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Staying in Armenteira


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May 2024
Any advice about places to stay in Armenteira? I am doing my first Camino starting May 2, and I had planned on doing the Spiritual Variant. However, it seems like there are limited options for places to stay that are fairly budget friendly (<€50). The one albergue seems to be booked already, as does Carballo de Prado 1900. The other option I’m finding is taking a chance on getting a bed in the Monastery (no longer accepts advance bookings), which if I am unable to, there seems to be no other options. Has anyone done this recently or does anyone have advice? I wanted to let the Camino take me and not book much/at all but it seems like I may be hard pressed to find accommodation in certain places.
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Accommodation is very limited, here are a few places to try. The pousada is pretty expensive, but if you are sharing not so bad.


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I stayed in Combarro and then hiked up to Armentiera and stayed at the monastery the next day. I loved that I stayed at both!

Combarro is adorable and having the shorter day gave me time to wander around. The monastery is beautiful. The nuns do their Vespers every night and (coming from a non religious person) its something to see.

The hike from Combarro to Armentiera is straight up hill the entire way. I don't think I would have wanted to hike any further that day. I feel like it rivaled the Pyrenees on the Frances.

All in all, the Spiritual Variant is not to be missed.
I just realized I didn't actually answer your question. When I stayed at the monastery I was able to email them and book a room. I see why you are asking and are a little concerned. One option would be to see if there is a taxi option that will take you back to Combarro to stay for the night if its full and then bring you back in the morning.

The hike down after Armentiera is probably one of the prettiest I've been on, in my opinion. The whole thing was worth it.

Don't forget - if you are taking the boat make sure you check the times and book ahead.
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Any advice about places to stay in Armenteira?
Have you checked air b and b . My son and I start walking from Porto on 5th May so you will be ahead as I am a slow walker. But were doing the spiritual and I found it’s difficult to find accommodation in Arnenteiera but found this a place just about a km from the monestary. Otherwise a taxi back down the hill and back up next morning is always an option.
We stayed as pilgrims at the monestery with the nuns for two nights. What a delight!

The steep walk up from Combarro was lovely, solitary, and difficult for this 73 year old. Therefore, my husband and I had sent an email to hna ( Sister) Paula at the monastery asking for a two night stay at the monastery.
We walked the “water and stone” trail TWICE! After our first night we walked the delightful downhill trail through the most gorgeous scenery with plenty of time to stop and take photos. At the bottom we connected with a cab/taxi to take us back up to the monestery in time for dinner with the few other pilgrims staying there.
The next day we walked the gorgeous path again. Both times we stayed to the right folk in the trail. No regrets - definitely the best views.
Our stay at the monastery (the welcome of hna Paula, vespers, mass, simple but hearty meals) is to this day a collection of memories that never fade.

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