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Could you please provide information about which sections of the Silver Way (VDLP) are entirely paved?
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Could you please provide information about which sections of the Silver Way (VDLP) are entirely paved?

That's very hard to judge. There is no VdlP guidebook to my knowledge that shows, as Brierley does, the type of walking surface.

I can't cope with much road walking as my feet / tendons can't take it.
The VdlP was no problem for me.

I walked Seville to Astorga, so can't comment on the Sanabres alternative.

But as a very rough indication.

  1. Walking surfaces are generally excellent on the VdlP. Fine gravel and packed earth tracks etc.
  2. I don't recall any day that was all road/paved. It's a delight!
  3. When there are paved sections, it is generally for 4-5 kms max.
  4. There is one 16 km road section after Castilblanco de los Arroyos. Many people taxi that section (I did)
  5. There is an 11 km road section just before Banos, but there is a path alternative. (via verde)
I could go through the whole route, but hopefully that gives you an idea.

You can see a day by day blog with video here. You'll get a good idea of the various surfaces.
The 2024 Camino guides will be coming out little by little. Here is a collection of the ones that are out so far.
Yes, walking on asphalt roads for a long time can be hard on the feet. Thanks for sharing. It seems like a good idea to take a taxi to avoid the 16-kilometer road section after Castilblanco de los Arroyos. Is there a safe taxi service with dedicated phone lines in Spain? How do you call a taxi there?

By the way, I saw you sharing on YouTube about using long tubes to check in trekking poles and other items. Do you discard these boxes after checking them in and buy new ones for the return journey, or do you carry them with you throughout the trip?
I’m planning to walk from Salamanca via the Sanabrés next April and have been wondering the same thing. The Buen Camino app does show the proportion of each stage that is asphalt. At the moment the Sanabrian Way route is only in Spanish but is currently in translation ( it’s a free app that relies on donations so it’s worth considering a donation). From my initial quick look it seems that the asphalt increases as you walk into Galicia ( especially as roadworks are causing some diversions). Is there anyone out there who has walked recently ?

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