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  1. hieudovan

    Walking the camino with a walker?

    My wife has a back problem. She can walk/work around the house and garden without a walker. However, for "longer" distances (1 km and over), she uses a wheeled walker. My wife would like to walk the camino with me, maybe some short distance. We are looking into a walker that can be converted...
  2. heavenlyflower60

    Difficulty walking uphill -Sarria to Santiago ?

    I am looking for information on just how steep or difficult the climbs are along the way between Sarria through to Santiago. I have leg problems and have to stop to rest my leg often even when walking on flat terrain but am determined to walk the Camino at my own pace. Climbing uphill is much...
  3. W

    Completing the Camino in a wheelchair

    Hi everyone, I am a wheelchair user and want to do the camino - Any advice? would it be possible? I can walk some distance, but could need to use the chair at times. Welshchief
  4. B

    Camino 2013

    Hello All, Any advice you can give is sincerely appreciated. Started planning a Camino from Porto to Santiago in the spring of 2013. We will be brinning wounded warrior vets with us. Some will be on prosthetics and possibly one in a wheel chair. How difficult will it be for us to push a wheel...
  5. S

    Doing the camino by wheelchair

    Hi all, I've been studying the route (looking at videos, etc.), trying to decided what sections I would have to avoid by wheelchair. My mom will be in the wheelchair with me pushing her. We plan to get on the camino at Astorga (250 km to Santiago). I'm hoping to do the trip in 14 days...
  6. P

    travelling the camino by wheelchair

    Hi.. I was wondering if anyone has or knows of anyone who has done the camino Francé from St Jean Pied de Port or Roncesvalles to Santiago in a wheelchair?.. or if there is a route available for disabled people to travel it? ...If there is not one then I would be interested to hear from people...
  7. O

    les autres - camino 4 disabled info wanted please

    Hi, firstly I would like to say that I love the French for 'disabled', being 'les autres', 'the others'. It sounds exclusive but with a little imagination it is actually inclusive..." we are all others, but some are more others than others". I am a left leg above-knee amputee who is determined...

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