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Tortoises Vs. Hares & Reaching Santiago


New Member
Let's say I'm one of those whose urge is to schedule everything day to day (a "hare").

A lot of why I want to schedule things ahead of time is to avoid having to make decisions. (e.g. do I stay here one more day? do I take route a or route b? do I push on to the next town?)

But my main goal really is to "Be Here Now" (a "tortoise".)

As well as to reach Santiago.

So, in order to "reach Santiago" within the amount of time I have (about 4 weeks), I feel like I need to schedule.

But, I am really walking the Camino as a spiritual journey, not necessarily a "I walked X miles over the summer." Spiritual growth is my priority.


1) I'm wondering: should I give up my goal of reaching Santiago? Like, if it happens, it happens?

2) That being said, if I am fairly fit, and have about 4 weeks to walk, where does someone recommend starting that would give me a greater chance of reaching Santiago?

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Camino Way Markers
Original Camino Way markers made in bronze. Two models, one from Castilla & Leon and the other from Galicia.

William Marques

Staff member
I think if you start at SJPP or Roncesvalles unless you are a strong walker behaving like a hare, it will not happen - you will not reach Santiago in 28 days.

I would suggest you start closer to Santiago possibly Logrono. This should give you adequate time to walk the Camino and who knows if you are a fast tortoise perhaps to walk on to Finisterre.

Buen Camino


Nunca se camina solo
Salamanca is a good place to start and is easy to get to from Madrid by bus. I think with an average day of around 22kms or so you could do this in around 3 weeks leaving time to linger along the way if you wish. But you will get faster as you go along in my experience and you need to work out the stages according to where you want to sleep -

You may also decide hang around Santiago for a few days or to walk out to Finisterre/Muxia if you have time.

Happy planning!


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