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  1. LisaWalker

    Reluctant partner

    I presume plenty of people have this situation. I have walked the Camino before in 2015, I walked the Camino Frances. Since then I’ve done lots of hiking trips with my husband. I thought I was done with the Camino. Now I really want to go again. I got Covid recently and it’s all I thought...
  2. M

    Planning a family camino in summer 23

    Hello, I have been reading this wonderful forum for weeks and many of my questions have been answered, but I have a few that I am hoping you can help me with. Who we are: We are an American family of 4, with kids (girls) ages 9 and 16 (at time of Camino). Kids and us are very active, hike...
  3. vwzoo

    For introvert crowd-averse pilgrims

    I walked the Camino in Sept 2018. I thought I would post my thoughts to encourage other potential pilgrim's that struggle with crowded situations. I was led, driven, to walk the Camino after initially being introduced by the movie The Way, but Paulo Coehlo's book The Pilgrimage, and Shirley...
  4. everyday.journeys

    Taking our kids on Camino Frances....

    Taking our kids on the Camino Frances.... We all have our own reasons for walking the Camino, ours is one of a bucket list checklist that following a cancer diagnosis last year made us bring it forward. We were going to wait for the kids to have all grown up, but life is short and this is...
  5. M

    All-ages walk

    I walked the Camino last September with my granddaughter, 22. I was 79. We had wonderful meetings and exchanges with peregrinos of all ages for 500 miles. I will be walking again this coming September, but she won't. I'll be alone or with a friend in his 70s. I'm looking for suggestions, since I...
  6. P

    Telling Family about plans to walk

    Hello 👋 New to joining the forum, but I've spent a long time reading through so many threads. My question(s) are likely to be a little long winded so I apologise in advance. I've had an almighty call to walk the camino - something that I can't quite explain. I think it is linked to something...
  7. MaggieQYogini

    Walking Camino Frances as a couple

    I’ve been training and planning for my first Camino since 2019. Finally, it’s so close, only 70 days away. My partner just asked if he could join me. Lots happening in our lives……could you please share your highlights and challenges walking the Camino Frances as a couple??? I know it’s so close...
  8. M

    Walking partner

    Hello everyone, Planning for my first Camino from May to July. I will be arriving from Canada to Nantes and then will take the train /plane to Bayonne. (Not sure which one is better at this point). I am planning on going from Saint-Jean Pied de Port to Santiago, I am giving myself between 5- 6...
  9. MickMac

    Camino Regrets I have a few then again .

    I have walked Camino Frances 6 times. I have many Regrets in life, as have we all, one of my biggest Regrets is the ending of my caminos my lack of empathy with comrades and friends I met along the way. I have a bad personality trait I do not like goodbyes, which seems to others as ignorance...
  10. V

    Anything wrong with wanting to walk alone?

    I'm planning on doing the Frances in May-June and have told numerous people of my plans. I've had several people offer to go with me. Some find it odd that I would go by myself. However, I want to walk at my own pace, stop when I want to stop, stay where I want to stay. Am I being selfish...
  11. F

    Joining a group

    Hi, I am keenly interested to see how i can join a group, or if there are recommended tour operators / groups. Likely doing it from Sarria, for the 7-8 day trek, around mid - April I hike, but havent done much solo so i dont feel ready to tackle this on my own yet, but still keen to do it...
  12. JustJack

    Camino “families” - how cliquey or impenetrable are they mid-way through a Camino?

    Apologies for the awkwardly-worded title. I’m not sure how best to articulate my question. I was watching a recently uploaded YouTube video series by a guy walking solo along the Camino Francis. He was about two weeks into the walk, and was sharing with the viewers some of the experiences he had...
  13. A

    Connecting with other peregrinos

    Hello! I am doing the Porto to Santiago route mostly along the coast in May 2022. What is the best way to connect with others who will be there at the same time but not in the same group? Young adult looking for fellow travelers to have some companionship for part of the journey. :)
  14. F

    I Need a Hiking Buddy

    Good afternoon from Florida, pilgrims, I am looking for a buddy with whom to hike some or all of the Camino Francés. I have been planning my pilgrimage for over four months and now the trip is in jeopardy. My boss at work will not let me leave unless I have a buddy on the Camino. I plan to...
  15. Peregrinopaul

    Fleeting encounters

    I know that it is common for pilgrims to form long-standing friendships with people they meet on the camino. As a few people have remarked, it is very different for a bicigrino. You chat with a fellow pilgrim at a bar or cafe, then you’re gone. Occasionally it is different. in 2018, I was...
  16. stevelm1

    What I Learned from Walking Alone

    While out walking in my neighborhood the other day, I thought about the question: “What did you bring home from the Camino?” On that day I answered the question this way: I am much more comfortable being alone now. I walked the Camino Frances alone in Sep/Oct of 2015. My wife had no interest...
  17. Liam55

    Camino Friends

    Hi Ladies and Gentlemen, Just a query that floating in my head!! Am due to start in St Jean 5th September. How difficult is it to part from new friends that one might have walked and shared with for days if not weeks? Maybe not difficult but it seems to me that I might find it difficult; maybe...
  18. LineDenmark

    Do you have tips for meeting people on the Camino?

    While waiting for the world to reopen I am planning my next Camino experience, probably like most of you. I did some of the Camino Frances in 2019. It was a life changing experience for me and I'm proud that I did it alone. I met and talked to many people on the way, but mostly I walked alone...
  19. Robo

    To what extent did 'others' influence your Walking Distance and Stops? (Not a Poll)

    This really would make an interesting Poll I think, but I'll resist :cool: For many of us, a Camino is best undertaken as a Solitary journey. At least at the start. And if we meet 'kindred spirits' along the way that may change for a period.......or the rest of the Camino. Yet others, like...
  20. diegoromerosm

    Maybe you can start solo but you will never walk alone

    I'm alway starting the Camino alone just to enjoy that little freedom but... there are so many interesting people out there. I'm very grateful for all these people (my new brother and sisters) that The Camino has put in my life. Buen Camino!
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