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The New Forum Badge


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I've just received my new badge from Cafepress so will see if anyone recognises it when I start from Le Puy in late june. Unfortunately it's dark grey which is the same colour as my backpack.


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I am talking to CSJ about how to do the woven badges.

The Cafepress site mentioned have some buttons and other items but not a woven badge. This store was opened by one of our members. Have a look here:

(that reminds me, I should probably add a link to this store from the forum)

I just got an e-mail from CSJ today, it looks like they use http://www.jacquardweaving.co.uk/ to they make their badges. I will get in touch with them to see if they can help us make ours.

Un saludo,


Grey? How odd. Confederate rucksack?

I also forgot - there is a good manufacturer of promotional products for churches and so on - they do mugs and pens and baby aardvarks and badges and bookmarkers and so on with your text on and they also do embroidered badges.

Click on any product image on site to find the prices ..
visit at http://www.goldpress.co.uk/Home.html

By the way, I may produce some t-shirts for my shop in a while ... anyone have any image/text ideas?
All I have at the moment is the old
"I walked 700 kms doing this pilgrimage and all they gave me was this lousy t-shirt" ...

(no, of course it's not true about the aardvarks)


That didn't work - how do you insert an image into a post, anyone know?
(you can cut and paste the link!)


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Good Lord !!!!

This is not the color we voted for. Seems like politics.... the further you go the further it gets complicated for nothing.... :roll:
I have had excellent dealings for several years with a company who do embroidered badges, hats , clothing, towels, (but I can't see baby aardvarks in their catalogue - damn) - so if it would be useful to have a quote for comparison, they are Kingfisher Leisurewear (http://www.kingflw.com) or phone for a quote (from th UK) on 0800137948 or email sales@kingflw.com.


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Good to see things are progressing with the woven badge. I got the link to cafepress from one of the posts on this site. The badge is not the best as I intend putting it on my backpack (also grey) but won't do so until it goes through customs/hold of the plane as I can see it being ripped off quite easily. Or I could put it on my hat.
I created the cafepress store and would be happy to change the image. I thought I used the one that won the poll -- it looks dark blue to me. If someone can send me a different image, I'll change it on the cafepress site.

I haven't seen the actual pins. I just uploaded the image so that the pins would be available -- at least until someone comes up with something better.


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My apologies-it is dark blue not grey and I too think it was the one that got the most votes.

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