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New Member

I wanted to share my appreciation for your work on this site. It's fantastic, and a truly useful resource on the pilgraimge.

But is there any way the old from page format could come back. You seem to be experiencing with the look of the from page, and I'd like to cast my vote for the old one.

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Hi Grant,

Thanks for the compliments.

The old front-page is not gone, just moved. You will find the old front-page here: http://www.santiago-today.com/santiago- ... ostela.cfm

You are right, I have been experimenting a bit with the front page lately. I have decided to separate the "Santiago News" section from the forum when I realized that those two sites had different audiences. With the next mini-project that I am working on, the pilgrim Wiki, there will be a third "section" on the site. Instead of trying to integrate everything, I have decided to make them separate "sites", making the front page where you make your choice of "where to go".

I am in talks with Xacobeo here in Santiago for some funding on the Wiki project. Let's see if they like the idea and will give me some funding. The idea of the Wiki is:

1) To try and better organize useful information that comes from the forum. Many times the same questions are asked many times, and with a Wiki we could make a page where these most-common questions are answered.

2) To try and give a brief description of each stage of a camino, with description of each location you walk by with information on hostals, hotels restaurants an so on. The Wiki is a type of webpage where everyone can edit and add content, so I am hoping it will be used and updated by our visitors. The end product would be an up-to-date mini-guide book online.

... these are my ideas. As you can see this is turning more into a portal with different types of information. My idea is to make the front page a place where you choose where to go next. For the forum, take a left. For Santiago news take a right....

Does this make any sense? I am open for ideas?

By the way, in Santiago today we see this yellow bright thing in the sky for the first time in weeks. It has not rained today!


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