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  1. P

    A new major museum in Madrid

    Guardian article: "Madrid’s new museum is a modern mecca for old-world art lovers Five centuries of royal collections will go on display in the Spanish capital next month [Ed: the article mentions 2023-June-28] in a long-awaited £146m project"...

    Beginner's Guide to Spanish History and Architecture

    I am looking for recommendations for a book (s) that will provide me with a basic understanding of Spanish history and the significance/history of the architecture I will see along the CF. In other words, I'd like to educate myself so I can understand what I am seeing. Something not technical...
  3. VNwalking

    Quirky Museums on the Camino

    Recently, @Dave posted about his walk on the Madrid, and mentioned two little museums on the Madrid - People sometimes mention quirky museums along the way in passing, and I have to say the latter is one of the most whimsical of them all. I thought I remembered a thread about these, and found...
  4. jayree

    Sites along the CdN

    Walkers on the CdN may find some sites of interest in this article...
  5. Bradypus

    New religious heritage museum in Carrión de los Condes church

    A new museum focussed on religious heritage and the Camino is opening in the Church of Santiago in Carrión de los Condes.
  6. Bradypus

    "From harpies and griffins to eagles and lions: the medieval beasts of the Cathedral of Santiago"

    An article in El Correo Gallego about an new book on the animal imagery in the sculptural carvings of the cathedral in Santiago.
  7. B

    Michelangelo painting in Logrono

    I understand from the book the Pilgrimage Road to Santiago that there is a Michelangelo painting of the crucifixion in the Iglesia de Santa Maria la Redonda. It is said to be in a vault behind the altar--you need to put in a coin to see it. A google search confirmed that it is there though one...
  8. JohnLloyd

    Does anyone know the story behind this marvellous mural at Muxía?

    As I wandered the shoreline to the harbour at Muxía last April, I spotted a wall of murals which were quite intriguing. This one, in particular, caught my eye, with its movement and style. Does anyone know the story behind this arresting image?
  9. David Tallan

    Wealth in stone: building activity of the viscounts of Bearne on the pilgrimage roads of the Atlantic Pyrenees (c. 1063-c.1130)

    I saw this in a Facebook group and thought it might be of interest to those who frequent this forum: "An open access article in the Journal of Medieval Iberian Studies [vol. 15, issue 1 2023 pp 24-49] may be of interest. It is "Wealth in stone: building activity of the viscounts of Bearne on...
  10. peregrina2000

    Primitivo Detours

    I know there are some who don‘t like to deviate from the Camino route while walking, but I have gotten an email question from a friend about what little gems are not too far from the Camino Primitivo. I know I have recently written something about this, but I can’t find the thread. So I...
  11. B

    How do I spell this sculptor’s name?

    We were talking about the unusual sculpture of the Crucifixion in the church of Furelos: I had 90 results with <"Manuel Cagide" escultor> (including one from and 1600 with <"Manuel Cajide" escultor> (including one from This wouldn't matter to anyone with...
  12. peregrina2000

    Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Picasso's Death with Exhibits across Spain and France

    This year marks the 50th year since Picasso’s death. Both the Spanish and French governments are mounting an extensive series of exhibits to commemorate his life and his art. Here’s a link to a list of the exhibits across Spain, and a link to what’s going on in Madrid. And to the French...
  13. B

    Help identifying mysterious letters on a door knocker in Cirauqui

    The attached photos were taken in Cirauqui last September, though the date is irrelevant. Streetview says the door belongs to 9 Calle Portal. What intrigues me is the letters on the 'ribbon' wrapped around the ring of the door knocker. Some of the letters must be on the other side of the ring...
  14. El Cascayal

    Portico de la Gloria

    While browsing the internet for Portico de la Gloria today, I found this incredible free app that allows a magnificent close up view of the Portico. Pre and post restauration information with the ability to zoom in and see it in great detail. It may be downloaded in English. Great for end of...
  15. mspath

    Hidden tombs in Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris

    Kim Wiĺlsher in The Guardian dated December 9, 2022 details how Notre Dame's uncovered tombs beneath the cathedral's crossing have begun to reveal their secrets.
  16. LavanyaLea

    Beautiful video Camino del Norte/Primitivo focusing on history/culture Came across this video… it’s about 45min long, so I watched it over a few days… in Spanish with Spanish subtitle - which I find pitched at the right level for possibly my somewhat...
  17. tigermike

    Please help me identify this old carving

    Hi everyone. I have recently come across this very old oak carving of what I believe to be St James, aka Santiago. And am particularly intrigued by the scallop shell and crossed daggers (?) on his cloak. Is this an ancient pilgrim emblem ? Does this possibly date back to the Middle Ages when of...
  18. L

    R.I.P Pierre Soulages

    R.I.P. Pierre Soulages, abstract artist commissioned in 1986 to create 104 stained glass windows for the Romanesque abbey of Sainte-Foy at Conques - a place where pilgrims repose along the Voie du Puy. ´´Delicately complementing the hues of the surrounding stone, they fulfilled Soulages’ aim...
  19. Camino Chrissy

    Artists on Camino

    I happened to see a detailed art drawing by a forum member under "Random camino photos" today. I found the photo intriguing, so I searched the artist's name, @Paul Revill, and found his whole series of 37 drawings as he walked the Camino Frances. He sketches with a detailed, charming type of...

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