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Sending to Ivar from Portugal.

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Is it possible to send a box to Ivar from Lisbon to pickup on arrival in Santiago? Does it involve going thru customs and is it likely to get there? Don’t know how to search in the forum and in fact not even sure if posting correctly.

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When I sent a box to Ivar from Porto I used the post office in the city. I was able to pick up a box after taking my ticket and start packing my things while waiting for my counter number to come up. The person at the counter was so helpful an Ivar delivered the box to the place I was going to stay in SdC.


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This post was great and sadly hilarious to me. This is probably not here nor there, but when I was visiting Porto last Spring I was shocked by the cost to mail things back to the US. I understand it's different within Portugal or to Santiago, but from PT to the US was insane! It was easily 3x the cost from Spain, and 5x the cost from the NL. I paid dearly for the lovely things I bought myself, and that amazing jar of honey I got smashed in transit and coated everything with sticky glass! Oops! :D
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I am seeing the thread and advising against sending anything from Portugal to Spain, or from France into Spain, through the national post office systems. The reason is simple. Despite the harmonization effects of the European Union, each country continues to maintain a national mail system that treats these intra-EU shipments as international shipments. So, instead of a point-to-point parcel delivery system like FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc., you have to deal with a veritable pipe organ...

This means, for example, that a parcel mailed from anywhere in Portugal will go to Lisbon first, then into their export scheme, then to Madrid, where the Spanish Correos will process this as an import item, despite the fact that there are no actual customs controls. It is just how the process is organized. From Madrid, the imported item goes into the Spanish distribution network.

This adds time, distance and complexity to your shipment. It also adds an element of uncertainty. In my case, a box mailed from Porto, travelling some 250 km to Santiago (figured direct), instead went to Lisbon, Madrid, Sevilla, and thence eventually on to Santiago... What should have taken 2-3 days maximum, took some 10 days.

The CTT (Portugal), El Correos (Spain) and La Post (France) all have apps that allow you to track your shipment using your smartphone. They all work great. In my experience from PT to ES, I watched in the apps as my parcel mailed to Ivar, went "higgly-piggily" all over Portugal and Spain. It eventually showed up at Ivar's some three days AFTER I flew home to the US, I retrieved my stuff on my next trip there.

If you are starting in Lisbon and planning to be on Camino for three to four weeks, this should be plenty of time for a parcel to get to Ivar, even considering my experience. So, from Lisbon, you should be okay. However, once you are on the way north, reconsider using the CTT, in favor of checking out UPS, DHL, or another parcel delivery service that operated outside the national postal systems.

Hope this helps.
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