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  1. jungleboy

    Roman architecture for beginners

    This is the latest thread in the 'architecture for beginners' series begun by @C clearly. Previous threads are on Romanesque, Visigothic/pre-Romanesque and Gothic architecture. Those three threads mostly focused on a single building type: churches. Roman remains cover many different public and...
  2. scruffy1

    Basilica de San Isidoro in León and Stupid Stupid Me

    In my opinion, the most amazing church before SdC must be San Isidoro in León. There is a tour usually in Spanish occasionally in English which should be taken the first time around. The church decoration is all Romanesque from the statues, the column capitals, to the gorgeous mind-boggling...
  3. ivar

    I went for a walk in the "New" Cathedral today

  4. gmag

    Entertainment... "How to look at a painting of Velazquez"

    NEW PAINTING TO MAKE SOME MEMBERS OF THE IVAR FORUM SUFFER... Advice: do not look for anything, let your eyes move everywhere, without thinking too much, so that things start to speak by themselves ... a painting has to speak to us. Often, if we use our logic, we see what we know or what we...
  5. gmag

    Entertainment ... "How to look at a painting."

    I have seen, in recent weeks, the interest in art of many of the members of the forum, and that some of them say they do not have great knowledge about art, although that does not mean anything when it comes to being able to appreciate and enjoy an artistic work, be it a cathedral or a small oil...
  6. jungleboy

    Gothic architecture for beginners

    With the permission of @C clearly, I am starting the Gothic architecture for beginners thread, the third in a series that also includes Romanesque and Visigothic/Pre-Romanesque architecture. This is a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ post, where you can just read the basics or go deeper behind the...
  7. VNwalking

    Pre-Romanesque Churches Accessible from Camino Routes

    VNwalking submitted a new resource: Pre-Romanesque Churches Accessible from Camino Routes - A list giving locations of important early churches organized by route Read more about this resource...
  8. alexwalker

    Surprising background of the Alto del Perdon

    On one of the first days of our Camino Frances walk, we come to the top of Alto del Perdon, with its windmills, and not least, metal sculptures of pilgrims. But what do these sculptures actually mean? Here's an explanation...
  9. C clearly

    Visigothic/Pre-Romanesque architecture for beginners

    Here we go on a follow-up to the wildly popular thread on Romanesque architecture for beginners. Remember - I know nothing about this, except what I write below. There are other members with similar lack of knowledge, who would like to learn something. Please try to help us rather than confuse...
  10. C clearly

    Architecture for beginners - curriculum planning

    Now that I seem to be the course planner for architectural studies on the forum, I need to consult with members on how to proceed. Should we go back to the beginning, or move on from Romanesque to Gothic. Since we have camino time on our hands, I suggest going back to earlier times and moving...
  11. C clearly

    Romanesque architecture for beginners

    As a person with very limited knowledge of architecture and history, I'd like to get some pointers on how to recognize different styles of architecture in Spain. It is overwhelming to google and find the huge amount of detail available - I need something a little more friendly, to get me...
  12. trecile

    Another botched "restoration" in Spain

    This time in Palencia https://news.artnet.com/art-world/restoration-fail-palencia-1922472?utm_source=join1440&utm_medium=email
  13. peregrina2000

    Uproar over the renovations of San Marcos (the parador in León)

    The gist of this article is that some pictures have been released showing the renovations to the San Marcos parador. The article describes the public's reaction as scandalized. Look for yourself -- it is the post-industrial chic look. At least there are no exposed pipes, at least that I can...
  14. jungleboy

    Enormous Camino (Francés) Mosaic at Poio Monastery

    Today at Poio Monastery on the first day of the Variante Espiritual, I saw a huge and impressive mosaic celebrating various locations on the Camino Francés. It was designed by Czech artist Antoine Machourek and created from 1989-92 (unfortunately he died in 1991, before it was completed). The...
  15. Kathar1na

    A bigger cairn on the Camino Francés

    A waymarker near the pass on the Route Napoleon has been improved by the local camino association of Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port who also run the pilgrims office in the town. The following pictures show the final result of their recent improvement works, the improvement works while ongoing and a...
  16. Artful-Chick

    O'Cebreiro aqua-lady statute...research help, request

    I've been blogging/writing about my 2019 Camino Frances journey, for friends and fellow pilgrims who have cancelled (had to or chose to) their 2020 trip. When we reached O'Cebreiro (by horse) I spied this statute, after our lunch with Victor, I went back and took photos, however, I haven't been...
  17. jungleboy

    Wonderful camino mural near Coimbra

    At Trouxemil, about 9km beyond Coimbra on the Caminho Português, there is a huge and impressive camino mural. It was painted in November 2019 and is probably 20-30 metres in length. I passed by it this morning, it was the highlight of an otherwise unspectacular day, and I wanted to share some of...
  18. WalkinRon

    What Is This Sculpture?

    I think this is near the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral. I am hoping to learn anything about it such as the artist, title, what it represents. Thank you!
  19. B

    What is the meaning (if any) of this bas-relief?

    The attached photo was taken in La Laguna (between La Faba and O Cebreiro). It looks a bit like a boat or an anchor, with a face either side of the mast or shank. It is on the jamb of a barn door to the left of the path. Do you know what it means? Perhaps you saw a mention of it in a guide to...
  20. VNwalking

    Ancient churches on the San Salvador, Primitivo, and Via de la Plata

    Looking around online for some information about a virtual Camino de las Asturias, I stumbled across this beautiful article that describes some of the oldest churches in Spain, in detail and with photographs. https://orthodoxartsjournal.org/the-ancient-churches-of-spain/ Then, as one does, I...