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Where would I fly into with Roncesavalles as a start point?


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Flying for the first time to Europe so I'm very green! Would I fly into Pamlona then depart of course from Santiago? I'm of course looking for the most economical way to accomplish my mission. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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Hello Kate,
If you are flying from another continent - other than the UK - that would be plan A:
Fly to Pamplona, get a bus into the centre of town - departs every half hour from 6am to 11pm - costs €1 Or a taxi to Pamplona €3.15. This rate applies weekdays from 6:00 am to 11:00 pm

Week days, get the 18h00 bus to Roncesvalles. (Also 10am from 1 July to 31 August)
Saturday - 9h30 bus. No service on a Sunday. Costs € 3.91

A taxi from Pamplona airport to Roncesvalles cost us € 42 last year in August.

Walk to Santiago (phew! it sounds so easy!) and then fly out of Santiago.

The international flights land at Madrid and you change to a domestric flight to Pamplona - and the same on the way home. Pamplona is a tiny airport - looks more like a small railway station.

When are you planning on walking?


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I agree with Sil. My flight on Iberia (Washington D.C. >Madrid> Pamplona and return from Santiago>Madrid> Washington D.C.) was just a little bit higher than the D.C. to Madrid round trip. IT was less than any other airlines as well. It would depend on where you are flying from but that's what worked out best for me.


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If you are starting from the UK, then Iberia is your best bet for a flight to Pamplona (from Heathrow or Gatwick, and via Madrid or Barcelona). It is actually considerably cheaper right now to book a return flight from SdC on the same booking than it is to get a single to Pamplona. (£212 return vs £300+ single - varies with dates and time of flights) The downside is that the return journey takes a bit longer as you also have to change planes, but it is cheaper to buy a return from somewhere in Spain and throw away that portion if you want to return by different means.

I also booked a cheap-as-chips ryanair single from SDC to London for one week later as a safety net - for use if I am slower than I hoped to be.


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When I started at Roncevalles I flew to Bilbao from the UK and then took the bus to Pamplona + bus to Roncevalles. Very easy and cheap! Dont know if this is an option coming from the US but I thought I'd throw it in as a possible alternative...

Happy planning!

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Fiona, I am interested in your flights but don't clearly understand it. My planning involves the same flights and using, I get the following for Iberia flights:

Madrid to Pamplona, Aug 20, $123
SdC to Madrid, Sept 23, $193

I would appreciate any savings you can suggest.


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Hiya, I just tried out your dates on and the best price I could find was the same as the ones you quote. You may be able to get a better price on for the flight from SdC to Madrid, but they are not quoting prices after the end of the month at the moment.

The only thing I can suggest is that if you are flying the transatlantic segment on a OneWorld airline, the internal flights on Iberia, if booked as part of the same ticket might be without extra cost.

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