Camino routes, originally printed in 1648. What I find fascinating is that there are contemporary pilgrims...
  18. Island

    Where are the apostles of Jesus buried?

    This was a really informative and enjoyable project to undertake, researching where the remains of the Apostles of Jesus are buried. From one side of the Iberian peninsula, across Europe, into the Middle East and on into Southeast Asia, Jesus's disciples are entombed in eleven different...
  19. jungleboy

    Pilgrimages of Queen Isabel and others on the CP

    Hi all, I'm looking for more information on Queen Isabel of Portugal's pilgrimage on the CP in the late 13th or early 14th century. On the web I see quite a few articles about the CP that mention this but none really give any details (if any are known, such as where she started). I've also read...
  20. Paladina

    An Irish medieval pilgrim memento

    Wandering around the Keepers of the Gael exhibition in Galway City Museum - a welcome refuge from the annual Christmas shopping spree - I spotted an unusual object on display: part of a cast bronze riding stirrup bearing an ornamental plate in the form of a well-worn scallop shell. Form has...