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  1. Olivares

    Unknown pilgrims you walked with

    If there isn't, there should be! ;) A Lesson learned from the Camino- don't leave for later getting contact info because you never know how/when/where you will meet again! I still think fondly of so many wonderful pilgrims I met along the Way and failed to get their contact info. I still keep in...
  2. Olivares

    Lost.... On the way from Estella to Los Arcos, lost my way. Climbed a mountain and found this. Anyone ever been here?

    WOW! Lost with a broken wrist! "Crawling up the mountain"! So, so sorry! Honestly sounds awful and perhaps nowhere near the "romantic" notion that images of getting lost on the Camino may conjure for many. I am certainly glad you found your way to safety and may even have a nice picture...
  3. Olivares

    Comment by 'Olivares' in media 'Until we meet again'

    Those species of grapes were brought to that region by French pilgrims. Great picture. I regretted not taking more picture of my Camino friends.
  4. Olivares

    Article in El Pais about the popularity of the Frances

    When I did my first Camino (Leon-Santiago) in 1997 it really was "Tierra de Nadie"-- no one's land. The only book I could find with some notion of the Camino was a Harvard's guide on Spain published by a students' association. It had about 3 pages with descriptions. The article has a sense of...
  5. Olivares

    Burgos - Leon

    I found the people along the Meseta were the most kind, generous, friendly, and the most genuinely protective of the Camino and the Pilgrims. Having walked the Meseta twice there is no way I would skip it. Seriously.
  6. Olivares

    Most helpful advice before and during Camino

    To NOT let a minor discomfort develop further. Take care of minor frictions and such IMMEDIATELY. STRETCH before and after walking. It ELIMINATED plantar fascitis for me. Best advice ever. READ about the route the night before. I witnessed so many pilgrims going by remarkable architecture...
  7. Olivares

    Most helpful advice before and during Camino

    The best advice I received was how to take care of my feet-- the ritual I did every morning save my Caminos. Not to compete with anybody...it was my Camino. To NOT judge nobody's Camino-- whatever anybody carried or not carried, where they stayed or not stayed, talk or not talked, bus ahead...
  8. Olivares

    Via de la plata walking alone? Is it safe?

    Early to Mid-March would be at least 3 weeks before Holy Week which is a very busy week in Spain, most specially in Andalucía. I'd been in the region in late March and it is very comfortable. I have work limitations to a couple of weeks in April. It is either start VdLP or Camino de Madrid.
  9. Olivares

    Via de la plata walking alone? Is it safe?

    C clearly-- WHEN in the Spring are you going? I would love to walk the VdLP route and a bit afraid to commit as a SOLO walker; would love company at a minimum at the take off in Seville. In all honesty, I would love to at least start with somebody. My last Camino was the Frances in July 2014...
  10. Olivares

    Planning my next Camino and doubting about sleeping in albergues

    The last thing I would do is to tell you HOW you should walk YOUR Camino. There is no such thing as "not done" when it comes to walking YOUR Camino. While many pilgrims use albergues a lot of pilgrims also use the smaller inns, hostels, and hotels along the Camino. It is not a coincidence...
  11. Olivares

    Comment by 'Olivares' in media 'Burgete - the Sorginaritzaga Forest "Oakwood of Witches" where covens in the XVI century were held. 9 local people suffered at the stake.'

    I crossed this forest with no knowledge until I got to the other side and read the plaque. I recalled thinking as I walked through it that it was the perfect setting for a mistery movie; kind of dark, lush, and very quiet. The people burned at the stake at this forest were mostly women who would...
  12. Olivares

    What does *ALSA Bus Guaranteed mean?

    Check the stats on your flight--- if the flight is rarely delayed, buy the ticket. I opted twice to NOT buy a bus ticket because my flight was transatlantic and when I got to the kiosks the time/route was sold out. I still got to Pamplona that day because you WILL have plenty options either...
  13. Olivares

    What does *ALSA Bus Guaranteed mean?

    Per previous comments, ALSA Buses provide some services that many other bus companies in Spain don't-- this ranges from bathrooms, wide seat, seat belts, turntables, soda service, seat with charger, Wi-Fi, a movie, etc... This may mean little to you but if the ride is longer than 3 hours, that...
  14. Olivares

    Can anyone vouch for the credibility of express bouricot?

    ABSOLUTELY. I dealt with Caroline who was a complete professional, on time and very knowledgeable of pilgrim's needs and services. I took a ride with them for 9 Euros (van was full; brought the price down) from the Pamplona Bus Station to SJPDP. This was back in 2011 and I believe that since...
  15. Olivares

    From Pamplona to...

    Your best bet is to take the Renfe Train at 1pm for about $30 (no changes). This Line will take you to Ponferrada in about 5 hours. That said, is there a chance you can come back to Spain and continue your Camino? The route after Pamplona is breathtaking.
  16. Olivares

    Comment by 'Olivares' in media 'The Descend to Acebo'

    I agree-- this is the part of the Camino where ankle-height boots are a blessing from heaven. I saw people on hiking sandals on that stretch that had to go really, really careful because even if stepping right, the stones and incline were very tricky to maneuver without exerting higher stress...
  17. Olivares

    Parrochial Albergues - will they accept transported bags?

    Yes, many albergues accept the bag, but will not assign a bed place until the Pilgrim gets there. In addition, there are drop-off points in almost every village and town, from where you can just pick-it up and head out to the albergue of choice. It is a popular choice to use a transport the...
  18. Olivares

    My First Camino....

    I bought a wooden stick 5 minutes before getting on the Camino at SJPDP. There is a pilgrim's store across the office of the Pilgrim that has many types. I paid 5 Euro and was probably the best 5 Euros I have ever spent, specially the last 5 Kms walk into Zubiri. I did get attached to it. To...
  19. Olivares

    Comment by 'Olivares' in media 'Alcuéscar'

    The graffiti on the wall cracks me up-- " The Town of the Dumbasses. They are all dumbasses"...and then the yellow arrow pointing. Just cracks me up (there is some reference to smoking weed as well....). Cosas Veredes. :)
  20. Olivares

    Comment by 'Olivares' in media 'At the end of the day...'

    I loved La Cabana!! Definitely worth the extra (versus albergue fee) to stay there-- their rooms were so lovely. The staff though, a bit surly....

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