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safety & crime

  1. E

    Alert WARNING ⚠️ | Indecent exposure between Padron - Santiago

    20ish years old guy with glasses stopped next to me in Rua de Francos (Concello de Teo) while I was changing poncho/ jacket, pretended to talk on the phone waiting for someone and when I turned around he was jacking off. Started walking, turned around after few seconds (I was in shock) and...
  2. L

    Alert Solo Women Beware! Men threatening women just north of Albergaria-a-Velha in the woods (Parque do Monte da Nossa Sra do Socorro)

    I was walking on this part of the trail at around 8 am this morning. I noticed some strange materials along the path (some condoms, a pornographic picture, a pair of male underwear). The path is sometimes littered with this kind of stuff but today my gut instinct told me to get my knife out...
  3. Bradypus

    Two injured and disorientated pilgrims rescued by Guardia Civil near Pereje

    Several local news websites are reporting that two peregrinos - one French and one Korean - were assisted by Guardia Civil late last night after suffering injuries by falling and becoming trapped by raised river levels in the vicinity of Pereje, near Villafranca del Bierzo...
  4. F

    Camino del norte

    Hi, I am starting the Camino del Norte sola from Satander mid April. Do I need to book accommodation now or will a couple of days in advance be enough? Is it safe to do on my own? I am learning Spanish in preparation but will not be fluent. Thanks for help!
  5. T

    A flasher between Santiponce and Guillena

    A couple of day's ago, a female pilgrim mentioned that whilst she was walking the route from Santiponce to Guillena - along that large stretch of wilderness where there is a flood about half way - she noticed a white van parked up ahead with a guy peeing behind the white van. As she approached...
  6. S

    High Vis Vest?

    HI Just making final rucksack check and wonder if I should take high vis vest as I'll be walking until end of Oct and morning will be dark?
  7. F

    How do you carry the important stuff?

    Hiking the Camino in May. My fiance' and I were discussing is how do we carry things like, passport, cash, ID, cell phone, etc..? She thinks a fanny pack is the way to go. To me that sounds like one stop shopping for a thief. What do you do?
  8. J

    My phone was stolen from me in Fisterra by a man with a knife

    My phone was stolen by a man with a knife in an albergue in Fisterra, about 4 weeks ago, from my bed while I was sleeping. I saw the thread discussing it here that was subsequently closed. on advice of a friend back home I made a post on the Reddit subreddit for the Camino, as I did not know...
  9. Lwight

    Safety for pre-dawn starts on the Camino Frances

    Like others who have recently posted, I live/train in a very cool environment and am concerned about the shock of Trail temperatures. There has been much valuable info on how to minimize that shock, and I appreciate it. But I'm considering taking that advice a bit further, by starting each...
  10. P

    Theft overnight in an Albergue

    Cautionary note re robbery. I was in a sixteen bed dorm and all my money was stolen. My wallet had three hundred euros, one hundred Canadian dollars and fifty Australian dollars. My wallet was secure (I thought). I believe someone saw me transfer the wallet to my walking shorts. The shorts...
  11. 1

    Unattended Pack

    Hi all. Curious to know what others do with their packs when they arrive at the accommodation each night. Appears alit of places dont have a secure locker. Seeing as alot of posts warn not to leave your stuff unattended, wonderful what you do if you want to look around the town after checkin...
  12. Bradypus

    Peregrina rescued by bomberos near Roncesvalles

    A local news website is reporting the rescue of a German peregrina who took shelter overnight from heavy snow in a shepherd hut in the hills near Roncesvalles...
  13. sarahchicago

    New report of flasher on Portugues

    A post on the (edit) Portuguese Camino Facebook page and on the Camigas Facebook page mentions a recent encounter with a man wearing a mask who exposed his genitals to a female pilgrim somewhere on the Portugues. It must be before Corgo (because the poster mentions meeting another, second...
  14. Bradypus

    Thefts from pilgrims in albergues - Logrono and Estella

    Diario de Navarra is reporting the arrest of a man in Estella in connection with thefts from pilgrims in albergues in Logrono and Estella, as well as the theft of a handbag during mass in a church in Estella. The man had been walking the Camino and staying in albergues. On arrest he was also...
  15. joramos

    Stolen Backpack (Torres del Rio)

    Hello, I'm posting on my father's account to alert other Pilgrims to be watchful of their bags when being transported. This morning as we departed Torres del Rio (Albergue Hostal Rural Pata de Oca) we left my father and brother's backpacks in the designated area for pick up. Less than an hour...
  16. K

    Safety around Esposende

    Today I was walking along the seafront of Esposonde solo and an older man in a white van started driving slowly along the pavement next to me. When I noticed him he drove off and turned around and drove the opposite way slowly. He then turned round and followed again. When I noticed that time...
  17. H

    LIVE from the Camino STOLEN from Foncebadon cafe 10am Sunday Oct 2, 2022

    Sad the report that on my second day on the Camino someone stole my GORE-TEX jacket from a table just behind me. Fluorescent yellow cycling jacket marked GORE on the outside in small black letters. Black on the inside. It's ruined my day and is for my safety early in the morning. Reward for...
  18. A

    Alert Camino Coastal Litoral North from Esponse

    Hi all, I'm sad to be posting this but I felt sharing my experience would be a cautionary tale for those moving forward. I started my Camino four days ago and have fallen in love as many do, but had an unfortunate encounter with an attempted assault and/or robbery yesterday afternoon on the...
  19. rickyt

    Sleeping with valuables

    I have read various posts about carrying your valuables, such as money, passports, etc, while walking, showering, etc but what do people do while asleep? Do you continue to wear them? Are they safe in your pack overnight? Just trying to figure out the logistics of it all as it relates to...
  20. michal.don

    Where do you carry your valuables?

    Hi all, I'm wondering what system do you use to carry your valuables (passport, cash, credit cards etc)? Do you reccomend carrying them outside the backpack in some sort of a fanny pack? In your pocket, so they are on you at all times? I'm thinking about situations like going to the bathroom in...

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