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  1. pilgrimglenn7

    Handicap Distance

    Hey All I just read on about folks who are disabled can receive a certificate but it doesnt say how far they need to walk or ride? does anyone know thanks
  2. A

    Help & ideas needed for disabled person

    Dear everybody, Since a while I have the strong will, and urge, for doing the Camino Frances ..... it feels like a 'call' .... but ... I'm looking for some alternative ways to make it possible. Some history first : february 2014 I got a TIA ( transient ischemic attack = heart rhythm...
  3. Bisnick

    Rucksac cover with hard of hearing sign.

    Has anyone come across a cover for ruck sacs with a hard of hearing sign? On my two Caminos I have had a few very close calls with cyclists riding up behind very fast and nearly hitting me. On every occasion I not heard them approaching. The worst was on a slight downhill section of a smooth...
  4. paleoirish

    Which Camino route best suits dysfunctional knees?

    I joined the forum back in 2016 and have enjoyed reading and learning from everyone's experiences. After lots of loosely planned and abandoned Camino plans I've finally organised the time slot to walk some of the Camino de Santiago, beginning mid April 2019. I'm going solo as trying to go with...
  5. Hound-of-Ulster

    Hiking Trailer, advice

    Buen Camino all, My wife and I walk the Frances route last year, there were parts we missed out due to injuries, time contrainsts etc, we completed about 300 miles and made it to Santiago.... But We want to go back and walk again sometime in the future doing the bits we missed out on, in...
  6. Iriebabel

    Heal Spurs and Micro Tears and more Oh my !

    Well fellow pilgrims As some of you know shortly after returning home from my first camino in April/May I arrived home and quickly came down with a horrible bout of the flu 🤒 😷 . I unfortunately lost my voice for six months... hmm that’s a long story but suffice it to say I had some long...
  7. Iriebabel

    Xtra Xtra: Cyborg turtle takes on the Del Norte April 2019

    Happy Sunday everyone. Finally made a decision to tackle Camino Del Norte in April next year. Any help will be most appreciated considering my knee issues. If you have read my camino summary you know the challenges I faced...
  8. Kevin Considine

    The One Armed Man From Poland-Inspirational People on The Camino. Tipperary to Santiago

    The One Armed Man from Poland-Inspirational People on The Camino. TIPPERARY TO SANTIAGO DAY 91: Walking out of Castojeriz a few days back I met a young couple from Poland and the guy, Gregory, happened to be following my blog. We had a nice chat and I continued on. The following day I passed...
  9. D

    Trailer for walking/hiking? anyone used one??

    Hiking/walking trailer. Anyone used one before? Comments??? Take a look: 1:23The 8 Benefits of Using a Hiking Trailer | Radical Design
  10. MichaelC

    Escargoline - donkeys for the mobility impaired

    I wanted to respond to the person who asked about doing the Camino in a wheelchair a couple days ago, but it took me awhile to find this information & now I can't find his post. There is a French organization that has trained three donkeys to pull chariots (escargoline) along the Camino. It...
  11. A

    Sarria to Santiago with handicap toddler

    Help! I need suggestions. I have a friend that is planning to walk from Sarria to Santiago with a handicapped toddler using a stroller. Is this something that can be done? I have never walked this route and she feels it will be possible. Should she chose a different route? Is a stroller going to...
  12. Phoenix

    People w/ Parkinson's on the CF

    I'm thinking about possibly leading a group of people with Parkinson's disease (including spouse/sig other/caregiver if they want) to walk the last 11 stages (11-12 days, 257.4 km or 160 miles) of the CF from Astorga to Santiago de Compostela in September 2019. By that time, I will be a 3x...
  13. Aina Boss Budde

    Wanting to do some of the Camino in an electric wheelchair

    Hi all. My name is Aina and I am from Denmark. My friend is doing the Camino in march/april 2018 and has asked if I want to join the last part of it. And I would LOVE to do it!! I use an electric wheelchair and unfortunately I can't switch to a manual due to me using a ventilator/respirator and...
  14. G

    How much stair climbing in last 100 km?

    As a follow-up to my previous post about navigating the Camino with walking difficulties, I wanted to check with folks who've walked the last 100 km from Sarria to Santiago. Based on previous responses, I would make arrangements in advance with private accommodations and use taxis to get to/from...
  15. G

    Curious about achievability of Camino at 50, slow walker

    Hello, I've been contemplating a short (100km) camino for a little while, and I've read some forum posts, watched videos, and read some guide books. I've been thinking that I probably won't be able to pull it off at my age -- 50 -- but I've been amazed at the number of folks that are decades...
  16. Wayne of LaVerne

    Meeting Justin & Patrick, "I'll Push You" this morning

    I rode the Camino in May, solo, Napolean route. While being physically destroyed on day 1, I would fall back on a video I watched, "I'll Push You", a Calvin College lecture. Today at 6AM, by chance, I met them. We were on the same flight from Boise to LAX. Their premier showing, a Fandango...
  17. Rob Sleurs

    Virtual camino

    hello, I m a belgian man , 44 ages old. I like meditation like zen and mindfulness. I like reading spiritual books, gospels of the evening prayer. I like walking and yoga. I ve one big issue that is i m not healthy i 've a double handicap, dissability. I like flightsimulator so i got the idea to...
  18. N

    Handcycling the Camino

    Hello All, I am going to be doing my first Camino in the summer of 2018 and I am looking at the best route to plan. Here is the thing, I am a wheelchair user and I plan on doing the Camino in a handcycle. Has anybody ever done it before? what route is ideal? I am thinking the Camino Frances...
  19. B

    Options? RA is back

    My rheumatoid arthritis has come back - probably from practice walks carrying backpack. Now I have pain and stiffness in most of my joints, my wrists and feet and hips being the worst. To heal I need to really take care of my body and reduce stress. I do still need to move. Before cancelling...
  20. Stivandrer

    Wheelchair Camino

    Saw this all-terrain wheelchair from Aus, As more paraplegics get the opportunity to do Camino stretches, this might be a good idea for the helpers/sherpas that have to do the manual toil of the journey...

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