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Question re using my tablet


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This may be a silly question , but bear with me I'm over 60 :oops:…..I plan to take my tablet on the CF (leaving Sept.2nd) and use it to take a daily picture to post to my Facebook family. Question: do I need to buy something in Spain (similar to a new SIM card for a phone) for the tablet? Or can I just use a free WIFI spot and get on line and post the picture to Facebook? Can I also use Google, Twitter, or my email free on the tablet at a free WIFI spot? Thanks!
Hi Lynn. There are no silly questions (silly answers, sometimes, but no silly questions!). :)

Yes, you should be able to use your tablet anywhere you have WiFi even if you don't have local phone / data service. You'll be able to use any apps on your tablet in Spain just like you would at home.


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In theory yes - you can use wifi - in practice - facebook particularly is a heavy data user and may be unusable on a slow connection. You can also use your phone to provide a "hotspot" to connect your tablet - assuming you have data on your phone. Instructions vary depending on your phone- but for an iphone its under settings "personal hotspot" turn on the wifi version - and then on the tablet connect to your iphone - once you've done it once it will probably happen automatically


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You really don't want to take pictures with a tablet outdoors. A smartphone and good pair of glasses would be better. Also, not sure if your tablet supports a SIM (not many tablets do).

Besides Camino Frances, you have hunt for wifi hotspot and a local SIM card on the phone will provide the internet access for days where there are no wifi.
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Do you not have a smartphone? That would be lighter weight, and do everything that you need.
@lynn , if you are anything like me you really appreciate the extra real estate of the big screen on you tablet. The smart young things may cope with half the screen taken up with the keyboard and composing short messages. I am writing this on my tablet, with a keyboard that is also a cover.

You really don't want to take pictures with a tablet outdoors. A smartphone and good pair of glasses would be better.
@lynn , you really do want to trust you own judgement on how you best take photos. I am really comfortable taking photos with my tablet. Attached in the next post is one I took earlier this year when on a training walk. Again with my tablet I was able to send it to those I thought might be interested, cropping it a bit as I went and adding a message using the larger screen of my tablet.

And your tablet is the same as a smart phone (with or without a SIM card)

Kia kaha (you take care, be strong, get going)
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Thank you everyone! I'm actually proficient using my home technology , just wondering about my usage in Spain. Technology has improved since I last walked the CF in '07 and '09.
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I have found that wifi in albergues etc is painfully slow because the bandwidth is shared by all users. A hotspot on a smartphone is personal and can be a much faster way to get a tablet online. If you have a good signal this works anywhere, even on a mountain side.

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