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  1. mspath

    Azulejos/tiles in Portugal

    This article by Sue Reddel and Diana Laskaris details a brief history of azulejos/tiles and where to see some in Porto, Lisbon, Aveiro, Carcavelos, Madeira, Sintra, and Cascais. Most illustrations are, of course, in blue and white.
  2. Stephan the Painter

    LIVE from the Camino A Sketchbook Camino

    Starting April 7, 2022 from Pamplona. I started off my day waking up in the Hostal Bearan, which is a modern and comfortable space if a little thin walled. After getting some equipment together I left and briefly looked around Pamplona. This being my first Camino, my eyes welled up with tears...
  3. mspath

    New old addition for Castrojeriz

    The next time you visit Castrojeriz you might glimpse within the church of Santo Domingo this final piece of 17th c. tapestry.
  4. SeñorJacques

    Favorite places to spend an extra day/night to visit historical/cultural sites?

    I know this question has been asked here before (though not recently), and I also know that pre-planning my itinerary before actually setting out on my walk may be antithetical to the "spirit of the Camino" for some of you 😉 That said: I have the luxury of spending a few extra days along the...
  5. timr

    Interesting church (near CF but not on the route)

    I am not sure where to post this - it doesn't fall into an obvious category. [Mods feel free to re-assign.] [Mod note: Done] It is the same story as many villages on the...
  6. jungleboy

    A Spanish Mystery: Is a ‘Masked Restorer’ to Blame for a Church’s Botched Repair?

    An article in the New York Times today: A Spanish Mystery: Is a ‘Masked Restorer’ to Blame for a Church’s Botched Repair? It's about another poor restoration job, this time concerning visible modern cement showing in an arch of a Romanesque church in Castronuño, about 50km east of Zamora...
  7. B

    Who is that guy?

    We all know the façade of the Seminario Mayor, with the equestrian statue of St Martin cutting his cloak in half for the beggar at the top, but who is the guy in the alcove below the balcony? He's a bishop as there's a mitre at his feet. He's holding a crozier in his right hand and a large book...
  8. P Rat

    Numbers in front of church- what do they mean?

    Curious as to what the numbers carved in stone mean, does anyone have an answer? Anyone on this forum who can shed a light on the meaning of the numbers? Much appreciated
  9. B

    What is Zebedee saying?

    On the south side of the altar there is a small statue, helpfully labelled "STA SALOME". On the north side of the altar there is a similar sized figure holding a scroll, on which I am unable to read all the letters. Since Salomé was James's mother. I am guessing that the figure represents...
  10. Madrood

    Comparing Ruta do Mar to the Primitivo from a cultural/historical point of view

    Hi all Currently planning on doing the VdlP + Salvador + Primitivo + Reverse Ingles, starting in March, and considered yesterday extending it southward on the Via Serrana to Gibraltar, then a little further to Tarifa which is the southernmost point in mainland Spain. So naturally I looked for...
  11. Happyinharrogate

    Anyone know what these are??

    Travelling from Sarria to Portomarin we came across lots of these structures which we can’t decide if they’re shrine type things or animal coops? Anyone know what they are? There were so many of them on most properties and haven’t seen them previously on the trail. Anyone know what they are???
  12. peregrina2000

    Edades del Hombre, 2021

    I know many forum members have walked into towns on the camino routes in Castilla y León and been surprised to see some very special expositions that form part of the annual “Edades del Hombre.” I’ve seen them in Astorga, Arévalo (Camino de Levante), and Segovia (Madrid). This year’s theme is...

    Camino landmarks, historical sites etc

    Before starting my camino next year I'd like to learn about historical sites, etc that are along the way so that I won't miss them. I'm walking the Primitivo and would like any advice on how to go about this.
  14. peregrina2000

    Sevilla’s cathedral in the news

    This is (IMO at least) a very interesting article about the unusual carvings of plates of food in Sevilla’s cathedral. I confess I haven’t spent enough time in that cathedral to have noticed it, but it looks like a must-see for my next Vdlp, whenever that may be...
  15. nycwalking

    Valley of Silence

    Hello everyone. I have been to The Valley of Silence via auto from Ponferrada. How do I amble there from Frances then rejoin the Frances once I leave? Years ago there was a summer only albergue. Does anyone know if it’s still up and running? Lastly, how safe is this way for a single woman?
  16. wisepilgrim

    Portico reunited - no more partition

    Good news on the renovation front. The last of the temporary structure that was separating the interior of the cathedral from the restored Portico has been taken down...
  17. p_mci

    Camino in watercolours- exhibition in Santiago de Compostela

    Hi all, The work of a very talented artist Alicia Aradilla is being exhibited at the moment in Santiago de Compostela. So for anybody in town over the next few weeks, here is a heads up... <I google translated the following info from the website>...
  18. peregrina2000

    Romanesque doorway in the Lugo Cathedral

    This article describes how a romanesque doorway in the Lugo cathedral, which was covered up during the Baroque era, is going to be uncovered. Such suspense -- no one knows what the doorway looks like, whether there are paintings, what kind of carving, etc, etc.!
  19. B

    Isabel of Lucerne

    The installation at the entrance to Santiago called Porta Itineris Sancti Jacobi by Cándido Pazos López has 20 figures in high relief. Actually, that should be 21, as one of the plaques has two figures on it. The names of the figures given at the base of the column tells us that one of these...
  20. mspath

    Interior climate problems in SdC cathedral

    In this fascinating scientific account published 25/05 Silvia R. Pontevedra details the particular interior "cllmate" in the cathedral.