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  1. B

    Options? RA is back

    My rheumatoid arthritis has come back - probably from practice walks carrying backpack. Now I have pain and stiffness in most of my joints, my wrists and feet and hips being the worst. To heal I need to really take care of my body and reduce stress. I do still need to move. Before cancelling...
  2. Stivandrer

    Wheelchair Camino

    Saw this all-terrain wheelchair from Aus, As more paraplegics get the opportunity to do Camino stretches, this might be a good idea for the helpers/sherpas that have to do the manual toil of the journey...
  3. copado

    Good,Professional walking poles.

    Hi. I have an inflammatory arthritic condition (psoriatic) that has also affected my ankle joints. Apart from the pain there I have little foot power when walking and my foot is not flat. Even hitting a rock and having to twist my foot is painful,and it can be hard to push away from. So I am...
  4. Tingeling

    Blind friend - suitable short distance near Lisbon?

    I would like to inspire my dear friend who is blind to walk a short part of the Camino portugues with me in october 2017. I have walked the camino frances in March 2017 and he really wanted to do something similar one day, but thought it was impossible. I think he will enjoy it more than he can...
  5. CalSue

    Special moments on the Camino

    My daughter and I returned from walking the beginning of the Camino Frances from St-Jean-Pied-de-Port a short time ago, and I am still gathering my thoughts about the experience. As some of you know, I have a progressive neurodegenerative disease that limits me, but we still managed to average...
  6. CalSue

    Seeking advice on walking the camino with neurodegenerative disease

    Hello, and thank you for letting me join this group. I am 63 and have a rare progressive neurodegenerative disease called Multiple System Atrophy that causes various symptoms involving the autonomic nervous system (blood pressure, heart rate, breathing, digestion, temperature control, etc.) and...
  7. Romika

    Info about level of dificulty

    Hi there, after having walked the Portuguese in may, my brother wants to have the Camino experience. But there is a big but. He is disabled and can walk short distances. We are thinking 10 km max a day of which he will probably spend half of this in his wheelchair, pushed by me. I would like to...
  8. M

    A chronic condition and an indelicate question

    Because of colorectal cancer surgery six years ago, this 74-year-old retiree will be starting my CF journey from SJPdP in September with a permanent sigmoid colostomy. I've come to terms with the extra space and weight requirements that my ostomy equipment will require over the course of six...
  9. C

    Hazard Steep inclines / declines..... Advice

    Hello all!!!! I start my first solo Camino Frances journey on the 24the May. After reading many posts and looking at maps in one of the guidebooks, I've noticed and realised there is quite a few very steep sections, I'm kind of okay walking up steep inclines as long as i get my footing, but I...
  10. Ian41

    I have a problem

    I am planning to leave St Jean on 28th April. I made my first post here on Nov 8th last year announcing that I was flying into Paris on 26th April and arriving in St Jean on 27th April. At that stage I was fully fit for a 74 year old. Since Christmas I have been having knee problems with my...
  11. M

    Wheelchair rental for last 100km Sarria-Santiago

    Hello all. Where can one rent a wheelchair to use in the last 100km of the Camino Frances? There is someone in our traveling party who will need a wheelchair. Her husband prefers not to bring one from the U.S. so he is looking for wheelchair hire shops. We are doing the last 100km in October...
  12. B

    Wife can not walk the WAY, what are the options?

    my wife had a accident several years ago and walks with a knee brace and cane in the house. we use a electric scooter when out and about. if she tries to walk any distance, she suffers from screaming painful leg cramps. the scooter can not be used in rain or mud. I can not push her in a wheel...
  13. S

    Family of 4 with a son in a wheelchair wish to walk Sarria to Santiago

    My daughter has wanted to walk the Camino since our family watched The Way. We would like to become pilgrims on the Sarria to Santiago portion of the Camino Frances and earn our Compostela. We are beginning to plan our trip for June 2017 following her high school graduation. Our son, who...
  14. Wheelchairpilgrim

    I dream about my wheelchair camino but need some answers

    Hi Everyone, Let me first introduce myself. I am a female wheelchair pilgrim from the Netherlands, but at this moment I do only short (one day) pilgrimage walks. I dream about doing the camino and hope that one day that dream will come truth. I can roll in my sport wheelchair (with special...
  15. diggs

    Service Dog

    All, I have a legitimate service dog who travels with me. Anyone know about the implications of taking a dog on this route?
  16. Kanga

    The joy of sharing the last 100 km

    I have read posts on this forum critical of pilgrims who "only" walk from Sarria, or suggesting that the Camino Frances was spoilt for them by the huge increase in numbers after Sarria, or that people who use assistance to make a Camino are somehow not true pilgrims. This group brought...
  17. D

    Help finding a tricycle for disabled pilgrim in Porto

    Greetings, We are trying to find tricycle for a disabled pilgrim in Porto. The trip will start in late September 2015. We are grateful for any suggestions. What would be the safest route? Any recommended reading? Thank you, Anita
  18. M


    How could our family do the Caino if our daughter uses a wheel chair? I a, sure this is a silly qiestion but I really want to do it but cannotleavemy chld home... Any advice? Thank you
  19. Offaly Rover

    Sarria to Santiago by Wheelchair

    Hello... forming a group (10 booked so far with a max of 25). Have been asked by an older couple if it's possible by wheelchair. They were enquiring re Gradients/obstacles. He can walk a limited amount, using the chair to stand, when in the chair he can certainly assist with his arms the...
  20. D

    Wheel chair pilgrim completes the Camino Frances

    Very impressive!