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Advice for Vegetarians


New Member
Hi all,

I'm, starting my first camino SJPP to Finisterra 20th August. I know that being a vegetarian in Spain is not eay and I am well prepared for that. Has anyone got any useful advice on places on route where they have found vegetarian friendly menus? I don't think 5 weeks of omelettes will do me much good!!


The one from Galicia (the round) and the one from Castilla & Leon. Individually numbered and made by the same people that make the ones you see on your walk.

Most of the vegetarians I met on the road mostly had no choice in the typical pilgrim's menu but sopa de verduras (vegetable soup) for a first course and an ensalada mixta for the second. Hardly worth the 7 to 10 euros in my opinion but at least they get to eat. Many bar owners seem to be already aware that a significant percentage of peregrinos are vegetarians so they are starting to accomodate their needs. It's just the lack of variety (aside from the stuff mentioned above) that will torment you. Of course you can always have unlimited pan and vino at dinner. There are tiendas in the villages so if you don't want to go to a bar/restaurant, you can always create your own dinner at the albergue if it has a kitchen.

yeah I think that's pretty much the only way a vegetarian can get decent food in Spain...in a kitchen making it yourself.

I'm no vegetarian but I like to limit my meat-intake to about once a week, but that's quasi-impossible if u eat out in Spain (in the small villages anyway) and expect to come home with a belly full of fuel for the next walk.
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Hey CHris,

I think I'm going to see you in SJPP because I'm leaving on the same day it seems. By the way, I am a vegetarian and I did the camino (the whole thing) 5 years ago and had no real problems. Believe it or not you do get addicted to the tortilla de patata in bocadillos (potato egg sandwiches), but there are ample opportunities to cook for yourself at many refugios. You will have no problems.

Good luck and I'll probably see you on the road if not in SJPP. I will be the dark haired, green eyed girl from Santa Barbara California in case you're interested.

Bye until we meet along the way,

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