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A Question about Charities/NPO's.....?

Not sure where to put this, but here seems OK.

A few reading here may be aware of my travels and blog. Doing my best to raise money for childrens charities as I explore Spain via pilgrimage routes to Santiago. After a prolonged break in Santander on Camino Norte (torn ligaments) I'm now walking once more. Quickly to the point of this post...

Does anyone know of any charity type organisations that make funds available to youngsters from disadvantaged backgrounds to enable them to experience Camino?

I have managed to talk a sponsor into covering costs of exhibitions in Barcelona and Santiago (I'm an artist) which would leave all proceeds available for donation to charity. I can only guess, but likley to be in the region of a further €10K, so well worth doing. Ideally, I would like to see the money pay for disadvantaged youngsters (teenagers, young adults, da yoof - call them what you will) to apply for so that they can fund their own Camino experience whether that's the socialble Camino Frances in summer, or more solitary and testing Mozarabe & Via de la Plata in winter.

I'm not taking any profit from planned exhibitions. The publicity is all I'm after :wink:

Please make suggestions here. Or, anyone interested in helping in anyway (publicity, logistics, volunteer day staff for exhibitions) please PM me with contact info so that I can keep you in touch with what's going on.


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Oikoten (a Greek word with a double meaning - ‘away from home, away from your native country’ and ‘by your own force or by your own means’) is also the name of an organisation in Belgium that deals with troubled teenagers and juvenile delinquents.
In 1982 Oikoten (now known as Alba) started organizing hikings and work projects for youngsters in difficulty. They mediate between juvenile delinquents and their victims to make up for caused harm
introduced pilgrimage to Santiago as an alternative of incarceration of minor delinquents. The Oikoten pilgrimage gave these youngsters the opportunity to prove that they could be released by the juvenile court integrated into normal society.
The young people have to sign a contract:
1. to walk every inch by foot
2. to respect the law
3. to leave behind personal stereo and GSM
4. to avoid behaviour that endangers the hike.
You could help these youngsters by becoming a ‘guardian angel’ through the Ultreia Walk On programme. Log onto this website to find out how you can sponsor a pilgrim or even help a troubled youth apply to become a sponsored pilgrim.
http://jeffer-london.com/ultreia/eng/ul ... or_en.html
Nice.That's exactly the sort of thing I'm looking for.

I've met a few teenagers en-route that were walking with funding from organisations of some sort. I've also met many young people (late teens to early 20's) who were walking to make use of the albergues simply because they had nowhere to stay and were looking for work in other Spanish cities.

If anyone knows of an organisation similar to the Belgian suggestion above, but UK based, that would be ideal. Although, the link provided does look interesting.



Nunca se camina solo

Marion Marples the Secretary of the CSJ in the UK has been thinking for some time of how to set up a UK version of Oikoten. There were some exploratory meetings which showed that generally there was support for it. Why not think about using your funds as seed corn to start this new project in the UK?

Thanks for all the PM's. I'm in a €4/hour internet cafe, so can't reply to all immediatley.

About to take a flying visit to Barcelona to make exhibition arrangements. Looks like I've missed the boat for next year. Making plans now for exhibitions along Camino routes for an entire year from Spring 2011. Plenty of time to get it right, but not actually that far away.

I really like the idea of helping to raise money for disadvantaged young people in the UK to experience Camino. The 'little by little' sense of achievement is something that I think all people benefit from. Looking at the map and thinking OMG - such a long way to walk. A few enjoyable days later and you arrive at the far away destination. Many other reasons why people benefit of course.

I'm confident that the exhibitions will raise good money and hopefully attract attention from potential corporate sponsors. In the meantime, I will continue life as a fundraising artist and tell as many people as I can what I would like to be raising money for. Even during crisis it's not completely impossible that someone with the dosh may like the idea also. I'll post updates here as and when.

It's been almost a year since I started walking. Another wet one here on Spain's northern coast, and to be honest, I'm feeling very tired of life constantly on the move. However, it's an experience I have enjoyed thoroughly despite occassional hardship. Very glad I've done it, but looking forward to the end of my final route - whenever that may be!
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I'm collecting pledges and getting a fair bit of interest from potential sponsors to make this happen. Anyone can pledge online via my blog http://www.thelostphotographer.blogspot.com

I am hoping to raise a fair amount myself with my next project. I'll be renting a house on the North Western coast of Spain and painting 5 seascapes a week to auction on the internet for charity. I would like the money to go directly to an organisation that is actually going to provide 'camino experience' for *disadvantaged people. Possibly, with a mentor for the start of their journey at least.

I realise I will be living the dream of many wannabe artists - none of the money I raise on the net will fund my own living. I have Two outlets lined up for selling my work. I will also sell on the streets of Galician cities at weekends and have other income. As a single man with few needs, I don't spend very much money.

This is something that means a lot to me for personal reasons. I am determined to get this project up and running and would also enjoy acting as a volunteer mentor. Anyone else who would like to could perhaps express an interest here. I'm thinking that a mentor would have their food and bed costs covered, plus a small allowance in return for guidance and help when required.

Not exactly sure about the time scale. Keep an eye on my blog and please, if you can help in anyway let me know.

Thank you.

*Anyone who doesn't enjoy the 'normal' life most of us take for granted.

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