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  1. peregrina2000

    Edades del Hombre, 2021

    I know many forum members have walked into towns on the camino routes in Castilla y León and been surprised to see some very special expositions that form part of the annual “Edades del Hombre.” I’ve seen them in Astorga, Arévalo (Camino de Levante), and Segovia (Madrid). This year’s theme is...

    Camino landmarks, historical sites etc

    Before starting my camino next year I'd like to learn about historical sites, etc that are along the way so that I won't miss them. I'm walking the Primitivo and would like any advice on how to go about this.
  3. peregrina2000

    Sevilla’s cathedral in the news

    This is (IMO at least) a very interesting article about the unusual carvings of plates of food in Sevilla’s cathedral. I confess I haven’t spent enough time in that cathedral to have noticed it, but it looks like a must-see for my next Vdlp, whenever that may be...
  4. nycwalking

    Valley of Silence

    Hello everyone. I have been to The Valley of Silence via auto from Ponferrada. How do I amble there from Frances then rejoin the Frances once I leave? Years ago there was a summer only albergue. Does anyone know if it’s still up and running? Lastly, how safe is this way for a single woman?
  5. peregrina2000

    Romanesque doorway in the Lugo Cathedral

    This article describes how a romanesque doorway in the Lugo cathedral, which was covered up during the Baroque era, is going to be uncovered. Such suspense -- no one knows what the doorway looks like, whether there are paintings, what kind of carving, etc, etc.!
  6. B

    Isabel of Lucerne

    The installation at the entrance to Santiago called Porta Itineris Sancti Jacobi by Cándido Pazos López has 20 figures in high relief. Actually, that should be 21, as one of the plaques has two figures on it. The names of the figures given at the base of the column tells us that one of these...
  7. mspath

    Interior climate problems in SdC cathedral

    In this fascinating scientific account published 25/05 Silvia R. Pontevedra details the particular interior "cllmate" in the cathedral.
  8. B

    What do you know about this statue?

    The attached photo was taken in 2016 in the main square of the large Monte do Gozo hostal/albergue. My googling is not the best, clearly, as I've not been able to find the name of the sculptor or when it was erected. Do you know? Any other information welcome e.g. if there was a model for the...
  9. Kanga

    Discovery under the dunes

    This looks very exciting and it’s near Cadiz. I’m wondering how I can fit in a visit and pretend it’s “on Camino”.
  10. Peregrinopaul

    The Cordoba Mezquita Geology Museum

    I’m indulging myself here, as an ex geologist. When I visited the Mezquita in 2018, I was astonished at the beauty and variety of source rocks for the celebrated 850 columns of the hypostyle hall. I shouldn’t have been, because apparently they were recycled columns from previous Roman and...
  11. L

    Voie de Rocamadour/GR 652: Embellishment. Église Notre-Dame de Moirax.

    Moirax since it's foundation in the eleventh century has been a halt along the way for pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostella. It is one day's walk from Agen and on the way to La Romieu (Voie de Rocamadour/GR 652). Église Notre-Dame de Moirax is a fine example of romanesque...
  12. nidarosa

    What to see and do, or eat, for a few hours in Madrid?

    Say someone has managed to book travel to and from Madrid T4 to head north and start a camino later in the year - depending on restrictions etc, obvs - and had a grand total of 6 hours between landing and getting on the ALSA bus ... and wanted to see a slice of Madrid when it's so tantalisingly...
  13. L

    Voie de Rocamadour/GR 652: Frescoes. Église Saint-Etienne du Maïl, (near Pujols)

    Voie de Rocamadour/GR 652 : Église Saint-Etienne du Maïl, (near Pujols), France. Frescoes Then and Now, a pictorial comparison. A resource by Lovingkindness In1865 L’abbé Gerbeau discovered medieval frescoes in a side chapel of Église Saint-Etienne du Maïl. Further discoveries were made by a...
  14. shefollowsshells

    Street Art- I'm about to have this beauty put on Canvas

    One of my favorites...from Lisbon! though others might enjoy, and would love to see your favorites!
  15. jungleboy

    Exhibit: Warriors and Martyrs: Christianity and Islam in the Birth of Portuguese Nationhood

    Currently the Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga in Lisbon has a temporary exhibit called 'Warriors and Martyrs: Christianity and Islam in the Birth of Portuguese Nationhood'. This is the premise of the exhibit: I went to see the exhibit yesterday and was very impressed with the pieces on display...
  16. sillydoll

    The first virtual museum in the world will be the Camino de Santiago

    LONG translation This new museum of the Camino that starts with Aragon will grow in the next two years to house the selected works of all the autonomous communities of the Camino. There are 360-degree views of monuments such as the interior of the Vatican's Sistine Chapel, or virtual tours...
  17. jungleboy

    Depictions of Santiago in Art

    Today at the Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga in Lisbon, I saw three late medieval / early modern wooden sculptures of St. James, all with a hat and shell and two with a pilgrim's staff. Here they are, plus the artist and approximate year of creation: Left: Mestre Pero, ca 1350. Centre: Diogo...
  18. pepi

    Modern architecture on the Camino

    Spain is a very progressive leader in modern architecture, (Calatrava for example) and I personally would be very interested in learning, what highlights in such architecture can be found along the Caminos.
  19. jungleboy

    Church with Visigothic origins destroyed in southern Spain

    The church of Santa María de Brovales in Jerez de los Caballeros, in Badajoz province in Extremadura, was almost completely destroyed this week. The church is said to be of Visigothic origin and has links to the Knights Templar. There have been various news reports about this in Spanish in the...
  20. jungleboy

    Best Islamic Architecture on the Camino

    Edit: changed title of thread and article from 'Muslim Sites' to 'Islamic Architecture' I did a search on the forum for 'Muslim' in the title of threads and found only three threads! While the camino is obviously a Christian pilgrimage, there are some incredible Islamic sites to be found on...