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Pilgrims on the Camino, then and now...


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Hi Folks,

Over the past several days I've read and interacted with several of you and covered many topics. Some are related to the "how tos" of the Camino, while others cover a broad spectrum from religion, to tolerance of others, to why the scallop shell and a walking stick. Lately, the subject of drink has entered as a topic most appreciated and varied among fellow pilgrims.

So, would it be of interest to start a thread which covers the "then and now" on the Camino. What did the pilgrim of the middle ages wear, what did they carry, how much did it weigh. Many departed from their front door, while others were enroute another destination all together and, for what ever reason ended up on the Camino. What did they eat and drink, where and why...or how much. The pilgrim of today has similar issues to consider, for me it's how to get there, do I need water purification, should I just drink vino, or on a cold another beverage best and how much can I imbibe and still continue that day.

I'm interested in which structures still exist that the pilgrim did in fact use that I will also take refuge in, which fountains...tell me more about the tap that dispenses vino instead of water.

I know I can always read a book, but then I could read a book about the Camino, but that doesn't make the experience real. You my fellow pilgrims have read about the Camino, but you've also seen it, touched it, experienced the good and the less than favorable. Share the flavor of your research, understanding and experience!

Buen Camino
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Arn said:
tell me more about the tap that dispenses vino instead of water.

Ah - the Bodegas Irache tap. One tap dispenses red wine, another white wine. Great place to get your picture taken. Unfortunately, on the morning I got there it was only dispensing a trickle. I was a bit disappointed, especially since I'd bought a metal cup just for the fountain. But what I got tasted OK. Here's a link with some bare-bones info:

Later, I heard that the taps were working full steam by the time a homeless alcoholic man who was walking the Way got to them (I don't really blame him - being a homeless pilgrim is better than simply being homeless). He immediately poured the water out of his liter-sized container, replaced it with vino, and got smashed. Some guys have all the luck... :wink:


Veteran Member are a man after my own heart. That said, so the fellow was homeless. Do you think he may have found the fountain of youth? Imagine is the Benedictines had a similar tap that allowed the devoted a brandy, or the gaelic Brendan an Irish Whisky...the possibilities are endless.

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