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Training with IPod


I am in training now - walking 10-12 kms a day with a light day pack on.
Wonder if anybody can advise where I can download (free or paid) Spanish lessons or conversations to my Ipod. I'd rather listen to some Spanish while in training.
I plan to take my pocket PC to do the journal at the end of each day's walk. Is it possible to charge batteries at the hostals? I plan to stay at private lodgings as much as possible. Plan to travel light and won't bother with sleeping bag.
Hmmm...I may not be travelling light at all, what with Ipod,pocket PC and mobile phone chargers to be packed and carried.
Hike 30+ miles on California’s Santa Catalina Island as part of the Catalina Camino

I have a CD at home which i bought from Waterstones (I'm sure you can get it on Amazon) which teaches Spanish in a unique way.

It works by repeating phrases over and over in rhythm with catchy tunes.

Its pretty good.

I'll find it when i get back from work and let you know the name if you would like.

you can get FREE spanish lessons from itunes!
go to PODCASTING in itune
then look in education section on podcasting or DO search on learn spanish!!

iv got a few lessons on my ipod! it hard for me :oops:
wichanee said:
Hmmm...I may not be travelling light at all, what with Ipod,pocket PC and mobile phone chargers to be packed and carried.

and make sure you've got the right plug ;-)

if you just want to listen to Spanish, there are numerous radio stations online these days; simply record the stream. Alternatively, go training with a Spaniard :)

And you could try using an internet cafe to tap in your diary and copy to the ipod; and the better hotels will probably have some kind of facility of that sort. Then you could leave the pocket pc at home. (Or use pen and paper of course :)
Thanks for the idea :idea: . I borrowed a cd of Spanish lessons from the library and then converted to mp3's for my sony clie, which I intend to bring with me on my camino from Leon to Santiago. My pda will be my tape recorder, camera and alarm clock and data of lists of albergue, etc,

I will also listen to it when I'm training. I tried to walk 3-5 miles 2x a week in preparation with my 10 lbs pack work schedule allowing. I'll go on a long walk/hike to see the waterfall soon (a day hike).

buen camino
tonette :)
Ideal sleeping bag liner whether we want to add a thermal plus to our bag, or if we want to use it alone to sleep in shelters or hostels. Thanks to its mummy shape, it adapts perfectly to our body.

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How do you manage the electronics you may take on your Camino? Assume you are not taking obvious luxuries. Phone? Tablet? Breathing device? Toothbrush? What chargers do you bring? Batteries...
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