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Ryanair to fly Malaga-Santiago from June

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Hi Peter,
VERY useful to this pilgrim. Vuelling have "suspended" their flights from Malaga - Santiago so my only option is car (as usual), bus (long) or train (via Madrid)...or I guess I could walk!
This way I could go to Mass in the morning, have some Caldo Gallego and pimientos de Padron, and be back in time for Top Gear.
God is indeed Good.
Tracy Saunders
€2,-/day will present your project to thousands of visitors each day. All interested in the Camino de Santiago.
From Spanish Fiestas:

Until now Ryanair have not charged for customers booking with a Visa Electron card. However, from January 1st this card will also also incur their £5 fee. Customers using all other credit and debit cards are currently charged £5 per passenger per flight meaning that a group of four people have to pay £40 for a return trip even if the booking is made on the same card in a single transaction.

No doubt this latest charge will create more public anger as another charge is added to Ryanair's long list of existing ones. Fortunately there is a way around it. Ryanair have stated that they will allow online bookings at no charge using a MasterCard Prepaid card. This will be the only credit or debit card that can be used on their website without a fee.

Probably the best of these Mastercard prepaid cards is the FairFx Anywhere card which charges 1.5% per spending transaction and doesn't charge for adding to your balance by phone or by debit card. There's no credit check carried out when you apply for the card but you might have to wait for upto 10 days to get the card as there are many new applications since the Ryanair announcement. Be sure to order the correct card as there are a range of very useful products available for travellers on their website.

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Hey, We've booked to walk from Sarria to Santiago at the beginning of May. Unfortunately my travel companion has an injury and is being advised that it's too much for her to do. Rather than cancel...
Could anyone explain why Renfe train schedules on Renfe website are completely different from the schedules shown on Trainline website? For example: the morning schedule (before 12 p.m. on March...
I'm looking at flights from UK to SDC in April, but they all seem to arrive at 23:00, Anyone know a hotel that has reception open at 01:00? Tried a couple already with no luck.
Has anyone used this? I’m wondering if it’s worth the 3€ per ticket.
I belong to Dollar Flight Club and this was just posted. It may take a membership, I don't know but the site reads that they can be booked through Google Flights or Skyscanner. Maybe worth a...
Hello I am starting my walk from Gijon and flying into Asturias due to a time limit. Any advice on the best way and place to stay in Gijon for the first night please?

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