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I was browsing in a second hand bookshop and found a recently published book about a bloke (Ben Nimmo) who walked from Canterbury to Santiago de Compostela-carrying 30kgs and a trombone. Only part of the way through it but he does jettison some gear along the way-but 30kgs...respect
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"What about crazy but with overtones of respect?"

Love it, omar504!

Sounds like a modern, upbeat, ABC (authentic, brief, concise-picked this up in Guatemala sometime ago), description, of the Camiños!

Best 8)



The book is called Pilgrim Snail (because of the size/shape of his load he travelled at a snail's pace!) and is one of two about the Camino that regularly reduce me to tears, the other being Jennifer Lash's On Pilgrimage. Read it / them for views on the pilgrimage that are from the soul. When I start to feel that I'm losing sight of the 'why' in the midst of the plans I return to these and remember
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I also have watched certain "you tube" videos or read books about the camino and been reduced to tears - I wonder what that means :? :) I think it must be something deep within us that touches us when we think about doing the camino. I imagine there must be many a wet eye sitting in the cathedral in Santiago at the end of the journey. For all the experienced people out there, can you shed some light onto why do you think many of us have this emotional reaction - especially to someone like me who isn't really religious.



thank you, thank you. Yes, I cried :)


have replied at length elsewhere, not sure whether it made any sense though - I feel that one gets touched to the core in a way that is undefineable, but as to why? Who knows


Janeh, maybe it's a matter of...was it Robert Frost that said it..."beauty is its own excuse for being..." The Camino is beauty. Beauty can be oh so moving. xm 8)

Dawn of a new Day

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emotional mass service

well consider that alot of us walked 795km and arrived safely. I too CRYED. and to hear the nun sing, brought willys down my back. IT was such a GREAT Ending to the walk.
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