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foot wear & care

  1. Michael Gray

    Care and maintenance of boots

    What is the best regime for looking after boots on the Camino? I always brush the loose mud and dirt off and pick stones etc out of the tread at the end of the day. What about drying wet boots? I have seen manufacturer’s advice to avoid sunlight and artificial heat and not to stuff them with...
  2. Terry Callery

    Plantar Fasciitis

    I almost did not do my first French Camino- because of pain in my foot - the tendons that run along the foot's arch - known as Plantar fasciitis - they get inflamed and it makes it very painful to walk. I learned a lot about it, just before doing the 500 mile Route Frances, three year's ago...
  3. Camino Gear Thoughts - Still Refining for #4 in 2022

    Camino Gear Thoughts - Still Refining for #4 in 2022

    What type of gear do you need to walk a Camino? You might be surprised at how little you need! This is what we have found works over 3 Caminos so far.
  4. Lhollo

    Trail runners: Altra or Brooks, or Hoka????

    Hello. I am VERY confused and not a little obsessed with reading reviews about trail runners. I’ll be grateful if you can help to end my torment 😀 I’m used to wearing hiking boots but they’re too sweaty for a May/June Camino Frances (just SJPP to Belorado). I have knee/joint trouble so trying...
  5. amorfati1

    Deep_Puncture_wound_right foot. What helped you w/ similar experience?

    Greetings and Ola' I researched the forum postings - hoping to find insights /shares by someone who experienced a deep-puncture wound and what had helped, how strong pain-level, time to heal, etc. As I wasn't lucky finding collective pilgrim wisdom and hope to be forgiven to pose a question on...
  6. D

    It Is Normal For Feet and Knees to Become Sore

    This is from a previous thread I posted. I thought with the ability for people to increasingly be outdoors and to start walking longer distances near home, this post may be of help. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The purpose of this post is not...
  7. D

    Of Rock Plates and Insoles

    If the imprint of trail debris, poking at your feet through the outersole of your shoe, is making your feet sore, you may want more shielding. A simple and effective DIY solution is to make a Rock Plate at home. The Rock Plate will slip under your insole, and provide a very effective level of...
  8. Lhollo

    3rd - 9th September: boots or trail runners?

    We’re walking the first section, from SJPP to Los Arcos, and aren’t sure whether to use the waterproof leather boots we own or get something new and more breathable. Our boots are great for UK weather but I expect it’ll be a lot hotter in Spain in September. What do you recommend?
  9. jwells925

    HELP! (Shoe advice) April 2020

    Hey everyone! I'm new to this forum. My name is Jeremy and I am walking the Camino starting March 31st with my Dad. I'm really having a tough time deciding what shoes to bring. Maybe someone can help me decide. Thanks in advance! I own a pair of the Merrell Moab 2, and also bought a pair of...
  10. A

    Blister and injury prevention

    Hi everyone, I am about to do my first Camino Frances in March, it will be my first long distance hike and I would be grateful for anyone’s advise on blister kits (what to take) and any tips to prevent or help with muscle pain/fatigue along the way. I am reasonably fit but have never hiked for...
  11. caminoresearcher

    Are custom inserts worth it?

    Hi everyone! I am planning my second Camino, and seeking to right some of the wrongs I made last time, for which my body paid the price. I had some pretty serious knee issues last time, and I’m thinking that an orthotic insert might help to mitigate some of that knee pain. (I’m also training...

    Preventing Black Toe ?

    My wife and I have walked three Camino Frances - the full 800 kms, each time Sept - Oct in 2015, 2017 and 2019. We've decided to walk again in 2020 to avoid the Jubilee Year crowds in 2021. The first time we walked CF (Napoleon route), I noticed that my right foot "big toe" had darkened under...
  13. S

    Mid/Low Hiking Boots

    Hi all I am a little stuck with my footwear choosing - high or low hiking shoes.... I know there are a lot of threads, forums and blogs on footwear, but somehow hearing from people with experience will help. I won't be getting trainers or sandals as it doesn't really work this side of the...
  14. Anniesantiago

    If You have Walked the Camino - Do you prefer boots or trail runners?

    I'm just curious what the numbers are...
  15. MichaelF4

    Foot Problems Post Camino - What Did You Deal With?

    I am curious if anyone has experienced and been diagnosed with any foot problems post Camino. More specifically plantar fasciitis, forms of tendonitis or any other muscular or connective tissue ailments from overuse. My feet have been hurting since finishing a long Camino in early July. An Xray...
  16. Caligal

    Vaseline on feet?

    I am getting ready for Camino #2 and curious about posts where pilgrims put vaseline on their feet to reduce friction. My1st camino my feet did well aside from an occasional hot spot which i used compeed on and problem solved. So my ? is, do you rub vaseline all over your feet? doesnt it stick...
  17. G

    Foot pain before Camino - advice needed

    My dearest fellow pilgrims, I am writing to this forum to seek an advice for my issue, that freaking me out and keeping me in panic. I am 26 year old, non athlete skinny type of guy. After some time of dreaming, planning and encouraging myself I decided to go and walk the Camino. It cost a lot...
  18. Dadhairday

    Waterproof walking shoes or not for early Spring?

    I plan to walk in trail shoes, nothing heavier. Expecting lots of rain March and April. What are experiences of gtx and similar waterproof or non-waterproof alternatives? I don’t want feet to overheat but don’t want to walk in soggy socks all day?
  19. L

    Podiatrist needed, currently in Rabanal

    Need a podiatrist I have a big blister on my heel and currently have compeed on it. Where will the nearest podiatrist be, Villafranca?
  20. musicianary

    two pairs of shoes vs one pair

    Hi, I've heard some people talk about bringing a second, lighter pair of shoes for when it rains and your primary pair get soaked (mine are breathable - not waterproof - Salomon XA-Pro Trail Runners). Do shoes like this dry out overnight or should I have a second pair along? I start the Camino...