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Taxi availability on Norte?


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Hello all,
I walked Frances from SJPP last year in 41 days (1 rest day) and am considering the del Norte this year.
Although I walked every step last year with my pack, I’m a year older now (64 when I will walk) and am starting to get concerned about my ability to do the Norte, as I understand it’s more difficult (but beautiful!) Arthritis, a few extra pounds, etc. don’t help. I already plan (hope) to keep my daily average km low, with hopefully very minimal days over 20 km if possible.
But, if I find that I run out of steam, how difficult is it to find transportation? I understand it’s a bit more remote and less populated than Frances.
Thanks in advance for your advice and words of wisdom. Buen Camino!
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@Mary59 that’s a hard question to give a decent answer to. Much of the Norte is far more densely populated than most of the Frances. Irun, San Sebastián, Bilbao, Santander, Gijon are all major cities. The coast is a popular holiday destination for Spaniards and visitors from other parts of Europe. There is an extensive bus network and the FEVE railway which frequently corresponds with the Camino. Taxis will be available in most urban settings. In the quieter, less urban settings the local bar will always find you a taxi but it might take a while and the driver might charge round-trip rates.

I’d suggest you use Gronze and/or a good guidebook or two to plan your pilgrimage and consider where you may find yourself in need of a ride. Google Maps and Paginas Amaryllis will help you identify taxi providers in or near those localities.
Happy planning and Buen Camino


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Hi Mary - my wife and i are 64 and we start the Norte late April. As mentioned above I think taxi's are fairly ubiquitous but you plan of taking your time is the best startegy. Norte has a lot of hills and a lot of pavement...but a lot of beauty. Buen Camino

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