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serious fires :-(currently not possible to walk to Finterra


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having walked to Santiago we could not walk further dueto fires. So we went by bus and saw really some devastation, same for the Muxia route. Issue is that as marking is also on trees, and often at key junctions, this could take a while to recover. If someone manage to do the route as per September please post observations.
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I was soo lucky i walked that bit between the first till the 4rd of august (santiago -> finisterre -> Muxia). About 40km before finisterre there was a fire but it had been going on for a long time and it was mostly burning underground, so we walked through it.

2 days later tho and it would've been impossible from what i hear in the news.

Shame because the walk between finisterre and muxia is one of the most beautifull ones i've done on all my camino's combined


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I read in La Voz today (could not find the article online) that there are pilgrims arriving to the albergue in Finisterre. They report of walking through several kilometers of burnt forest. One Spanish couple (from Madrid I think it was) said that they actually thought it would be worse, since they had seen the fires on TV before leaving home. They said something like "It is clear that the fires has burnt quite a lot, but the Camino experience is still the same".

... so I think the conclusion for now on the route out to Finisterre is that it can be walked, there are rooms in the albergues (they had pictures from the albergue in Finisterre and the article did not mention any problems, so I assume so) but that there are some stretches were you need to walk in burnt land.

I will try to keep you all updated when I hear something new...

By the way, the weather has changed again... now blue skies and the temperature is supposed to get to the mid 20s.

Un saludo,
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does any one know if this part is now repaired after the fires and the way makers are back in place? Am planning on doing this part of the route so would like to know what the latest news is, cheers!


"Physically, this Camino is now in good shape. Signalization is much better and there are more pilgrims, particularly now with the brand new albergue that opened in Muxia. View wise, things have changed drastically, since over 50% of the landscape is still overcoming last summer's fire and heavy rains. The road is walkable and safe." A pilgrim, 4-3/07.

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