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  1. Ge1ert

    Hello. A perhaps common question re camping and what you carry

    Hi Apologies for my naievity. I have only just started posting here after 2 years, but I now have enough free time to 'walk'. For people who carry a tent and backpack, can anyone please recommend a past thread (if such a one exists), where people have compared or recommended backpack and...
  2. Fromista

    Camping in the Portugal Camino

    I am planning to walk from Porto to Santiago in April (Portugal Camino, coastal path). I would like to take my tent and camp, wherever it is possible. If you were camping along the coastal way, please share your experience - any list of camping's, place recommended to stay, or anything you might...
  3. good_old_shoes

    Campsite list Germany - Finisterre

    For my Camino last year I created a list of campsites for the complete way from Germany (Cologne) to Finisterre. The list covers the way from Cologne via Koblenz, Trier, Metz, Langres, Dijon, Cluny and Le Puy. So it can be used for - part of "linksrheinischer Jakobsweg" from Cologne (along...
  4. M

    Safe Camping and private rooms

    I did Frances last June and never really booked ahead. Just called places around lunch time to check on private rooms or the possibility to camp in the hostels yard. I was wondering if the coastal way in Portugal is about the same. I saw there are many camp grounds near the coast. If anyone...
  5. Larkan

    Allowed to use Camping stove?

    Im heading out on my first Camino (Frances) at the start of April. Initially I was planning on bringing my Trangia/alcohol fuled camp stove with me but now I feel very nervous about it. Reasons for bringing it: Budget is going to be one of my pilgrim struggles. Also, i have a few...
  6. F

    My ideal Camino... is it possible?

    I plan to walk the Francis in May, 23... this being my first Camino. A friend, who has walked it several times, recently told me that preparing for the journey would be nearly as much fun as the actual walk. He was so right! I've begun to look at what I would want for me. I've budgeted to stay...
  7. W

    Camping on the Camino?

    I imagine That some people on the Camino de Santiago might actually be camping out in a tent along the route to Santiago. I saw on a few maps an indication of “” camping “. So what are the guidelines on a trail of this nature which permit Pilgrims to be independent of available housing be at a...
  8. F

    Camping stove, Trangia

    Hello! Currently cycling the Norte. I brought my Trangia for cooking when camping or when the Albergues dont have a kitchen. I prefer to eat vegan so value the dietary autonomy this option gives me, however I’ve reached a conundrum. We are obviously still in wild fire peak times so I feel...
  9. K

    Camping, Money and Walking Intensity

    Bonjour! My friend and I are doing 9 days on the Chemine Le Puy, starting in Le Puy, and hopefully getting as far as Conques. I have read through many of these threads, and they are super helpful! I have a few questions for anyone who has done this route: 1) I am a little intimidated by the...
  10. Chris2017uk

    Camping and food

    Hello, I’m hoping to start on the via Francigena in September, my question is - are there many camping options and small food supermarkets for supply in France ? Thanks in advance
  11. ivar

    New Camping (with small huts) in Sarria

    More here:
  12. Leemac40


    I am hoping to do 2 weeks on the Norte next May/June from Irun to Santander or thereabouts! I have been following threads about this and realise it could be expensive for accommodation so I am planning to bring a tent, I am not a 'camper' by any means but think it may add an extra dimension to...
  13. Madrood

    Camping sites on the Jakobsweg/Via Jacobi route in Switzerland

    Hi all I was doing some research on camping on this route and thought I would share my findings. Here is a map of camping sites that are on or near this route. And here is a basic spreadsheet containing the costs and contact details. Most prices are in Swiss Francs, except for some of the...
  14. Lynnhardy

    Bivvy bag or not?

    hello everyone, What do people think of bringing a bivvy bag on Camino ? As a just incase it’s full at the albergue? Also for easing that anxiety/must get up at 5am feel to race to albergue. And enjoying the camino at one’s own pace. Plus as this year(April/may) is still unsettled as regards to...
  15. H

    Carrying a tent on VDLP

    I am setting off on VDLP beginning of March. Due to covid pandemic I have had ample time to obsess about my kit and have been shaving the weight of my pack as departure approaches. Am down to 8kg in a 36ltr pack with water. Am I daft to ditch my tent on this route? I could take a poncho/tarp...
  16. M

    Sleeping System Suggestions for Camping on the Frances Trail in May

    Hi tent people! I will be doing the Frances beginning around 1 of May. I do bring my UL tent for occasional tent stays. (Yes I know the discussions…) I was wondering about the climate, I checked the temperatures and it’s seems quite chill in northern Spain. What are your personal experiences...
  17. David

    Looking for a Freestanding Dome Tent for Camino Trip

    Hi all ... so ... dark winter days and have been using this last week to prep for a Camino I hope to take this year (yep, decided, am going back, and with my S-Cargo trailer, not a pack!) .. but who knows when. I don't want to get into the wild camping debate as this post isn't about that - I...
  18. F

    Looking for lightweight tent

    I am looking for a very lightweight tent for upcoming Caminos and/or other pilgrimages. I'm one person and would prefer to keep my backpack in the tent with me. Any suggestions? Thank you!
  19. A

    Porto to Santiago coastal route by bicycle with camping

    I am planning to cycle from Porto to Santiago in May 2022 on the coastal route. I am interested in hearing other peoples experience of campsites along the route. I would like to choose this camping option instead of staying in hotels if at all possible. My camping equipment would be limited to a...
  20. Ungawawa

    Camping failures live from Salvador/Primitivo

    Thought people here might be interested in my attempts to do these caminos together, with a tent in my pack for emergencies. I was especially anticipating needing it on the Salvador which has many municipal albergues still closed. La Robla looked from the start a bad bet. The situation where...