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foot wear & care

  1. elajenki

    Gortex or No -Gortex Shoes

    I know I’m going to walk in Hoka Speedgoats, but on the fence whether to go with the Gortex ones. I’m starting the Camino Frances on the 3rd of April. I’d appreciate any feedback! Buen Camino!
  2. jonesy75

    Topo Wearers!

    Hello 👋! I’ve decided on Topo Ultraventure 3’s for my Camino Frances this July & August. They feel great! I decided on them for the wide toe box with drop, and will pair them with my trusty wrightsocks. I struggle with foot swelling and being prone to blisters during summer hiking, so hoping...
  3. ShoshTrvls

    On Cloud Ultra 2

    Prelude: I tried to search the forums for input on On shoes but "on" is a word that's used pretty often so ... it didn't work. Has anyone tested these out as potential Camino shoes?
  4. C clearly

    Reviews: Stiff rocker-style shoes that come in women's extra wide

    I would never recommend a shoe for another person. Really the only thing that matters is how comfortable the footwear is for that person, and the only way to find out is to wear it for a few hundred km. With that disclaimer, I'll comment on some shoes I have tried for my very specific needs...
  5. DJO Camino 2022

    Trail Runners?

    When choosing footwear for the Camino de Frances I chose a trail runner and never regretted this, enjoying good comfort and support throughout my walk. Water proof, breathable and light weight were key. I am now planning to walk both the Camino San Salvador and Primitivo this year. From your...
  6. M

    Struggling with 1/2 size larger - Lone Peaks - insole recs?

    Hi al! My Camino Frances is planned for April-May this year. Last summer, I wore (and loved) Altra Lone Peaks in a women's size 11. This fall, to start preparing for the camino, I went up a 1/2 size as recommended by so many. I can see how with 2 pairs of socks (injini and darn tough) the 1/2...
  7. S

    Women's sandals for plantar fascitis

    Hello, Apologies if there are many answers to this specific question previously. I am prone to plantar fasciitis and the podiatrist has recommended shoes with a decent heel toe drop to alleviate pressure on my Achilles and calves etc. my question is for women with similar issues, what...
  8. MesaWalker

    Walking with Wet Feet: Debunking the Myths

    For my entire life, until this past fall, I thought walking with wet feet was something to be avoided at all costs. Wet feet equates to blisters, being miserable, ruining your shoes or boots, and generally being contrary to all things right and good. We walked the last 3 weeks of October and...
  9. Drifter

    Resupply on Shoes

    So I plan on starting the Camino in Le Puy in April. It's about 450 mile to San Jean. Altra shoes last about 500 miles. I WOULD LIKE to mail a pair of shoes to San Jean's Post Office, but it says on their website that they only hold packages for about 2 weeks. It will take me about 4 weeks...
  10. Stephan the Painter

    Experience with waterproofing spray for cloth walking shoes?

    I’m considering using a spray waterproofer for the cloth trail runners I’ll taking with me to walk in Spain this spring. Has anybody tried this? Normally, I wouldn’t consider waterproof shoes because of the perspiration and drying times, but I live in a bit of a wet place, and even walking...
  11. peregrina2000

    Altra Sale

    Since Altra comes out with new models every January, now’s the time to get last year’s model. The $150 lone peaks are now about $105. I’m always one year behind and have been very happy with each model. There are continual changes and “upgrades,” but I haven’t found that any new model messed...
  12. ShoshTrvls

    Keen on Comparing

    I am going to be walking in December and expecting much rain. For the most part, I plan on wearing my Topos but, as I have in the past, also changing shoes mid-day. Previously, I changed into Oofos but I think they will be too slippery under foot in the rain so I've been looking at Keens and...
  13. R

    I've walked the Camino in barefoot shoes

    Barefoot shoes on the Camino There wasn't much information about wearing barefoot shoes on the camino but I loved my barefoot experience so I’ve trained and experimented, and I’ve experienced 460 km to Finisterre on barefoot shoes. In short: I had a great time with them feeling the earth...
  14. G

    Help with shoes for someone with big feet....

    Hi eeryone, I was wondering if anybody had some help for someone with big wide feet? I take a size 15 US shoe normally, and i also have a 4e wide foot. This really hampers my selections. I have checked as many sites as i know of, and no Joy. If anybody has a link or help, that would be great.
  15. jpwu

    Boots Hanwag Lhassa II

    Has anyone stepped on a camino with Hanwag Lhassa II boots?
  16. W


    Hi Everyone, Richie here from Ireland. I'm hoping to start the camino Frances from SJPP next june2024. I'm just wondering if you can give me some recommendations on hiking boots? Cheers R
  17. ShoshTrvls

    Hiking/Walking Shoes or Sandals

    I have recently returned from my first Camino - Sarria to Santiago. I had brought with me to wear a pair of Hoka Speedgoats, which were fine and comfortable on my training walks, and a pair of Oofos Oocando (croc-like water sandals) for evenings/around town, or if it rained. After 2-1/2 days...
  18. D

    Only Sandals in October?

    I am starting the Camino in 10 days (sept 30) and have already bought two pairs of trail runners that aren't ideal for my feet. I have wide small hard to fit feet. (First pair was too narrow - the Salomon aircross 5, the second pair are hoka speedgoat 5's that make my toes go numb even though...
  19. P

    A word of warning on trail runners or light weight shoes.

    I’m a long term advocate of trail runners under certain circumstances. In most of my NZ tramps (hikes) I’ve happily used my Altra Lone Peaks unless going totally bush or in winter when boots are more appropriate. Many trail runners have thin soles so as to provide lighter weight shoes, Lone...
  20. M

    Camino Frances. Gym shoes or hiking shoes?

    I’m walking the Camino Frances on September 13th. I heard that there’s a lot of pavement. Is this a walk that can be done in gym shoes, or are hiking shoes recommended?

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