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A new hotel in RONCESVALLES

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Inauguration in Roncesvalles of a hotel with 16 rooms

Yesterday, opened the hotel Roncesvalles, and sixteen three-star rooms, built in the House known as Casa del Contador The hotel is the culmination of a project that began two years ago. For this new opening was chosen yesterday, in which Roncesvalles celebrating the Virgin of the Nativity.

The event was attended by the Minister of Culture and Tourism, Juan Ramon Corpas, as well as the archbishop of Pamplona and Tudela, Francisco Perez, the prior of the Royal Collegiate of Roncesvalles, Idoate Jesus Gil, and the canon of Roncesvalles, Javier Navarro. Were also the mayor of Roncesvalles, Luis Echeverria, and the chairman of the council of Nagore, Francisco Javier Huarte.

The archbishop blessed the hotel, and then thanked the prior effort to everyone who contributed to this project. Then it was time for the counselor Juan Ramon Corpas, who gave a word of thanks to the efforts of the Collegiate in maintaining the heritage and religious function for carrying out the Camino de Santiago.

In this regard, the counselor said that "the Government of Navarre has cherish because Roncesvalles is the gateway to Europe". Corpas also referred to paragraph tourism, and noted that in recent years have opened 91 beds hotel in Roncesvalles.

A hotel of the eighteenth century

La Casa del Contador was built in the eighteenth century. In recent years there had been using as shelter for pilgrims, but the deterioration of this building as both the House of benefits required to plan a solution.

To that end, eight years ago began to shape the project that would apartments to the hotel for pilgrims and tourists. "The houses were dilapidated, and if they had not been rehabilitated they would have been demolished. Instead, we responded to a demand for tourism and pilgrimage, which I think was a success," said Jesus Gil Idoate, prior of the Royal Collegiate of Roncesvalles.

The hotel works were carried out in the past two years, while preserving the historic parts of the building. Inside, it has become a hotel of 16 rooms spread over three floors, one of which is a suite and another is adapted for the disabled. The works have cost 2 million four hundred thousand euros, amount financed by the Government of Navarre through a loan to the Collegiate.


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That's actually quite good news for people going at busy times, as I know a guy who had to sleep in a tent last year (kindly given to him by the people who run the Roncesvalles refugio!)

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