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Why biking


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i have to write a homework about el camino, about the reasons and the different ways of pilgrimage.
so I'd like to know why you decided to do the camino by bike. of course I'm also happy about everybody else who'd like to tell me something about his oder her personal reasons.

thank you


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Reason for doing the Camino by bike is because I love cycling and the available time only allows me to do a return trip by bike (walking the same stretch would take me at least 6 months). As with all my long distance trips I made so far I choose to start from home and return home using the same transportation: my trusty bike.


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Camino(s) past & future
SJPP to Santiago in 2007; le Puy - Cahors 2110; Cahors to Santiago, start May 8, 2013
Why biking the Camino

We are going to bike the Camino Frances, beginning at the end of March, starting at SJPP. We live in the state of Queretaro, Mexico, in a small community (Tequisquiapan) where many people bike to and from work.

On the Camino, the bikes will allow us to cover the distance is less time than walking as well as give us the opportunity to take side trips. Of course, flat tires can be a problem. Another problem can be the steep grades, either uphill or downhill. We have been training since Christmas on a variety of routes, surfaces, and distances.

Hope this helps for your report. Steve
so I'd like to know why you decided to do the camino by bike. of course I'm also happy about everybody else who'd like to tell me something about his oder her personal reasons
Time constraints. I've walked and cycled a number of pilgrimage routes but currently whatever we do has to be fitted into a 2 week time spell. In that time you can either walk a shorter section or cycle a longer section.

On a well traveled route like the Camino Frances there is a comradeship among walking pilgrims that the passing cyclist misses out on to some extent. On less popular routes like the Via de la Plata or Via Francigena there are fewer pilgrims so the journey is more solitary whichever way you do it.

There are some long routes like the Via Francigena or a home to home journey like Super7's that would take so long to walk that you would need to be retired or between jobs to get enough time to complete.

This year we will be walking a short but beautiful section of the Via Francigena through Switzerland and into Italy, last year we cycled an interesting but flat section through England and France. There does not seem to be much diference to what you experience and both journeys are at a slow enough pace that you really see the country you are passing through (as long as you are not a speed cyclist sticking to the main road with your head down).

Buen Camino
Biking - circular trip

Having walked part of the way in 2006 we are planning a 2007 biking trip. The 2006 hike was very hard, carrying approx 12kg for 30-35km a day was a killer, also because it was a very hot summer. I have great respect for those who hike all the way. We loved the place and we have decided to take 2.5 weeks early October and go for a circular trip, starting from SJPP to Santiago-Finisterre on the French way but then coming back via the coast i.e. La Coruna-Santander-Bilbao etc
Yet to decide whether to drive to SJPP (13 hours) or risk it by taking a plane- last time I flew they smashed by gears.
Would anyone know if there is actually a bike shop in SJPP?


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When I was in SJPP in 2004 I found a good bike shop next to the large supermarket (walking distance from the campingsite).


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I am cycling the Camino Frances (SJPP - Santiago) from 25th March to 15th April 2007.

I'll be on my trusty old mountain bike staying as much as I can on the pilgrim trail and not on the road. I'm particularly looking forward to cycling over the Pyrenees to Roncevalles - weather permitting.

I have fitted a bell and an old fashioned horn to warn walking pilgrims of my approach! I love walking and cycling and each has its pros and cons but cycling will allow me to travel the whole of the camino in the short amount of time that I have. I shall be camping as well as staying in refugeos, hostels and hotels.

One day, when I have more time I would like to walk The camino too.

Andrew, England.


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I'm packing my bike into a bike bag to travel from Stanstead - Biarritz - SJPP. If there's any damage to the bike en route then that bike shop in SJPP might be very useful.

Andrew, England.

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