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Warning!!! Rucksack thefts in Padron Albergue

Yesterday evening I ran into some of our amigos del camino who fell a day behind us. They reported that on the evening of the 18th three rucksacks were stolen from the albergue in Padron. One was stolen from Klaus (from Germany) who was travelling with his 73 year old mother, Carmen, who is Spanish. Klaus was lucky enough to have slept with his money and passport. Much less fortunate was one of our amigas from the Czech Republic who had her passport and 300 euros (and one assumes her credencial) in her bag. Carmen said that the hospitalera left the door unlocked during the evening, which allowed the thief to gain entry. She added that the hospitalera was not at all helpful about the situation and nor were the police. She was horrified to discover that there have been previous (and recent) rucksack thefts from this same albergue but that neither the police nor the hospitalera seemed motivated to do anything about it. I know that there are always two sides to every story, so the police and hospitalera might well have their own version of events. However, the fact remains that three people had their rucksacks stolen and this wasn´t a one off theft. I do wonder what type of person would steal a rucksack from a peregrino!I guess that this should stand as a reminder that everyone needs to be careful about keeping their money, passport and credencial in a safe place at night.
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I noticed too that the door was open all night. There was also a note in the Pilgrims' Book in Mos saying that someone had taken washing from outside of the Albergue overnight and set it on fire! When I told the owner of the shop opposite she was absolutely horrified.
I guess we all have to remember that our angels on the Camino have to sleep too sometimes.

I would like to give you my opinion about the way that albergues from the Xunta works in Galicia.

At the first, the timetable of the hospitalero finishes at 22:00. At this time, he/she finishes his/her work and leaves the albergue. So, the security of the albergue during the night depends on the pilgrims who are sleeping inside. Sometimes, when a pilgrim is late returning to the albergue, can access inside because some friends open a window or the door. Sometimes, too, the door remains opened during the whole night. That is something that I've noticed many times. Don't forget I walk the Caminos every month of the whole year.

OK. As far as I've known, the pilgrims called the police at 06:00 in the morning. So, it means that they noticed the robbery a few minutes before. If you notice something like that during the evening you don't wait to the next morning to call the police. And, usually, when you are going to sleep, usually you need something from your backpack. May be not one pilgrim, but ¿no one between three pilgrims? ¿none of them had to take something between 21:00 and 22:00? I can't believe. In my opinion, the robbery had to be done during the night. When the hospitalero is out.

And, we don't know if the robbery was done by a pilgrim or by a "normal" person. We will never know about that, but possibly you know the rules inside the albergue: Be carefull with all your valuable things, specially money, camera, mobile, credit cards. And your glasses, credential (valuable only for you, jaja). But, you may have a problem if someone has seen, two days ago, for example, that you carry a lot of money (300 euros is a lot of money for a pilgrim, in my opinion). And, of course, have a look over what you own. Always.

Peregrina Nicole said:

"They reported that on the evening of the 18th three rucksacks were stolen from the albergue in Padron"

That's right, but possibly "they" are not sure about when exactly it dissapear. In my opinion they are wrong about when it happens.

"Carmen said that the hospitalera left the door unlocked during the evening, which allowed the thief to gain entry"

During the evening the door have to be unlock, to let the pilgrims to arrive the albergue. When you arrive to an albergue, on summer, lots of pilgrims, you can not lock the door.

I suppose that, when you are walking the Camino, you have to maintain the same security rules than when you are at home. And Spain, as most of your countries, is a quite secure country.

Buen Camino, as much secure as possible.

Javier Martin
Madrid, Spain.

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