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  1. F

    Solo 40th Bivy

    Hello. firstly I appreciate that some of my questions are available elsewhere on the forum but there is allot to get through so though I’d do my own thread which will hopefully answer others questions who want to do the Camino similarly to myself. so I plan to do the Camino for my 40th, early...
  2. B

    Sept 2021 - Trails of the unexpected ! Camping

    Hi. I'm hoping to do Camino Frances in Sept 2021. I'm thinking of bringing a tent and camping in hostel gardens/ near the villages along the route. For food, I'm thinking of stocking up in supermarkets and small shops as I go along to try avoid any covid as much as possible. Just wondering...
  3. Robo

    Camping Question - Things that go 'bite' in the Night

    For those who have walked the VdlP. I know a shelter is not required, but I kind of have a hankering to maybe 'sleep rough' now and again, particularly in some remote very scenic area. Of course following the rules, carry everything out, leave only footprints etc etc. So I've been researching...
  4. Lisa van Holsteijn

    Camino Portugues Aug/Sept 2020 // Corona - should I take tent?

    Hello everyone, I'm a newbie to the Camino and have booked flights to Lisbon leaving next Friday the 14th of August - flying out of Porto 5 weeks later. I'm going to going by myself, haven't decided which route to take yet and am finding it hard to plan because I just have no idea how things...
  5. David

    Compiling a list of refugios that accept tents

    Hi all - as it looks like tenting or sleep matting - in a legal way - is a possible future for some pilgrims I thought we could compile a list of refugios that accept or even welcome tents. I can think of a few - perhaps when we have as many as we can we could make a sequential list? so - here...
  6. A

    New Camino normal - tent friendly?

    Alburgues are starting to open with new social distancing requirements. Tenting in the back yard of an alburgue would solve some of these problems. Will alburgues welcome more tenting in the future to help with social distancing? Would like the alburgue associations to consider a tenting...
  7. Albert_Hadacek

    Carrying a tent through airport control

    Hello guys, me and my girlfriend we are planning to walk the Camino Portugues in early July and due to all the restrictions and potentially less open albergues, we are planning to carry a tent. Do you have any experience carrying a tent in hand luggage? Is it possible? I have read some...
  8. good_old_shoes

    How to make the Camino more tent friendly. Ideas?

    Buen Camino peregrinos :) Since more and more people seem to be interested in the option of sleeping in a tent on the Camino, it might be time to think about ways to make it more tent friendly. While so far it might be possible to camp if you really want to, it is not really easy, certainly...
  9. David

    Thinking about sleeping mats

    Hi all - this a spin-off to the "thinking about tents" thread ... it looks like tenting will become more popular when the Camino opens, the hope being that refugios will allow distancing pilgrims to put up tents; in their gardens, on their forecourts, etc, for a reduced fee - allowing access to...
  10. Helen1

    Practicalities of camping – safety, cooking, washing, loos, etc.

    Thought I would start a new thread about the practicalities of camping rather than add to the excellent info already posted in the tents thread. Here are my thoughts... Safety This is such a personal thing. I think this gets easier the more you do it because you get used to it and there are...
  11. David

    Thinking about tents

    Hi – I have been thinking about tents for Camino - idle thoughts Now, I don’t want to get into the rights or wrongs nor the legalities or illegalities, would rather leave that out for this thread … but, when the Camino does open again I do think that there will be more tenting pilgrims. I will...
  12. Trailhawk

    Camping the Camino del Norte

    I found on Google map that there are many camping parks along the Camino del Norte. Is it possible to camp there using a hammock and a tarp shelter? Do enlighten me because tents are a bit heavy and bulky. Thank you.
  13. caminka

    albergue list for camino francés, with camping june 2020, new tent possibilities

    posted may 2020 Added by ivar: (Click the orange "Download" button to download.) Below is a sample.
  14. caminka

    albergue list for camino francés, with camping

    caminka submitted a new resource: albergue list for camino francés, with camping - frances, albergues, camping Read more about this resource...
  15. K

    Can you camp along the Camino?

    Hi there! I'm looking to bring a tent and post up along the way instead of staying at hostels. Is this possible? Even if there aren't designated camp spots along the way, are there spots off to the sides to discretely set up camp? Has anyone done this before and if so, any tips? Thank you in...
  16. Barbara

    Lightweight camping gear

    Can anyone recommend a suitable tent, nominally for two people, but which I will be using solo? Properly waterproof, with a floor, sealed seams, and quick to put up. Preferably with the inner liner tent already attached and the pole or poles on the outside. Hooks not a channel for the poles...
  17. fatboy_onwheels

    Bikepacking on the camino.

    Most threads I have read here and on Facebook are only covering cycling the camino and not bikepacking/camping wild. Is it allowed and possible to do this on any route? Is it allowed to bike camp at dusk/night in the wild without having to pay for an alburgue/hostel.
  18. Shinobi42

    A night outside in Ribadesella

    Hello everyone, my tickets to the Camino del Norte are bought, as a result I will arrive in Ribadesella at 2 am in the middle of the night and want to go by train to Nueva in the next morning to have my first café con leche in the Bar Misaires where I stopped in 2018. My question is, is it...
  19. Walking Nature World

    A budget tent to take on Camino - Detailed Review after 2 years of test

    Best Budget-Friendly QUECHUA QUICKHIKER ULTRALIGHT 2-PERSON TENT Detailed Review after 2 years test Watch the full video here: Today we are going to be doing another gear review and this will be our one and only beloved tent Quechua QuickHiker Ultralight 2-person tent. It has been with us...
  20. H

    Via de la Plata, camping and eating

    Hello, My brother and I are walking the VdlP in March. Does anyone have any experience of camping along the way, wild or municipal? Also; like a shrew; I have to eat my own bodyweight each day or else I get somewhat crotchety. Was food ever a problem for anyone?