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Starting in Rome?


New Member
Walking from Italy??

Is it Possible to walk from Rome? I'm in Florence and would love to start from here, but how long would it take?

Thanks for all help!

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New Member
Alan, that's an interesting question, it probably deserves its own thread since there must be others living in Italy who might like to do the same.


Staff member
For the Rome to Santiago option, have a look at Peter Robins page here:
... he has a map and some route-names that might help you find out some more.

Not sure how long it would take to walk it, but looking at the map it looks like just about double distance...

On a related topic, our member Julian walked from Monaco last year. For more on that have a look here:

Greetings from rainy Santiago,
Re: Walking from Italy??

Alan said:
Is it Possible to walk from Rome?

possible? Of course! Walking's quite a simple matter, really; you just keep putting one foot in front of the other until you get to your destination :)

Alan said:
I'm in Florence and would love to start from here, but how long would it take?

depends very much on what route you take and how fast you walk. In
I estimate 2 mths Rome to Arles, chop off 2 wks or so from Firenze. Then, say another 2 mths to Santiago. But ymmv.

William Marques

Staff member
Yes it is possible

One way would be to join the Via Francigena at Lucca and walk the Via to Vercelli, from there take the Spur to Arles and the route from Arles to Santiago is one for which you can get the guide book from the CSJ.
With the AVF Guide see below and the CSJ Guide you should be able to get a good idea of the timescale but I would guess at least 4 months.

The Guida - Vademecum dal Gran San Bernardo a Roma (900km)
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New Member
Wow! You guys are great; informed and quick! Thanks for the speedy replies, I guess I haven't got the time to walk from Italy this year, but how great would that be??

Thanks again!!

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