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Advise on t-shirt

Hi !

I just have to share the good experiance I had with one of the things I brought for my first week on the camino in May this year.

I brought a thin woolen t-shirt to wear during the days. That was really smart. The shirt is very thin and soft, and perfect both in the hot mid-day and the colder mornings. And it is the best when it comes to carrying a backpack, because you always get sweaty on your back, but with this shirt I never felt really wet or cold. And, it was not hotter than my other t-shirt, made of microfiber.

And best of all, It doesn't smell bad after some days, and when you wash it in cold water at the refugios it feels clean and smells good again. Much better then the smellegrino-microfiber-t-shirt I brought.

And, it dries fast. And don't itch. I also brought one with long sleeves. Perfect for early cold mornings and evenings.

The one I brought was a Norwegian brand called Devold, and they have a web-site called http://www.devold.no - hopefully they have english text there.
I guess that any woolen t-shirt will do, but make sure it's thin.

Best wishes for all pilgrims in life
Liv :D


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Thin wool for the norwegians and a good advice for people from other nations too! For each year I carry less and less things in my backpack on the Camino, but Devolds thin wool underwear are there. I use it mostly in cold nights and evenings, and the reasons are those that Liv Marit mentions. Bjørg
I wore something similar - from a New Zealand brand called Icebreaker that uses Merino wool - to give the same attributes - wide temperature range and little need for washing

Icebreaker comes in different warmths - for April/May I used the 260 TechT with long sleeves and part zip - there is also the 190 short sleeves


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Yep, I agree. I wear Hedrena - an ultra fine merino T-shirt made in Australia. Fantastic. Quick drying, never feels hot or cold even when wet, very light. And beautiful colours....


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