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  1. L

    Voie de Rocamadour/GR 652: Frescoes. Église Saint-Etienne du Maïl, (near Pujols)

    Voie de Rocamadour/GR 652 : Église Saint-Etienne du Maïl, (near Pujols), France. Frescoes Then and Now, a pictorial comparison. A resource by Lovingkindness In1865 L’abbé Gerbeau discovered medieval frescoes in a side chapel of Église Saint-Etienne du Maïl. Further discoveries were made by a...
  2. shefollowsshells

    Street Art- I'm about to have this beauty put on Canvas

    One of my favorites...from Lisbon! though others might enjoy, and would love to see your favorites!
  3. jungleboy

    Exhibit: Warriors and Martyrs: Christianity and Islam in the Birth of Portuguese Nationhood

    Currently the Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga in Lisbon has a temporary exhibit called 'Warriors and Martyrs: Christianity and Islam in the Birth of Portuguese Nationhood'. This is the premise of the exhibit: I went to see the exhibit yesterday and was very impressed with the pieces on display...
  4. sillydoll

    The first virtual museum in the world will be the Camino de Santiago

    LONG translation This new museum of the Camino that starts with Aragon will grow in the next two years to house the selected works of all the autonomous communities of the Camino. There are 360-degree views of monuments such as the interior of the Vatican's Sistine Chapel, or virtual tours...
  5. jungleboy

    Depictions of Santiago in Art

    Today at the Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga in Lisbon, I saw three late medieval / early modern wooden sculptures of St. James, all with a hat and shell and two with a pilgrim's staff. Here they are, plus the artist and approximate year of creation: Left: Mestre Pero, ca 1350. Centre: Diogo...
  6. pepi

    Modern architecture on the Camino

    Spain is a very progressive leader in modern architecture, (Calatrava for example) and I personally would be very interested in learning, what highlights in such architecture can be found along the Caminos.
  7. jungleboy

    Church with Visigothic origins destroyed in southern Spain

    The church of Santa María de Brovales in Jerez de los Caballeros, in Badajoz province in Extremadura, was almost completely destroyed this week. The church is said to be of Visigothic origin and has links to the Knights Templar. There have been various news reports about this in Spanish in the...
  8. jungleboy

    Best Islamic Architecture on the Camino

    Edit: changed title of thread and article from 'Muslim Sites' to 'Islamic Architecture' I did a search on the forum for 'Muslim' in the title of threads and found only three threads! While the camino is obviously a Christian pilgrimage, there are some incredible Islamic sites to be found on...
  9. B

    A stained glass window in the Cathedral

    I took this photo in 2014 in the Cathedral of Santiago. Can you tell me where the window is, and, if you know any more about it, I'd like to know it too.
  10. gmag

    Entertainment... How to look at a painting of ... Velazquez again.

    Hello everyone, I hope and wish you all are well, and your families and friends ... Well let's go! I have chosen this painting, also by Velazquez, because it has something that I want to show. It is only one thing, which we have not talked about in the previous paintings, and it is something...
  11. B

    A seven-pointed star

    Can anybody tell me where I took the attached photo? It was between Ruela Entrerrúas and the Porta de la Gloria of the Cathedral. About 9 minutes from the former and 3 minutes from the latter. It was probably in Rúa do Vilar. If you can tell me what theletters and numbers mean in the panel at...
  12. jungleboy

    12th-century Islamic bathhouse uncovered in Seville tapas bar

    Story in the Guardian.
  13. pellegrino

    "Profanation" of the Burgos Cathedral

    This is as laughable as it is bizarre. I'm surprised that the ecclesiastical authorities gave the thumbs-up to this project. See link to petition at end of article:
  14. jungleboy

    Roman architecture for beginners

    This is the latest thread in the 'architecture for beginners' series begun by @C clearly. Previous threads are on Romanesque, Visigothic/pre-Romanesque and Gothic architecture. Those three threads mostly focused on a single building type: churches. Roman remains cover many different public and...
  15. scruffy1

    Basilica de San Isidoro in León and Stupid Stupid Me

    In my opinion, the most amazing church before SdC must be San Isidoro in León. There is a tour usually in Spanish occasionally in English which should be taken the first time around. The church decoration is all Romanesque from the statues, the column capitals, to the gorgeous mind-boggling...
  16. peregrina2000

    Two original Pórtico de la Gloria statues recovered

    I was doing some googling around to learn more about the extension of the Holy Year (which, it turns out, has been done once before, during the Spanish Civil War), and I came across some very interesting news. After years of battling with the heirs, just this past December the Spanish...
  17. ivar

    I went for a walk in the "New" Cathedral today

  18. gmag

    Entertainment... "How to look at a painting of Velazquez"

    NEW PAINTING TO MAKE SOME MEMBERS OF THE IVAR FORUM SUFFER... Advice: do not look for anything, let your eyes move everywhere, without thinking too much, so that things start to speak by themselves ... a painting has to speak to us. Often, if we use our logic, we see what we know or what we...
  19. gmag

    Entertainment ... "How to look at a painting."

    I have seen, in recent weeks, the interest in art of many of the members of the forum, and that some of them say they do not have great knowledge about art, although that does not mean anything when it comes to being able to appreciate and enjoy an artistic work, be it a cathedral or a small oil...
  20. jungleboy

    Gothic architecture for beginners

    With the permission of @C clearly, I am starting the Gothic architecture for beginners thread, the third in a series that also includes Romanesque and Visigothic/Pre-Romanesque architecture. This is a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ post, where you can just read the basics or go deeper behind the...