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  1. JustJack

    Family Guy, or not

    One aspect of the camino that I found interesting during the 3 years I spent planning and researching, was this notion of "camino families". The idea seemed nice, and also seemed to be quite important to many pilgrims. But I did worry a little bit leading up to my departure. Will I meet others...
  2. J

    Finding this a bit lonely

    I was told by friends who’d done the (French) Camino that there are plenty of pilgrims on the way and it’s easy to hook up with others. Not my experience on the Portuguese! My first couple of days I walked with some wonderful people and had such interesting conversations, but this has largely...
  3. Vetzrah

    Social anxiety

    Hello, I have a question about forming relationships/being more comfortable. I knew that I had moderate social anxiety when I flew to Europe but I assumed I would be fine, and for the most part I have been. However, when it has come to making friends or staying in hostels with people you meet...
  4. sun is shining

    Old ways and new partners - introducing your partner to pilgrimage

    Dear all, I’ve first signed up for this forum a decade ago, shortly before walking the CF. Since then, I have only had one opportunity to come back to Spain - walking the VdlP just before Covid. Now it looks like I’ll be leaving Europe again for the foreseeable future, but before I would like...
  5. peregrina2000

    C clearly, Juanma, and Peregrina2000 do lunch in Burgos.

    @C clearly and I finished the Lana in Burgos on Saturday. On Sunday, @Juanma drove down to meet us at Los Trillos for lunch. It’s a bit out of the center but since we were going to visit the Monasterio de las Huelgas first, it was only about a15 minute walk. For those of you who are meat...
  6. estorildon

    Doug and Don do lunch in Estoril

    Two venerate, veteran pilgrims catch up for lunch in Estoril today. We both have been walking since 2010 and will continue to do so in some way shape or form, as well as offering advice on the Forum.
  7. JLO2004

    Looking for Joe from UK.

    Hi! We lost a dear friend we met along the way named Joe, he got ahead of us, as I am a pretty slow walker, and we never caught up with him. We looked in Santiago for 2 days but never came across him. We feel like we didn't get closure in saying goodbye. Hopefully you read this Joe, We loved...
  8. peregrina2000

    Forum meet-up in Burgos? Saturday, June 10, 2023 (tomorrow!)

    @C clearly and I will be walking into Burgos tomorrow, finishing the Lana (me) and the Requena (her). We will be at the Pilgrim statue in front of the cathedral at 7:30 PM. Hope to see a few forum members.
  9. Derekbarff

    Camino Compostela Certificate

    Hi, I am currently in Carrion de los condes nursing a shin splints injury. I am resting up for 4 days before I hopefully continue. Due to this I have had to reschedule and not stop at 2 locations. Would I still qualify for the Compostela Certificate in Santiago. Thanks
  10. J

    Help - Going with companion, but want to be alone

    I need advice and please be gentle. I have been planning to do the Camino for 3 years but COVID delayed it. This year I met someone and he wanted to do it too, but things have not been great at all. I leave tomorrow and I am dreading him going. We are on the same flight. He is 20 years older...
  11. J

    Making friends on the camino

    Hello, So I will be starting in SJPDP on May 22. I am 20 years old and got the feeling that most pilgrims will be older than I am. I would love to learn from the experiences in the world and bond with them. However, I am afraid they will prefer to be with other old people. Have you experienced...
  12. Kcorbharas

    All the single ladies, all the single ladies

    Hello all! I am a 28 yo American female planning to walk the Camino Frances SOLO in September. I’ll be staying in communal dorms the entire time. I am walking alone, bc I don’t know anyone interested in joining me, but I really want to make friends on this trip. I am curious to know about...
  13. MJkim

    Looking for the pilgrims who walked camino frances in July, 2022.

    Hi, this is MJ Kim from South Korea. I am looking for my dear camino friends from Victoria, Canada. We walked camino in July, 2022. There is no way to contact them because I accidentally removed chat room without saving their email address. They are Richard and Darleen from Canada. They are...
  14. CathyP

    Do You Know This Person?

    My husband and I bicycled the Camino Portuguese this Fall, in September/October from Lisbon to Santiago, our first Camino. (It was incredible!) We met a delightful woman from Utrecht, The Netherlands along the way. Since we were bicycling, we did not often see walkers we met once we were...
  15. K

    reconnecting with Bilou

    Hello! I walked the Camino Frances in June 2022 from StJPdP to Santiago. Somewhere in the second half of Castilla y Leon and through into Galicia (before Sarria but after the Iron Cross) I met a German woman named Bilou who had stepped out of her front door in Germany and was walking to Santiago...
  16. C

    I am "gifting" the Camino for Christmas. Need advice!

    Okay, buckle up, friends! This will take some explaining. For secret Santa this year, I am getting a gift for my soon-to-be Father in Law. I'm still new to the family and learning what everyone likes. What I do know: he loves his Catholic faith, he loves his family, and he has expressed...
  17. K

    Walking with a friend

    Can you please elaborate on this? What didn't work for you two? Did you gradually realize there were problems? When you say "we walked separately" do you mean just for the day but you saw each other each evening or you did the rest of the Camino on your own? (this could probably be it's own...
  18. C

    Walking with a family.

    Hi All, I’m Catherine from Australia, We have walked the camino Frances twice as a family of six. The first time the youngest was 7and the eldest child 15. Then again five years later. Our plan is for a family camino every five years, or how it fits in around people. I may have some advice...
  19. estorildon

    Lisbon Meet Up

    We had a small gathering of pilgrims in Lisbon on 10 November
  20. peregrina2000

    Forum meet-up in Lisboa on Thursday

    We so far have 7 confirmed — jungleboy and Wendy, my hubby and I, Biarritzdon, and jose Luis and Natercia from Via Lusitsna. Hoping amsimoes can make it too. Anyone in Lisbon on Thursday is welcome. We’re gathering at 6 pm for drinks and/or dinner. In the Chiado at Wine Not...

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