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pilgrim office sjpp

  1. Monasp

    Pilgrim's office at SJPDP information - Christmas 2023 to New Years 2024

    Exceptionally, the Pilgrims Office at 39 rue de la Citadelle in Saint Jean Pied de Port will be closed from the morning of Monday 25/12/2023 to the morning of Monday 08/01/2024 at 9am.
  2. BabzHikes

    Pilgrims Office, SJPP - Hiking Poles

    Does anyone know if the Pilgrims Office in St Jean have free trekking poles (donated from previous hikers) available to give for a donation? I live here in the United States and don't want to bring my hiking poles with me. I dislike the thought of buying a pair just for this one trip. I did try...
  3. B

    Several questions - Transport to SJPdP, Pilgrims mass & pilgrim office

    I am planning to do half the Camino commencing in SJPdP late September 2024. I will be travelling from Australia, planning to fly into Barcelona and having a few days there before travelling to SJPdP. I believe I can get a direct train from Barcelona to Pamplona. Does anyone know the best mode...
  4. AkaiTombo

    Pilgrim Office in SJPDP hours of operation

    Hello all, Does anyone know the hours of the Pilgrim office in SJPDP? I will arrive late in the afternoon around 6pm. I want to stop by to get my credetial and a first stamp in the evening as I plan to walk early the next morning. Thanks and buen Camino to all!
  5. S

    Getting a Credencial at SJPDP Pilgrim Office: Can I buy it after 8:30 PM?

    Hello, I'm arriving at SJPDP train station at 20.30 on Monday 8th, will the Pilgrim Office be closed? I think I read that's when they close. I wanted to buy my Credencial that evening - before going to accommodation to get my first stamp! Might I have trouble getting into accommodation without...
  6. Brian K

    Pilgrim Office in St. Jean

    Hi, Just wandering if anyone knows what time the Pilgrims Office currently opens? I will be there on Friday November 4th and just trying to figure best time to take the train from Bayonne. Thanks, Brian
  7. Anik2001

    It’s happening in 2022!

    I received the confirmation this week and I will be volunteering for a week at the office in SJPP at the end of June. After that, I will be off to Santiago by the Camino Francés for a second time. Can’t wait! I have been waiting for 2 years to finally go back. Woohoo 🥳!
  8. coachj

    When does the Pilgrim Office in SJPP open?

    Does the official office to get my Camino passport open early in the day or like alberques only after two? So my real question is what are the working open hours of the Camino office in St. Jean?
  9. Monasp

    Pilgrims Office of SJPP

    The pilgrims Office 39 rue de la Citadelle Saint Jean Pied de Port is open every day all year long from 7:30 am to 11pm. The volunteers can give you all you need to start your "Camino" (credenciale, informations, documentation, shell......). Don't forget to go there !
  10. Saint Mike II

    Pilgrim Office in St Jean - Does it close on Public Holidays

    OK - I am prepared to cop the flack but I did search for an answer to this question. The results went back to 2011 and what came up was that its "open all year round". But there was not information about it being closed on French National Public Holidays. I even tried their own web site - (in...
  11. MickMac

    How many people Start the Camino yearly from SJPP

    Having just been quoted that only 30,000 people start from SJPP I thought it was much higher ?

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