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How to Charge my Phone


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Maybe this has been discussed, but can't find any info.. How do you charge your electronic devices when you stay over night? Are there enough electrical outlets or do you use solar cell powerbanks?
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Depends on where you stay. Some albergues have power sockets or usb charging ports by each bed. Others may only have one or two power sockets for a whole room. It might be a good idea to take a power bank to top up your gadgets when the power sockets are all in use.
Maybe this has been discussed, but can't find any info.. How do you charge your electronic devices when you stay over night? Are there enough electrical outlets or do you use solar cell powerbanks?
I took a powerbank (not solar) because I sometimes use up my battery before day's end and discovered that it was a good choice as I could not rely on a convenient outlet. Some new albergues have outlets by every bed, some older ones only a few sockets for an entire dormitory. I also purchased a 3 unit charger /adapter so that I could share with others.
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Thanks for very useful information :) Wow, where did you by your 4-gram? Ha ha, well, think I bring a little solar cell on mye packpack anyway even if its not jungle ;-)
Leave the solar cell home. It is not worth the carry. A full charge each morning, and a small(ish) power bank are more than enough.

The power bank should be able to fully charge your device at least once. More is better, but adds grams of weight.

I also carry a 3-way splitter so two others can share one outlet if needed. This will have single, male, 2-prong, type C “Schuko” plug, and two or three 2-prong female receptacles.

Find one online, or in a local Ferreteria (hardware store), or in a China store. They only cost a few Euro. Your fellow pilgrims will love you for the consideration.

Weight is the enemy.

Hope this helps.

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Ideal sleeping bag liner whether we want to add a thermal plus to our bag, or if we want to use it alone to sleep in shelters or hostels. Thanks to its mummy shape, it adapts perfectly to our body.

4 ounces is 113 grams. Charger of 3 outputs is good for your handy, power bank and one neighbour.
On long backpacking trips I use the lightest powerbank that will support my devices for the time needed, but it adds weight.
I use a power bank and just charge that. Rather lose a power bank than a phone.
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