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Realistic Timeframe/ Advice Please


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Hello fellow pilgrims!
Decisions Decisions! Not sure which forum this may fit into best as it includes hiking from Le Puy , on the El Salvador, and then part of the Primitivo. Having done a bit of research I am thinking I have a realistic plan to coincide with needing to be finished and back to work in the US by late August .I am hoping though that perhaps some veteran pilgrims or others may be able to offer some wisdom and advice!

I'll be traveling from New Delhi, India to London in early June and am planning to fly either to Paris or Lyon with a train and bus to Le Puy, France starting the Camino approx 10 June. Allowing 5 weeks I hope to make it to Pamplona where I'll take a bus to Leon. The Salvador route looks challenging and intensely beautiful and appears to be generously 5 days to Oviedo. I am thinking then Oviedo to Santiago on the Primativo at 20 days and then on to Muxia in another 5 days. Does this sound realistic and allowing even for a possible day or two extra?

I'm quite social but am concerned about the number of folks on the Frances so am looking at some alternative routes. Although out of shape presently I'll be taking a leave of absence from my job leaving in just 3 weeks--eeks! I'll have 3 months preceding while in India to work on conditioning. As far as walking, I enjoy hiking solo but socializing in the evenings and am planning to possibly carry a tarp to camp if needed. I am an experienced long distance hiker...however 10 years ago...and am planning to carry approx 20 pounds ( 9.2 kilo). Although adventurous I do seem to get lost easily though so am wondering if the Primitivo is well marked. Also, would anyone have advice about storing two duffle bag suitcases in London as I fly back 27 August and the storage prices I've found are terribly expensive. I am so so excited about this upcoming journey !
Any info and advice would be highly appreciated!!!!! Gracias and forgive all the questions please. Buen camino to all!!
Susan ( smullins)
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Hi Susan,
I see from my Pilgrim Record that I had 16 walking days from Oviedo to Santiago. I could easily have done it in 15 or less. I took extra days off in Grandas de Salime and Lugo. There would be no need for a tent until you get to Melide, when you will have 2 or 3 nights on the Frances which was very busy in May last year and will no doubt be even more so later this year!
I had no problems finding the route except in leaving Oviedo itself - details of the way out of the city are here:-
As always care is needed round any road works, although I found that the diversions were marked.
You will be away from the 'tourist' scene once you leave Oviedo. I found that a knowledge of Spanish was a great help, English speakers were few and far between! There were other pilgrims around in May last year so I would expect that you will not be short of company in the evenings. it is though a beautiful route if you like walking alone! Have a look through the older posts under Camino Primitivo.

Buen Camino
Tio Tel
I am jealous! You are doing my dream camino!
The only thing that I would change is the section from Lugo to Santiago. Get a bus up to el Ferrol and walk the Camino Ingles back to Santiago. It'll be much quieter.
Good luck with the rest of your plans.
The 2024 Camino guides will be coming out little by little. Here is a collection of the ones that are out so far.
Thank you Tio Tel and Sil

Glad to hear this is your dream Camino Sil as I was thinking last night maybe this is too crazy to try and link the La Puy with the others as staying on the Frances route would be far more convenient. Good point about the Spanish Tio Tel. I lived in Spain back in 95-98 ( down south in Andulacia) so my Spanish is rusty and certainly grammatically incorrect however good enough for tapas,directions and introductions,etc. It would hopefully improve with exposure and I'll also be staying with my cousin in India who is a professora by training ( teaches Spanish in an international school in Delhi) so I'll likely be able to practice. Per chance meetings with local women or farmers would be wonderful as I like to take it slow and find it's the connection with people and places that often carve the most special memories for me....even despite language barriers...ha I like to think of it as communication in spiritu. It's the French language i am worried about. My wealth of French only includes greetings, saying my name,thank you, where can i find a patisserie, and I would like wine, cheese, and bread. Surely that's a healthy diet! Ha!

Anyway I'll check out the Inglis route as well and see how it all works out. Thanks also for the thoughts about the tent. I was looking at it as an economical option too as I plan to indulge from time to time in France and am concerned about costs and whether the refugios/albuergues will be full this year. Havn't got that far in planning but I have a silnylon tarp that one uses with trekking poles weighing around 1 1/2 pounds..thought it might provide a break from community would ear plugs...So much to think about..ha!

Thanks again to both of you for the advice and your journal accounts Tio Tel! Peace on your journey today!

Susan ( smullins4)
Hi Susan,
I just came back some days ago. I walked 15 days and had 3 days resting in between. I could certainly have walked it in 14 days.
There was enough company on the road and it will only be more now. But no trouble at all finding a bed.
From Lugo I took the alternative route via Friol and Sobrado which is very quiet. The hospitalero in Lugo has the desciption. This was the only part that i didn't find very wel marked, but i managed to get there.... And was happy to avoid the frances for a bit.
It was great, although rainy and muddy...
Your spanish will come back soon enough, and it's very helpfull.
buen camino

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