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  1. L

    The last untouchable in Europe - History of the Cagot People in the Pyrenees

    An interesting profile in The Independent of the last woman who identifies as a "Cagot", which were an untouchable caste of peasants in France and Spain prior to the French Revolution Includes a nod to the Caminos as a likely migration route for these populations, whatever their origin. The...
  2. N

    Choosing 5 12km sections

    My mother turns 80 next year and the Camino is on her bucket list. She feels she can walk 12km per day for 5 days. We have chosen to do the Camino Portuguese central as it should be flatter and scenic. My husband is available to drop us off and pick us up and the beginning and end of each day if...
  3. F

    What historical evidence exists of Jewish influences on the Camino de Santiago?

    I am a university student and I’m conducting research to write a final paper for my class about Jewish influence on the Camino de Santiago. I would love to interview any Sephardic Jews with stories about the Camino or anecdotes if you have seen evidence of Judaic influence/presence on the...
  4. S

    British Museum's collection of medieval badges

    Fascinating access to moving digital images of Medieval Badges to be found here , this probably isn't the right forum , feel free to relocate ! @amyjeffs0 @BritishMuseum #DigitalPilgrim : digitising & 3d-imaging British Museum's collection of medieval badges
  5. minaleigh

    Good Historical Sites?

    Hey all! My friend and I are starting El Camino towards the end of May and walking through June. I was wondering if anyone could suggest museums, churches, ruins, and other historical sites to visit on Camino Frances? And it doesn't have to be museums in the traditional sense, as even simple...
  6. miguel_gp

    A brief history of Spain......

    For those with access to BBC iPlayer and/or On Demand services there has been a recent series on the History of Spain called "Blood and Glory - The Making of Spain". Link below is to episode 3 which covers the Armada through Franco and the Civil War up to present Day, although the other...
  7. sillydoll

    11 years on this forum

    Wow! Can't believe that I joined this forum 11 years ago this month! It started off as a Santiago forum but quickly morphed into a Camino forum and took off like a bush fire! The first website I was able to access for info on the Camino in the 1990's was Friends of the Road to Santiago (...
  8. S

    Brian Sewell (1931-2015), art critic and peregrino

    I'm sure I am not the only peregrino to be saddened by the news of the passing of English art critic Brian Sewell, scourge of contemporary "art" and past participant of the Camino de Santiago de Compostela. Not so long ago, I contributed a thread talking about camino consciousness, when and how...

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