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  1. Jaime Carrollo

    Classical Guitar in Carrion

    I am headed towards Carrión de los Condes where there are a lot of good classical guitarists performing at various churches at this time of year. Check it out at Ermita de La Piedad near the Santa Clara monastery
  2. M


    Hello Everyone! We begin our journey mid June, we plan to walk the Frances to Logranos, then switch to the Primitivo starting in Oviedo. I have an obsession with choirs, I just adore them. I have been reading about the choir in Lugo, and have it marked down as a must attend (we are planning...
  3. Mananath

    Path of Miracles

    Hi- this afternoon I was wandering the streets of Christchurch NZ and came across a poster advertising the performance of "A Path of Miracles, Joby Talbot's stunning choral depiction of the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage." Unfortunately I won't be in town when it happens so I will miss it but am...
  4. BiggBlue

    What is Your Marching Music

    When I am walking my preference is to walk alone, and then later in the day listen to an audiobook, if there is a long slightly featureless path. However often as I come to the end of a long day or when I am feeling tired I have a few go-to, what I refer to as marching songs. Usually, they...
  5. HoosierOldLady

    Live folk music by locals?

    I am wondering if anyone has any tips for finding out about small gatherings of local folks playing live (folk, traditional) music in towns along the Frances/San Salvador/Primitivo that I might tap into. I am NOT a musician, but I will be missing my circle of friends who play roots/old...
  6. MickMac

    Now on, at this moment: Brilliant programme of Galician/Irish/Scots music

    Tg4 Irish TV station has a brilliant programme from San Tiago de Compestela on at moment Galicia music joined with Irish / Scots music.
  7. vwzoo

    Camino playlist post

    I thought it would be fun to read other responses to this because I love listening to music and learning of new music. I will start this and hopefully get some great replies and new music to listen to. I didn't listen to music all the time but I did listen a lot and I absolutely started my...
  8. S

    Jordi Savall Concert - Eglesia de San Miguel Estella 7 September 2022

    The 53rd Semana de Musica Antigua de Estella returns this year after a forced two-year break because of the pandemic It runs from the 3- 10 September with a wonderful programme of concerts by noted musicians and singers in various historic buildings in this beautiful town. As some forum members...
  9. Billy Buell

    Poetry along the way

    While walking solo I often find myself voicing out a few lines of poetry or lyrics from a song. Examples may be "My heart leaps up when I behold a rainbow in the sky" or "I wander lonely as a cloud....", "Black bird singing in the dark of night" and many others. I also recite verses from...
  10. L


    Camino de Santiago. 30.6.2022 They say the Camino is yours To be done your way There's no 'one size fits all' No one to dictate.. They say it's an experience A walk that's only your own And whether you're solo Or one in a group You're actually alone.. You have your reasons...
  11. peterhore

    Poetry about the Camino

    Some pilgrims sing, but I like to recite verse in my head as I walk, and there's one poem by Christina Rossetti (1830-94) which seems written for the Camino, though it is allegorical and I don't think she ever trod the way. Nevertheless "Uphill" is very appropriate for those of us who are...
  12. G

    Good Friday Music For Peregrinos – Spanish Music Selection No 19

    Good Friday. This day with its peaceful, somber, mystical air. An unbeliever has just realised that for him, this day has so far had an overlay of quiet, deep solitude. Due I guess to many years of immersion in a Western Judaeo/Christian tradition. This has been a gentle surprise. Upon...
  13. JustJack

    Curious about the bagpiper in Santiago

    In countless videos about the arrival in Santiago we see the bagpiper playing near the entrance to the cathedral square. Just wondering if these pipers are essentially random buskers, or is this an official job that a piper has? I'm assuming they have their pipes case open for donations. Are...
  14. S

    Music from The Way

    Found the soundtrack. Probably posted many times already nice to have in the background.
  15. Aloha From Kauai

    Recommendations for flamenco and other music...

    1. I need help from a Spanish citizen or someone who visits/travels often. Somewhere along my Camino Frances way, or in Barcelona or Bilbao before I start, to know where to go to enjoy the best possible Spanish guitar or Flamenco. I would be most grateful for recommendations that avoid...
  16. jsalt

    Blues (Music) On The Camino

    Does anyone know of, or can recommend, any blues bars/clubs on any of the camino routes? I have come across a few, by chance, but I don’t always remember exactly where. There was one in Astorga. I arrived in town about 6pm, looked for somewhere to get a glass of something and a tapa, and...
  17. F

    Remember them

    As another year draws to a close,I think of those pilgrims we have lost this year,and again offer these lines of remembrance I say each year end.This year they have a greater personal significance but we all walk the same road. There is a secret staircase Away above the clouds That last day of...
  18. JillGat

    Ukulele training

    I am starting La Plata from Merida toward the end of March 2022. Yes, I'm doing some long walks in preparation. But I'm also practicing my ukulele, which I plan to bring along. Can't wait!
  19. zenofmatthew

    Nothing went right

    Nothing went right, nothing went wrong. I overpacked, and didn't pack enough. I packed shoes and did it in my sandals. I dreamt of seeing many things and didn't. I saw other things I didn't dream of. Things were busy, but wide open also. Made some friends, made some other friendships...
  20. alansykes

    Up hill

    Struggling slightly with the 880m of accumulated ascent between Tarazona and Ágreda on the Camino Castellano-Aragonés, Christina Rossetti's poem seemed appropriate: Does the road wind up-hill all the way? Yes, to the very end. Will the day's journey take the whole long day? From morn to...

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