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  1. Stephan the Painter

    Seeking a Beautiful Traditional Basque House to Sketch

    The perfect Basque house to sketch? I’m starting from SJPP tomorrow (April 3, 2024) and I’m looking for a scenic Basque style house to sketch. I will walk to Valcarlos for the night. So somewhere between there and Pamplona along the trail or in any of the Camino towns I’ll be looking for that...
  2. David Tallan

    Little sculptures

    There's another thread elsewhere on the forums called "The Long and Winding Road" where people are posting their landscape photos of the long and winding road that we walk. I thought I'd start another photo thread of my own for a different kind of photo that I like to take - of the little...
  3. peregrina2000

    Castles in Galicia

    I was hunting for information about Verín on the Vdlp alternative route, and found this website with information about a lot of castles in Galicia. Some of them look pretty amazing. https://www.sientegalicia.com/blog/castillos-medievales-de-galicia/ I know that people frequently ask about...
  4. mspath

    A special rooster crowns the new spire at Notre Dame, Paris

    Lucien Liebert details the current work of raising the spire on Notre Dame cathedral undertaken and published today December 16, 2023, in this Reuters account.
  5. M

    Needed help in identifying this Pablo Neruda poem

    EPOCH "Here it does not rest, a past I summoned with a bell so that things awaken and the rings gather around me, which have separated from fingers obeying death: I did not want to reconstruct the hands or the sadnesses: after everything, once and for all shall die this century of agony that...
  6. dick bird

    Romanesque, and others, architecture on the camino

    Possibly self indulgent, I´ve been playing around with basic software and old photos. Romanesque art tends to be overlooked and under-valued, as if the whole of western Europe was blundering about in a superstitious fog punctuated with infighting, epidemics and the occasional famine until the...
  7. IMG_20231102_111711.jpg


    San Miguel de Escalada
  8. IMG_20231102_112547.jpg


    San Miguel de Escalada
  9. IMG_20231102_112623.jpg


    San Miguel de Escalada
  10. IMG_20231102_113138.jpg


    San Miguel de Escalada
  11. IMG_20231102_113151.jpg


    San Miguel de Escalada
  12. Josep Montserrat

    Special Exhibition: Miró-Picasso at Museu Picasso of Barcelona

    Hi pilgrims, For those who visit Barcelona to do the Camí de Sant Jaume, to link the Camino Francés or for another reason this can be interesting. The Picasso Museum has a special exhibition with Miró. "The Miró-Picasso exhibition is a joint and unique project of the Museu Picasso of Barcelona...
  13. Gadflyparexcellence

    The Intriguing Story behind the Cross of Santiago in Velazquez's Artwork

    While recently working on an article on Diego Velazquez I discovered some interesting facts that I wanted to share. Most of you, if not all, might have seen the Cross of Santiago emblazoned on Velazquez’s tunic in his signature work ‘Las Meninas.’ The story of how it got there is very...
  14. P

    A new major museum in Madrid

    Guardian article: "Madrid’s new museum is a modern mecca for old-world art lovers Five centuries of royal collections will go on display in the Spanish capital next month [Ed: the article mentions 2023-June-28] in a long-awaited £146m project"...
  15. MARSKA

    Beginner's Guide to Spanish History and Architecture

    I am looking for recommendations for a book (s) that will provide me with a basic understanding of Spanish history and the significance/history of the architecture I will see along the CF. In other words, I'd like to educate myself so I can understand what I am seeing. Something not technical...
  16. VNwalking

    Quirky Museums on the Camino

    Recently, @Dave posted about his walk on the Madrid, and mentioned two little museums on the Madrid - People sometimes mention quirky museums along the way in passing, and I have to say the latter is one of the most whimsical of them all. I thought I remembered a thread about these, and found...
  17. jayree

    Sites along the CdN

    Walkers on the CdN may find some sites of interest in this article...
  18. Bradypus

    New religious heritage museum in Carrión de los Condes church

    A new museum focussed on religious heritage and the Camino is opening in the Church of Santiago in Carrión de los Condes. http://www.gentedigital.es/palencia/noticia/3592188/un-nuevo-museo-en-carrion-palencia-reune-70-piezas-de-patrimonio-religioso-de-la-zona-vinculada-al-camino-de-santiago/
  19. Bradypus

    "From harpies and griffins to eagles and lions: the medieval beasts of the Cathedral of Santiago"

    An article in El Correo Gallego about an new book on the animal imagery in the sculptural carvings of the cathedral in Santiago. https://www.elcorreogallego.es/santiago/camino-santiago/2023/03/16/harpias-grifos-aguias-leons-as-84757526.html
  20. B

    Michelangelo painting in Logrono

    I understand from the book the Pilgrimage Road to Santiago that there is a Michelangelo painting of the crucifixion in the Iglesia de Santa Maria la Redonda. It is said to be in a vault behind the altar--you need to put in a coin to see it. A google search confirmed that it is there though one...

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