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  1. zenofmatthew

    Nothing went right

    Nothing went right, nothing went wrong. I overpacked, and didn't pack enough. I packed shoes and did it in my sandals. I dreamt of seeing many things and didn't. I saw other things I didn't dream of. Things were busy, but wide open also. Made some friends, made some other friendships...
  2. alansykes

    Up hill

    Struggling slightly with the 880m of accumulated ascent between Tarazona and Ágreda on the Camino Castellano-Aragonés, Christina Rossetti's poem seemed appropriate: Does the road wind up-hill all the way? Yes, to the very end. Will the day's journey take the whole long day? From morn to...
  3. CalgaryLynn

    Fado club in Porto

    I love Fado music and am looking forward to hearing some when I am in Portugal this fall. Does anyone have any recommendations for Fado clubs that I might check out? I am looking for the real Fado clubs - small, dark, smokey and tucked away in dark alleys. I went to a few in Lisbon when last...
  4. G

    Opening of the Commemorations of the Centenary of Amalia Rodrigues (1920 – 2020) - Portuguese music selection

    To initiate the celebrations of the centenary of Amalia Rodrigues, the most famous of all fado singers, a seemingly ever increasing number of guitarists gather to perform in her honour. For those of you who I know enjoy listening to some of these selections as background music while attending to...
  5. gmag

    Online guitar recital from the Saint James Confraternity

    Hello, today , Ivan Moseley, (who is the one who is reviewing Anita's new English - Spanish Guide), has sent us the announcement of a fantastic and unique guitar recital, live from Mexico, and with Ivan Moseley's talk about two totally unknown pilgrimage routes in Mexico. As it is a first-class...
  6. G

    The Portuguese Guitar - Portuguese music selection

    I delight in this, the English Guitar, now often referred to as the Portuguese Guitar. I first saw it in Lisbon, in one of its most enjoyable settings. Accompanying a Fado singer. Now, after listening to it in many settings, I find myself thinking that this is my absolute favourite stringed...
  7. dick bird

    Can you identify this Pablo Neruda poem?

    "And that's why I have to go back to so many places in the future, there to find myself and constantly examine myself with no witness but the moon and then whistle with joy. ambling over rocks and clods of earth, with no task but to live, with no family but the road." This is the translation of...
  8. scruffy1

    Music for the Camino

    While walking music is always a source of comfort, of joy, of rejuvenation and we all have our favorites. I always enjoy something not tainted by modernism, something more 'appropriate' to the effort, 'properly' medieval. My choice is something not Spanish though occasionally yes Jordi Savall...
  9. G

    When Angels Came To Live Amongst Us – Spanish Music Selection No 18

    Ana Vidovics's initial performance of "Recuerdos de l'Alhambra" (Memories of the Alhambra) elicits an understandable reaction in the Utube comments section from the respondent calling himself 'Natural Born Scorpio'. He says -- "Ana is truly an angel from the heavens brought to earth to enrich...
  10. G

    Michael Lucarelli – Spanish Music Selection No 17

    Michael Lucarelli is the musician I want to hear playing the Spanish guitar when I am involved in the type of activity that requires semi-strenuous exertion. Maybe it’s even a prerequisite that I dislike the task at hand, and I’m grumpy at having to do it. Whatever, that’s when it’s time for...
  11. James van Hemert

    Pipe organs

    I am a musician and would love to play the occasional pipe organ in one of the many churches along the way. Has anyone heard pipe organs being played, and if so where? Any other organists out there who have played organs along the pilgrim route? I hope to walk in October 2021 or May 2022.
  12. Wendy Werneth

    The bell chimes of Galicia

    If you're missing the sounds of the church bells along the Camino, I've got just the thing for you. Xesús Álvarez Lozano, a folk musician cum bell ringer, has recorded the sounds of the bells in every town and village along the Camino Francés and Camino Primitivo within Galicia and uploaded...
  13. G

    A Cure for a Distracted Mind? – Spanish Music Selection No 16

    I keep getting interrupted as I fluff about ensnared in that myriad of mundane but necessary chores that take too large a slice of time out of my day. Interrupted by the music that is. I’ll be attempting some menial task, when, what will issue forth from my little Bluetooth speaker is something...
  14. philip a tobin


    Each time I have been on Camino I am moved by the memorials to the departed Pilgrims in so many places along the way.I always say a prayer as I pass and one in particular at Moratinos I pause in remembrance as I knew Phil,known as The Methodist Pilgrim,who gave me much advice and encouragement...
  15. G

    The Best Spanish Christmas Carols - Spanish Music Selection No 15

    Just a little of something different for us this Christmas. For when we grow somewhat weary of the background repetition of our favourites. An album of Spanish Christmas songs. Along with the very best of Christmas wishes to you and yours, Regards Gerard
  16. JillGat

    Long distance pilgrims trade gifts

    Walking the Camino Frances a couple of years ago, I kept meeting up with Lindsay from Scotland. We never walked together, but - whether in a busy bar in a big city or on a remote side trail where I saw no one else - there was Lindsay. We'd have a beer (for him) and a glass of wine (for me)...
  17. David Tallan

    Sounds of the Camino

    I was watching a Camino video the other day (preparing to update my video list resource) and there was a scene in a bar with the clattering of cafe con leche cups and the sound really took me back to the Camino. What sounds really take you back to the Camino? I'll start us off with a few: - the...
  18. William Garza

    A tiny light

    Its been dark lately So I went outside and took a little walk to clear my head. Its funny how such a simple thing for so short a time can put things in perspective. Bad times are not forever and good times never last. The Camino seems a long time and far away now. So I looked up..and saw the...
  19. G

    Concert at the Alhambra - Andrés Segovia - Spanish Music Selection No 13

    Whilst this film is of a 1976 performance, I can assure you it is worth the 48.04 minutes required for your attention. You may have to click on the underlined Watch on YouTube that appears when you select the video. 0:23 - Capricho Catalán - Isaac Albéniz 05:25 - La Maja de Goya - Enrique...
  20. G

    Fernando Sor’s Op.9, “Variations on a Theme of Mozart” - Spanish Music - Selection No 12

    The man that hath no music in himself, Nor is not moved with concord of sweet sounds, Is fit for treasons, stratagems and spoils; The motions of his spirit are dull as night And his affections dark as Erebus: Let no such man be trusted. William Shakespeare He lead an interesting life did...