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RyanAir to Santiago, Part 2


Staff member
I don't know if you have seen the front page today, but it seems like RyanAir has decided that Santiago is a place they would like to fly to anyway.

It seemed like it was all over a few months ago when they selected Porto over Santiago.

Everything is not sealed yet, but with a leak to the press the local politicians in Santiago will give them a boost in the local popularity polls. Let's cross our fingers.

I personally think that this will take Santiago de Compostela to the next level with regards to tourism, for the good and bad. Until now, a big share of the tourists that have visited the town have carried a backpack and a stick. With RyanAir this might change, and that is a pity. On the other hand with RyanAir a lot more people will be able to visit this beautiful town.

Let’s hope that the source that El Correo Gallego is using for this story is reliable and that RyanAir announces this new route(s) soon.

Greetings from a rather chilly Santiago (0c this morning, about 14c mid day)

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Ryanair from Santiago


I paid 40 euros (28 pounds sterling) to fly with Ryanair to Pau to start my pilgrimage (at St Jean) and amazingly 250 euros (175 pounds sterling) to fly home from Santiago with the national airline.

I was planning to fly into Porto (Ryanair) in the Spring to walk the 'Camino Portugese' and wondering if I could catch a bus back to Porto afterwards. Now, hopefully, the problem is solved, I can fly back, inexpensively, from Santiago.

Ivar please keep us pilgrims in touch with developments to this story.

Whilst discussing pilgrimage plans could anyone inform me, 'is there a bus/coach/train from Santiago to Ferrol'? I ask because I am also thinking of trying the pilgrim route known as the Camino Ingles which starts at Ferrol.

Thanks! Keep up the good work Ivar. PILGRIM
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