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Some Alburgues now CLOSED on the Camino

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If you are planning to do the Frances, or are just beginning, be sure to CHECK to be sure the alburgue you are headed for is open.

We arrived in Puente La Reina today to find that Ciraqui has BOTH alburgues closed for the season.

We walked to Lorca, where they have only 10 beds.
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A pity that BOTH were closed. I once arrived in Madrid to find that BOTH Youth Hostels were closed for repairs.

If this info could only be posted in the refugio before the closed ones, it would be of great help. But maybe too much to hope for... :(


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Yes it`s pity if both albergues in Cirauqui are closed. Would be better for the pilgrims of course if one of them was open. I stayed in the private one Maralotz (in May) and the owners were busy in taking care of the pilgrims, cleaning, washing and taking cre of their the house and property, cooking dinner for the pilgrims in a reasonable price and just keep it very cosy and CLEAN for the pilgrims. I understand if they need to take a rest after a long season...
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These are open

Both alburgues in Torres del Rio are open. Casa Mari (7 euro) and the first one as you come into town (10 euro). There is a nice tienda in the square near the first alburgue.

Los Arcos was also OPEN and nice and clean.
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I initally read this as the albergues in Puente La Reina being closed too!? Is that the case? We will be passing through there in a few weeks! Thanks for all the updates Annie.


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so the information on Muncicamino is not correct ....

Town: Ventosa - (La Rioja)

Description: This village is located to 10 Km of Navarrete, the refuge is very well equiped.

It is open all the day Address: Medio Pereda, 9. Ventosa
Contact: Tel. 941 441 899 , Jose Luis and Acacio
Availability: It is open all the year
Prize: The price is 6 €
Seats: 30 seats in bunk beds
Category: It is a private shelter

In Puente la Reina, I had stayed in Hotel Jakue wo also runs an albegue for 8euros for a bed. Full facilities, and a very good buffet style peregrino dinner.

The albergue in Virgen del Camino is closed. (18/10/2009)

The albergue in Riego de Ambros appears closed. There is a phone number provided on the door of the albergue. You will have to call the number for someone to come by to open the albergue for you ie there is no one else putting up a night.

There are quite a few albergues in Arzua but if you walk further past the town, you will come to "Albergue Via Lactea". Very nice place. Well worth the extra few steps.

I was unable to find any place to stay in Cardenuela, and ended up taking a very long walk into Villafria (from Espinosa).

Hope the information above helps.

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The hotel on the corner (Calle del Meson and Ave. de Astorga) going to the closed albergue in La Virgen del Camino is always open, and has a good rate for pilgrims at 20 Euros.

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Hi All,
The Refugio Gaucelmo [English Refugio] in Rabanal is now closed for the winter - due to reopen 1st April. However Reugio El Pilar in Rabanal is open all winter - has log fire, cooking facilities, can order meals and has bar, and most of all a good welcome.

brendan nolan

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Hi again - a ps to previous post. One of the hotels in Rabanal, El Refugio, is closed for about 6-8 weeks for major refurbishment but the other hotel, Gaspar's is open for accommodation,meals, etc.

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