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accomodation in holy week

Peter Morrill

New Member
I am arriving in Caceres by bus from Seville next wednesday (19 March - Easter week). I have a feeling that accomodation may be difficult. Can anyone give advice, as I've tried the internet for hostals or Albergues without success with a view to booking online. Maybe I'm looking at the wrong websites.

regards, Peter
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Rebekah Scott

Camino Busybody
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this is a very good question. Everyone´s heading home for Holy Week and taking up all the open spaces in the pensions and hostels. Shops are closing at odd hours, restaurants are keeping odd schedules. Parish priests, usually the people to turn to when you need something and can´t find it anywhere, are running their legs off. You´re right to expect some challenges this week, especially in the pueblínes out there in Extremadura.

All I can say is check first the usual way suggested by your guidebook. Then go to the bar or the old folk´s hangout and ask the people there if there´s a room anywhere in town where you can stay. If you can´t find a bar, find a cop. And if that won´t work, go to the plaza mayor and knock on doors til you find someone who will tell you something. It probably won´t come to that, but never despair. There´s someplace in every town where a pilgrim can find a place to sleep, even if it´s on the sofa... or out in the barn! You´ll be fine.

Expect a good welcome in Fuenterroble de Salvatierra, and at Salamanca too!


Nunca se camina solo
Peter - The Cicerone guide by Alison Raju lists a good choice of accomodation in Caceres itself. You will get a welcome and sello in the Church of Santiago in the medieval city. The albergue should be open in Casar de Caceres - the key is in the bar opposite. I would have thought there should be no problem in Carnaveral, Galisteo, Carcaboso or Aldeanueva del Camino - the hostales/bars in these places are the centre of things. If you reach Calzada de Bejar you will have a choice but by then the fiesta will have finished an all will be well. You will recieve a very warm welcome in Fuenterroble as Rebekah says.

I'd be surprised if you have a problem and the locals will also help. When I reached San Pedro de los Rozados everything was closed...albegure shut for obras, Casa Rural not open, I was directed to one of the two bars. They confirmed everything was closed. " I have a problem" I said. " No you don't" was the reply " you can stay with my granny" - and so I did!

Buen Camino

Peter Morrill

New Member
Rebekah, Johnny
Many thanks for your replies. My next door neighbour is Spanish, so he spent a while phoning several places in Caceres for me and eventually found me a room just outside the town. Being a Geordie I have enough trouble speaking English let alone Spanish, so my neighbour has translated various phrases for me to use in bars such as 'I'm quite happy to sleep on the floor/in the dog kennel/ in the pigsty' and he tells me that If I look sufficiently pathetic/pious someone will offer me something. It was nice that every place phoned was most concerned that I had somewhere to sleep and suggested other places with their phone numbers. I'm prepared for anything, even a bus shelter for the night, after all no one ever said that being a pilgrim should be easy!
My flight to Malaga is 6.50 tomorrow morning and I'm excited at the prospect.


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New Member
hello peter,
I have booked in Oasis backpackers hostal for the same week , very cheap and friendly. Maybe they have place for you.. You can find there adress by Google.
I start my walk on saterday, perhaps we meet!
God luck, Hans from Holland

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