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Accomodation in Santiago de Compostela

I am urgently looking for a flat to rent in the centre of Santiago de Compostela. I have found it much more difficult than anticipated and many of the adverts posted around the town are old.

Can anyone advise me as to whether or not using an agnecy is costly-are the prices of the flats more expensive and do they charge a fee?

Also my level of Spanish is no that great, can anyone recommend the easiest way to find accomodation in the city?


Staff member
Hi there,

Finding something in old town will be difficult, but try walking and look up to see the "Se Alquila" signs in the windows... (For rent signs). When we looked for something to buy, we did this but found more "For rent" than "For sale".

The "Inmobliarias", not sure if they charge a fee. I do not think so, they probably get paid by the person trying to get the flat rented, so this leaves you without an extra cost.... I think.

I will be in Santiago tomorrow for a meeting, and if I have the time I will stop and ask at one of these agencies... I will let you know.

Also, buy "La Voz de Galica", there are some flats for rent there... of course a bit difficult if you do not speak Spanish.

Try these things and if you still struggle, let me know...

Please feel free to give me a ring or e-mail me if you have any more questions.

Mobile: 66 1953 964
e-mail: ivar @ gmail.com


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Hi again,

I did stop by a real-estate office today to ask about if they rented out apartments. This particular one did not (they only rented out houses and bigger properties), but they told me about one agency that do rent out smaller apartments/studios (studio=one room apartment). It seems like they have specialized in this type of apartments aimed at students.

I am not sure if you are a student, but the first day of the semester at the Univ. of Santiago is today. This means that a lot of students are trying to get an apartment these days.

The one that you should visit is: Inmobiliaria Fonseca in Rua do Franco. This is the street between the park and the cathedral in old town (with all the restaurants and bars). If you start from the park, walk about 70-100 meters towards the cathedral in Rua do Franco, you will have it on your left hand side. Their office is on the 2nd floor, but they have a small name sign at street level, you just need to walk up some stairs to get there.

I remember that I visited this agency once when we were looking for a house. I don't think they speak any English so you may have to practice a few sentences before entering.

Good luck and please let us know how it went, I am sure there are more people that would like to know this as well.

Thanks I have now visited two agencies and I have arranged to see a few properties this evening.

I have been offered a new flat above Viajes El Corte Ingles in Avenida de Rosalia de Castro for a reasonable price. However, it is not furnished. Is there anywhere where I would be able to rent furniture or buy it cheaply? Also do you know what the area is like?

Thanks again for your help finding the agency.


Staff member
Good to hear that you are making progress! :)

The apartment you mention by Viajes El Corte Ingles in Avenida de Rosalia sound like a good choice. My only concern would be street-noise since the street outside has a lot of traffic. That area of town is good (there is not really a bad area of Santiago). And you are right by the park, close to a supermercado (out the door of the travel agency, turn right, down the hill, turn first left... about a 100 meter walk for you).

Regarding furniture... hmmm.. thinking.... don't know of a place that rent furniture.... don't know of a 2nd hand market either...

If you know someone with a car you could try the Leroy Merlin Store on the way out to the airport, http://www.leroymerlin.es. It is not really a furniture store, but they have a few shelves and stuff like that.

They have some cheap stuff in the super mercado at El Corte Ingles... and also in the supermercado at Area Central (located in the basement).

Neither of these are furniture stores, but might have some furniture pieces that does not cost too much. El Corte Ingles ships stuff home for you for a few euros more if you do not have a car.

If I think of another idea for a place for buying furniture I will post it here...

Good luck!


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