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Trying to be Techno-lite, but my plan is falling apart


I have read "A Techno Geek's Guide to the Camino," and the range of views on what to bring.
As with so many aspects of this adventure, we each have to find our own way. I have been working on that. A couple of months ago, I decided my computer (2.5 lbs) was too heavy to bring. I decided on hiker's GPS and camera so I could use to create photoalbums superimposed on the map, with waypoints marked where the photos were taken. I learned of this right here on this Forum. HOWEVER, it seems that you cannot download photos from camera to a website; they have to be downloaded to a computer first, and then be uploaded to the web. So "all the plans of mice and men..." Obviously if I'm using Internet Cafes, I can't download Picassa to those public computers. What to do? Small portable hard drive?

Please advise. Thanks in advance.

I start walking in Roncesvalles on May 19. Look for the Camino Forum patch on my pack! Unless of course it's covered by my Altus raincoat. I'll be the one in blue :D

Buen Camino.
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Not sure if a flash drive would serve your purpose--especially if you passworded and have virus protection on it?
What to do? Small portable hard drive?


you can look at Evan Low's detailed blog on how he made use of the available facilities on the Camino to record and post his pictures for his two Caminos. His blog is at

He saved his pictures and blog in a removable storage facility ( he used a SD Card but a flash drive can be used in your case) until he reached a library where he could download and post the contents of his card in a very short time in the available computer.

He will be going for his third Camino and his blog on his previous Caminos is a recommended read for technogeeks (he is an expert and will reply to pm's pronto).

He has important messages in his blog on techno-etiquette; on how not to annoy his fellow travelers with loud noises; how to finish quickly to allow others to use the computer; on his choice of tried and tested equipment; on how he fully used his equipment without being a slave to it; on his investigation into the newer equipment coming into the market which he might take in future; etc.

He is extremely flexible in his approach to technology (not usual for pilgrims) hence he normally has Plan B available so it is not the end of the world if:
but my plan is falling apart

The unexpected adds spice to your life, there will always be a way, see forum on Angels.
Buen Camino!
Janet, you can look at Evan Low's detailed blog on how he made use of the available facilities on the Camino to record and post his pictures for his two Caminos. His blog is at Buen Camino!
Jalan, This web address didn't seem to lead to the blog, so I played around with it a bit and found it didn't need the www. The blog was at:
Kia Ora Margaret,

Many thanks for assisting Janet and other members who may wish to read Eva Low's brilliant piece, I knew there are helpful Angels on this forum, count yourself as one of them!!

€2,-/day will present your project to thousands of visitors each day. All interested in the Camino de Santiago.
Really great practical tips.

Thank you, EvanLow!

I ditched my netbook and used an 8GB SD card in my camera (Canon G10, 14.7MP) and instead of using a GPS, I took a picture of the sign of each town I entered so I knew where and when my pictures were taken (my camera has a date stamp). I did not fill my SD card after 39 days on the Camino Frances and I took a lot of pictures. Not all computers will have an SD reader, so what you could do, is bring an SD reader (I have one that turns the SD card into a USB thumb drive) and an external HD and offload your pics that way. Make sure you have a sturdy case for the external HD and something waterproof to put it in to protect it from the elements and accidents.

Just a thought......

As for a blog, I used a Moleskine Reporters Notebook, kept a journal, and whenever I found enough internet, I updated the blog using my journal as a reference point.

Most read last week in this forum

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