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  1. LavanyaLea

    Beautiful video Camino del Norte/Primitivo focusing on history/culture Came across this video… it’s about 45min long, so I watched it over a few days… in Spanish with Spanish subtitle - which I find pitched at the right level for possibly my somewhat...
  2. Bradypus

    "Legends of the Camino de Santiago that not all pilgrims know"

    An article which gives short summaries of a number of legends associated with places along the Camino Frances and Fisterra...
  3. Bradypus

    Sephardic Jewish memorial centre opens near Castrojeriz

    Several Spanish news websites have reported on the opening today of a centre dedicated to the history of the Sephardic Jewish communities in Spain. The building is in Castrillo Mota de Judios - about 4km north-west of Castrojeriz. A place settled by Jewish people expelled from Castrojeriz in the...
  4. C clearly

    Acequias - water management

    Here is an interesting article for those walking the Mozárabe.
  5. mspath

    on line Spanish Civil War Museum

    In The Guardian published 10 October 2022 Sam Jones discusses a new on line virtual Spanish Civil War Museum which has just opened its digital doors. Read/see more of the first exhibits by tapping the above link.
  6. Globetrottingpilgrim2010

    What Was The Camino Like Pre-Resurgence in Popularity?

    As someone who has walked several Camino routes (my first was in 2013), I was curious to hear from anyone who has walked ANY Camino, say pre-year 2000, and what the experience was like. Specifically, accommodation, dining, interaction with locals, ease of finding your way (I can’t imagine there...
  7. Babyboomergirl

    Some historical reading before my camino

    Hello history enthusiasts, I have just discovered these very old books on Spain ( published c1900 )in my father in law’s collection. I’m very excited to read them before my planned pilgrimage from Seville next year. It seems like “a sign” that the Camino is definitely calling …
  8. Albertagirl

    Information for Oviedo visit, on interesting churches and architecture nearby

    I shall be walking the Salvador later in the fall and have vague memories that there are interesting churches and other ancient architecture near Oviedo. If anyone could refer me to threads which discuss this I would be grateful, as I have had no success myself in finding anything, I shall have...
  9. caminka

    Diego de Guzman on Camino de Invierno in 1610

    As I was in Santiago a day before my birthday this year, I was looking for a fitting gift for myself. In the cathedral's shop I saw this book by Julio Vázquez Castro called La peregrinación a Santiago de Diego de Guzmán, Diario inédito de 1610, published by alvarellos and xunta. Oh? I thought...
  10. Matthew_SWilson

    Pamplona, 1954

    Perhaps because it's the first major city after departing Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port or maybe it's simply the city's vibrant atmosphere, but Pamplona had a lasting effect on me as I walked the Camino Frances in 2010. The fame of San Fermin loomed over the town's cobbled streets and grandiose...
  11. Madrood

    History brought to the surface in Spain and elsewhere as a consequence of the drought

    Hi all I came across a twitter thread listing some normally submerged archaeology that has reappeared due to the heatwave. Much of it is in Spain so I figured it would be of interest to ye. A view of the Roman camp Aquis Querquennis, located on the banks of the Limia River in Galicia, Spain...
  12. mspath

    Roman Paris

    Alison Browne in this recent article 6 Places To Experience Roman History In Paris provides a handy walking tour of well known ancient sites still visible in contemporary Paris. Included of course is the main Roman road which during the Middle Ages was named the rue Saint Jacques.
  13. rappahannock_rev

    Peninsular War Memorials

    On my 2021 Camino Frances I saw something I had not seen on my several previous passages through Astorga. Leaving the Plaza Cathedral one fine September morning, headed for the Puerto Obispo, I saw a fairly large monumental slab attached to a home on my right. Upon examination I found it to be...
  14. Madrood

    New article in the Guardian about easily missed and very accessible architectural feature of SdC

    Link here Games of xs and os (noughts and crosses?) carved into flagstones to pass the time. Charcoal or chalk would have been easier ...
  15. HeyRobin

    What is a pilgrim hospital?

    I know this question sounds silly but it’s been bugging me for a while. I keep on reading about towns that have what used to be a pilgrims hospital that are now museums, or used for other things. Are they meaning a hospital, as in the place where the sick are treated, or do they really mean...
  16. David Tallan

    Medieval "credencials"

    I have often read that modern credencials descend from letters that medieval pilgrims sometimes carried that basically said they were a pilgrim and asked for safe passage. Does anyone know of any documentation of this? Have any survived?
  17. Madrood

    Medieval camino graffiti in Germany?

    Hi all Was browsing around wikipedia and I came across this article on the route in Upper Swabia. In it there is a photo which the article describes as an "etching" made by a medieval pilgrim. I have located the church on google maps as "Dreifaltigkeitskapelle Breitenbach".
  18. Annette london

    Pilgrimage, another series on BBC2

    Just reading Madroods thread about St Columbanus reminded me of the next series of Pilgrimage being screened this week on BBC 2 It follows in the footsteps of St Columba, another Irish monk who travelled from Ireland to Scotland around 1,500 years ago to spread Christianity St Columbanus, St...
  19. JabbaPapa

    Concepts of Time on the Mediaeval Way of Saint James

    There is an interesting study project on concepts of Time and Pilgrimage supported by the Xunta de Galicia ; briefly described here : Those interested in various aspects of such questions will...
  20. Icacos

    Why is it called the Route Napoléon

    I am now reading that the Route Napoléon is a 325 km stretch of track in the south east of France. It is so named because it is the route on which Napoléon rode in 1815 on his way to Paris after he escaped from Elba. I wonder now why the track over the mountains between SJPP and Roncesvalles...

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