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foot wear & care

  1. Chris RJ

    Lone Peak 5 (Wide)

    Altra Lone Pak 5 Wides don’t seem to be available in the UK, nor the Altra Olympus I have just tried the 5s against the 5 Wides and there is a significant difference. The Wides, which I had sent from the US are, unsurprisingly wider! They are similar to the 4s I walked the Frances in 2 years...
  2. U20C_Katherine

    Compeed vs hikers wool or both?

    Until coming to these forums, I had no idea what compeed or hikers wool are… now I do, but I’m still confused… I don’t know if they address the same problem or different problems… should get either or … or both? If both - when to use which? Anything else I should know about foot care? At the end...
  3. Traveller44

    Foot help in Astorga

    Just left this clinic. I was a walk (hobble) in and Ms Gonzalez tended to me in 20 minutes . I had expected a much longer wait so this was a pleasant surprise. 2 minutes from the Cathedral.
  4. A

    Running shoes, not trail runners

    Planning to walk the France, 35 - 40, would love to walk in running shoes. Have tried trail runners and I don’t enjoy the treading. Can anyone recommend a running shoe with a tread that lasted the entire 800 kil?
  5. JillGat

    Chaco Odyssey Sandals?

    I love my basic Chaco sandals.. have walked hundreds of miles in them (getting them re-strapped or re-soled when necessary). Chaco makes a closed toe sandal call the Odyssey. I like the concept, but they seem kind of lightweight to me. I'm just wondering if anyone here has walked any distance...
  6. Luv2Lindy

    Help - possibly need new shoes

    Doing the Camino Fances was a spontaneous decision so I didn’t have time to break in shoes. I bought a pair I got them a half size big and they fit well overall but are are now causing pain (I have a slight tailor bunion). There is hard plastic on that part of the shoe so I’m not sure it will...
  7. B

    "Toe Socks"

    Today is my 29th day on the Camino Frances, loving it all the way. A few years ago on the Appalachian Trail in eastern U.S. I discovered the wondrous world of toe socks. The brand I use is Ingingi. I'm not a gear tester and have no interest in the company. But as a 65 year-old chubby guy, I...
  8. CalgaryLynn

    Sharing my visit to a podiatrist (orthotics)

    I thought I would share the particulars of my recent visit with a podiatrist. I am new to this walking long distances repetitively and thought a podiatrist might have some insight for me. I walked on Friday for 8 miles during my training and came home with a big blister on my little toe to...
  9. SkyDancer

    Toe Needs your help

    Hi, I recently started my training walks for my September Camino. 😄 On Saturday I walked for two hours and the only problem I had was my second toe (which is smaller than my big toe) the nail was quite tender. And today after an hour and a half walking again it was tender. After trying many...
  10. C

    New Balance 574

    Hello Fellow Pilgrims, Planning on doing the Camino in August, so need to get my walking shoes sorted soon. I definitely prefer a trail runner above a hiking boot and have read many posts saying that New Balance runners are great for the camino. Is that what people are talking about when they...
  11. D

    Blisters, Red toe, toenail loss

    Rookie Mistake: WARNING: Photos of Ugly Toes Ahead Brought my Solomon trail runners that I’ve been walking in for the last year. Easily walk 10Km+ and never have a single issue with my toes or feet. They are not a 1/2 size bigger than normal. I started with these and thin Injinji socks with...
  12. E

    What's Your Go-To CF Shoe?

    Hey all! Very happy to have found this forum 😊 I'm planning on doing my first Camino next summer, but am in need of a new pair of hiking shoes so am starting to think ahead about which brands & styles I might want to try out. I'd love to hear about some of the footwear that all of you...
  13. uncletim

    trail runners with wider toe box

    I know shoes are very personal, just looking for more ideas on what to try. my feet are wide in the front. Since I have a small issue with insertional achilles tendonitis recently, a larger heel to toe drop seems helpful. Altra is out for now, and Topo has 5mm drop. looking for something...
  14. L

    Distinguishing “Normal Pain” from Potential Injury

    Hi all! I am five days into my first Camino. I did not train (but am in my 30s and in decent shape — can easily walk or hike 15 km and run 8 km). However, my feet — especially my right one — are very sore after a day of doing 20-30 km on the Camino. It’s generalized pain — outside, arch...
  15. LesBrass

    Lone Peak 5 - Sizing?

    Those who know me will be aware of my quest for the perfect shoe and my battle with blisters. I felt that over the years I've settled with Lone Peak trail shoes - I get the odd blister but generally these work for me. In real life I buy a ladies shoe - size 41 (eu) - for a Lone Peak I buy a...
  16. BrianLCrabtree

    How many pairs of shoes did you go through?

    Did you walk your entire Camino in the same pair of shoes? I generally get about 500 km or so from a pair of running shoes. Should I expect the same from the shoes I use on the Camino? If you bought new shoes along the way, did you have problems with a break-in period? I'm planning for 2023...
  17. J

    Gore tex shoes or boots?

    Do you think that shoes or boots with Gor Tex is necessary? What is you experience on the Camino?
  18. trecile

    Great lightweight slide sandals for albergues at Dollar Tree

    I found some great, super lightweight slides perfect for albergues at the Dollar Tree Store today! The pair that I bought in women's size large (40-41) only weighs 4.7 ounces/131 grams! As a comparison, I have some knockoff Birkenstock EVA sandals which weigh 7.5 ounces/212 grams for the pair...
  19. F

    Vasque boots

    It seems a lifetime ago, but prior to my first camino I was dealing with the question of footwear and a friend had a pair of high end Vasque boots that were too small for her. Before she took them back to REI she suggested I try them as an option for my coming Camino. The size seemed correct...
  20. woody66

    Brooks Glycerin.

    Hi everyone! Well three of us have just been to a small local running shop where the guy(the owner) was so knowledgeable and so patient;we were there for two and a half hours all of us found and brought shoes. I had walked about six and a bit miles before going,it was stinking hot,carried my...