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Hi friends, pilgrim roadscholar, who's now walking the Camino Aragones, gave me permission to share some of her experiences. Since I'm planning on doing the same road in a few weeks, I had asked her to write as much as poss.

Hey, I got the opportunity to use a computer inside the house of a friendly Frenchman and his two daughters.

I forgot to mention that I found slugs inside my shoes when I got caught in the thunderstorm and backtracked. It is such a weird feeling to get those slimy things in your fingers, it makes me shiver.

Besides my book, I also have a CD-player with three CD's of classical music. Don't know how long that is going to last as everything becomes heavier after a while and things I considered initially important, seem to fade after a while. At the moment it is exhilirating to listen to Swan Lake in the middle of nature without any interruptions other than some enhancing bird's trills.

I am headed to Oloron today and expect to start on the leg of the Col du Somport within a couple of days.

Must admit to a bit of apprehension as I head into the mountains as I don't have a well-developed sense of spatial ability. It isn't part of my arsenal of hopes to end up on the bottom of a canyon or in a ravine, you know.

Miami sounds good right now.
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roadscholar 2

I am now in Jaca and spent my first night in the refugio, where I also obtained my first stamp after having trodden throught the French country for 350 km. Oh well, it isn´t about gathering stamps or other reasons. I know in my heart that I am supposed to be there. I can see it in synchronistic messages I get along the road.

Getting lost is part of my vocabulary. I like to venture away from the yellow arrows and shells and go exploring with the result that I sometimes lose track of where I am going. As I am in unknown territory I cannot always orientate myself.

In Lacommande, that was anounced in my booklet as a warm and friendly town, I was awaited by the gendarmerie, the local police, and they wanted to know who I was. I hoped that there was no crazy woman running around who looked like me and I immediately said Pelerina, pelerina.

They did understand that.

Later I found in the Bois de Monein an abandoned loggers´camp where I slep alone. There were several treehouses high up and I did climb onto one of the ladders but, unfortunately, the door was locked. I don´t think I would have had the guts to slep in it as I do have an uneasy feeling when I am high up in the air.

Naturally, after I left my backpack there to go exploring the forest, I got lost again. I ended up in another logger´s camp and said mi madre, where is my pack?

I had no water left but I knew that within an hour I would be able to find the town, so it wasn´t too bad.

Am losing a lot of weight and keep throwing stuff away.

The weather is great and I am beginning the feel of freedom again, one of my favorite feelings.

Say hi to Brother David. I hope I´ll meet him along the way.

Am also looking forward to the leg that has wild toros in a meadow.

I´ll certainly traipse through it.
should have been number 1!

Sorry, this should have been the first one :!:

...I had a miserable night getting lost but that's all part of the game, as I see it...

This is my first official Camino...

I tried to make a shortcut and then I got caught in a thunderstorm in the middle of the night and I started walking. However, there were no lights and I took a right somewhere which led into the middle of a meadow. When I backtracked, I went into the same direction, accidentally, as from where I had proceeded, and ended up back near Lescar.

I took a break, after this sleepless night and am going right back on the GR 65.3 near Lescar tomorrow, direction Oloron.

Never a dull moment!
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roadscholar IV

"...I sprained my foot and although I don't see that as a major problem, it did prompt me to stay another night in Jaca where I met some really neat pilgrims from Germany, Spain and Brasil. It is interesting how that occurs, just when you think it isn't going too well there are people who pump new life in the enterprise..."
Crikey! - sounds like a Herman Hesse travelogue ... marvellous - send her my best.

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