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I have just realised that I started my first Camino one year ago today, doing the Frances from Roncesvales. What memories it brings back and how much I want to do it all again! I am hoping to do the Portugues or even the Frances again, maybe next year. It is strange how even a year on I think about it nearly every day and can't wait to go again. What is it about this pilgrim business that it gets such a strong grip on us?

My biggest fear is that I shall be unable to go on another pilgrimage due to physical problems as I have had bursitis of the hip for several months now and struggle to walk 1km, let alone 800 and I am not getting any younger. That said, I am optimistic enough to have ordered a pair of pacer poles for my next Camino :) , so here's hoping.

How do other pilgrims feel about their Caminos a year on?

Sandra :arrow:
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Even after eleven years the Camino is not out of my mind one single day.
But fortunately we live in Europe, the Netherlands, so, every year we can walk another piece of one of the many Ways of St. James through Europe and feel something of this pilgrimage and keep our memories fresh.
Jan Brilleman
I did the first half of the camino last year in august. Started in SjP and ended in Sahagun. This year I will do the other half from Sahagun to Finisterre. I think of the camino almost every day. My planning is complete and I can't wait to go!!

Hopefully one day I can walk the whole camino starting from my house in Amsterdam...
Here's a big question then

Why does the Camino get such a grip on us that we keep being drawn back ?
is it the simplicity of the life (no phones, email, work, only a bed and food)
is it the space for reflection ?
is it the lack of responsibilities ?
is it the endorphins and other chemicals from the walking?
is it the cameraderie ?
is it the incredible people you meet?
is it the scenery, Spain and its people?
is it the wine and the fun?
is it the religion/spirituality?
is it the sunshine and the heat?

It's not the blisters, the pain, the tedium of trudging across the meseta, the snoring
Thoughts ?
One year on (to the day) we were back on the Primitivo where Terry was last year in completely different weather and of course together. One year on again......... and we hope we will be on the Inglés.
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I am new to the forum but already comforted knowing that it even exists, so thank you to everyone. I am a bit overwhelmed as I consider to book everything myself or pay for a Camino company to do...
You're traveling any of the Camino routes. You have only three or four days until you arrive in Santiago de Compostela, but your credincial is full.
My greatest disappointment on my 2017 CF journey was the litter along the trail. It seemed there were bottles and trash strewn everywhere to the point that my wife and I started carrying waste...
Hi - I'm researching for May 2024. I'm thinking about staying "off stage" for pretty much the whole Camino Frances, starting with Bordo/Orrison (yes, will book early!), then pushing past...
I'm interested to hear from those who have practised intermittent fasting on the Camino. Did you find a system that worked for you? What was your "eating window" and what were your challenges? How...

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