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Photoes Cluny - Le Puy - Amont Aubrac


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Wanted to share with you some photoes. They are not mine. I found them last year searching for pictures from the Cluny-Le Puy route. They were nice and inspireing. Now I have been searching them ones more, because in two weeks I will be there ones more, passing Le Puy and heading for Conques.

If they could inspire someone searching calm and solitude, it would be nice. We met four other walkers for two weeks.

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Thanks Bjorg. These are inspiring and give me itchy feet too soon!!! Funnily enough, I was recently sent the booklet covering Cluny-Le Puy in error....hmmmmmm maybe......


Re: New adress - new photoes

bjorgts said:
The web adress is another now, and there are more photoes from 2009. If posible, they are even more beautiful.

Thanks for the updated link! Having done some of these routes in France myself, I feel as if I should delete my photos and just look at these instead! They are quite wonderful. I just returned from the Camino Frances and I decided not to take my Nikon D80 with me, as it is so heavy, but I just used my phone camera. It is always a difficult decision. However, since there are obviously some very accomplished photographers out there who are also walkers, it makes you wonder if it is better to leave the photography to them and just enjoy the Camino without fussing about with a camera. :wink: Now there's a thought.

But I attach here my favourite shot taken on the Le Puy route in 2006: a family group with donkeys in Conques.



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KiwiNomad06 said:
These are inspiring and give me itchy feet too soon!!! Funnily enough, I was recently sent the booklet covering Cluny-Le Puy in error....hmmmmmm maybe......

OK, Margaret: here's the clincher! Inspired by those lovely photos I've been looking at my own Le Puy photos from three years ago, and I decided to make a little video... It's a bit primitive, but early days yet! I've put it on YouTube and the Albergue... Enjoy!



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I was only just thinking tonight of ways to connect with the Chemin d'Arles. The Stevenson and Regordane GRs 70 and 700 - both from Le Puy - end up pretty close to Arles. And now it occurs to me that one could connect with Le Puy from Cluny. Hmmm.

Nomad, I think a number of us will be very interested by your reports on the Cluny track.

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