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safety & crime

  1. Peregrinopaul

    Have you encountered accidents on the Camino?

    I was posting on another thread about my trepidation about descents - on a bike in my case. I was reminded of an incident in 2014 when we passed a group of Italian bicigrinos on the descent from Cruz de Ferro. One had misjudged a corner and ended up in a ditch with broken bones. We were just...
  2. Kathar1na

    Safety for women on the Camino

    MODERATOR'S NOTE (from @c_clearly): This first post by @Kathar1na and the following ones were transferred from a now deleted thread. The thread included statistics on exhibitionism and sexual assault, effectiveness of whistles, and the type of advice that should or should not be given to women...
  3. peregrina2000

    Assault near Lisbon on the Portugués

    As I think anyone reading this thread already knows, there was a violent attack on the Caminho Portugues last week. This thread explains the details. There are many moving pieces, with different endeavors ongoing to document and report. I do not speak for AB, but I know that she is...
  4. A

    Pilgrim stabbed and attacked at knife point after Sacavem, was able to escape

    Hello everyone, This is a difficult story, but as it happened only three days ago, it is important for people to be aware and I would appreciate help (the report is filed with the police, but was seemingly not taken very seriously) with further resources or steps to take. The short version is...
  5. jgiesbrecht

    AlertCops registration issue

    Has anyone else had trouble registering with the app? I'm scheduled to start on Tuesday, so just setting up my sim card and phone and things today. I'm from Canada, using a uk vodafone card, and it keeps telling me its an invalid mobile phone number. Not sure what else I can do to register :/...
  6. Camino Chrissy

    Pilgrim safety

    Just in from a friend... https://www.elcorreogallego.es/santiago/ampliacion-de-la-cobertura-del-sistema-alertcops-de-la-guardia-civil-a-todas-las-rutas-del-camino-GD4342855
  7. peregrina2000

    Harassment on the way to Fátima

    For almost a year now, the Fátima Association (Rodrigo), Santarém Hostel (Mario), and the Via Lusitana have known about incidents involving an elderly (about 80) man on the route to Fátima. He is located about 10 km from Santarém and 2 km before Quinta de Val Flor. He is well known on the...
  8. Friend from Barquinha

    Opinions--new safety system for hikers being trialed in Portugal

    From the central Tejo news website: http://www.mediotejo.net/macao-apresenta-projeto-piloto-nacional-para-seguranca-em-percursos-pedestres-ser/ Edited translation: 'Participants in the auditorium of the Cultural Center in Mação will discuss a plan that will be integrated by the Camping and...
  9. cassieryle

    Camino safety reports APP?

    Hello All, I remember hearing about a mobile app through which you can report incidences on the Camino. Not sure if it's a Camino thing or a Spain thing in general. Anyone that can point me in the right direction?
  10. Quadragesima

    Alert: Exhibitionist on the CP after Barcelos

    I had an unpleasant encounter yesterday morning while walking from Barcelos to Casa da Fernanda. It took place between Vila Boa and Lijó, at the place where the path goes toward the forest after crossing the railroad tracks. A man emerged from the forest and sat on the stone marker with the...
  11. Gwaihir

    LIVE from the Camino Snow. Primitivo Yay or Nay?

    Heya peregrino peeps. I've been live on the Camino for longer than four months and this is my first "live" post, derp. Anyway. We're here in Ribadeseya and snow is closing in on us. It's on the hilltops very close to the Camino, the Picos de Europa are completely snowed under (so pretty), and...
  12. grayland

    Sara talks about her assault on the Salvador

    Sara's latest video may be important to our members. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkWTKtiUr2peqLH4JnVUYZK1IV7ibm7Kf
  13. MaggieQYogini

    Any wild life safety concerns on the French Way??

    I plan to go on my 1st Camino (the French Way) in the last week of May to June of 2020. Watched many YouTube videos and reading the Forum. Being the journey treks through large areas of wilderness, are there any danger with wild life?
  14. D

    Wearable Warning Lights for Pilgrims/Walkers

    With the shorter days of Fall while walking Camino Ingles in late October, I wanted to make sure that Jill and I were as visible as we can be for motor vehicle and bicycle traffic. Aside from other wearables, I wanted a wearable warning light that was bright and had the capability to be set to...
  15. Tmct

    Is it safe for a woman walking alone?

    I am a 56 year old woman wondering if I am wise to walk the Camino alone, starting in St Jean Pied de Port and taking as much time as I like to walk and explore. Any advise from women that have done so would be appreciated. Thank you!
  16. LesBrass

    What3Words App for Safety

    My husband sent me this link and suggested I download the App What3Words. The developers have mapped 3 metre squares across the globe. Every square is identified by three random words. If you can send those words to any emergency service they will know where you are. Here’s the article ...
  17. JillGat

    Dealing with unwanted harassment

    I served in the US Peace Corps in a country where aggressive harassment of solo women was not just tolerated, but culturally celebrated in stories, jokes and song. If you reported it to the police, they were likely to come onto you, too. I developed my own way of responding to this behavior...
  18. S

    Warning to women: man following women

    Dear friends, A couple of women I have met on camino del Norte have been followed by the same man. He is Brazilian and has long hair in a pony tail, I think his name is Norbert. He has followed a few different women and waited for them if they have gone to the toilet or to eat. He has tried to...
  19. D

    Alert to Women Pilgrims about Capilla del Cantu - Asturias, just after Cantabria

    Dear Pilgrms, I have just returned from the Camino del Norte and enjoyed this route very much, hard though it is. I am writing today to alert other pilgrims about my experience at Capilla del Cantu just as one enters Asturias. A Google search brings up good pictures of this very little chapel...
  20. gmag

    The group of albergues thieves has been arrested by the Guardia Civil.

    It is great news! I summarize and translate: The group of hostel thieves has been arrested by the Guardia Civil. 108 criminal facts have been clarified. Five people have been arrested and another 7 have been charged. All domiciled in Bilbao. 66 mobile phones have been recovered. They acted in...