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air mattresses and cook pots!


Hello all!

This is post #1 for me. I just got my CFJ camino guide and it suggests (maybe) bringing a thermarest or similar air mattress in case you end up on the floor at a refugio. I'm not sure if I want to take up the space with this, and leaving from from st jean de pied approx may 11 i think i might be ahead of the major major pilgrim season (though still catching some of it!)

It also said that many refugios no longer have kitchens b/c of pilgrim misuse. I am wondering if camping kitchen gear might be useful or wasted space.

Thanks for your thoughts.

Ideal sleeping bag liner whether we want to add a thermal plus to our bag, or if we want to use it alone to sleep in shelters or hostels. Thanks to its mummy shape, it adapts perfectly to our body.

I spent 41 days on the VDLP and always had a bed-but I believe the CF is more crowded. Because I found spain pretty cheap I ate out every day-camping gear will just add weight
Ideal pocket guides for during and after your Camino. Each weighs just 40g (1.4 oz).
buena! said:
Hello all!

This is post #1 for me. I just got my CFJ camino guide and it suggests (maybe) bringing a thermarest or similar air mattress in case you end up on the floor at a refugio.

My wife and I took pads along and never used them. We carried thermarest pads (the shorter models), not that large and not that heavy, but on the road all weight seems multiplied.

I'm also thinking about taking a thermarest mattress. I will be walking in August - End september from either Somport or SJPDP. I looked at the shorter length one yesterday and it weights 370gm. I was thinkin of taking one in case I can't get a bed (although I could then go to a hotel), and using it as a barrier between bedbugs and me, when I sleep on the mattress in the refugio. Would this be useful, despite the weight question/arguement?
I took a 3/4 length thermarest in August two years ago, and used it several times. But I suspect that I could have borrowed a foam sleeping pad from someone who had a bed. You definitely do not need pots and pans.
Technical backpack for day trips with backpack cover and internal compartment for the hydration bladder. Ideal daypack for excursions where we need a medium capacity backpack. The back with Air Flow System creates large air channels that will keep our back as cool as possible.

The smallest, lightest, sleeping bag, should do the job, for that or any other time of the year. It'be nice if it could fit in ur hand, ye, that small.

Buen Camino,

xm 8)

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I'm asking because I CAN live without these. I'll keep it short; should I bring...? Sleeping liner - (don't albergues have at least one sheet? for me that will be enough) Kindle + Kindle...
What is the best all in one detergent that washes body, hair and clothes?
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Hi there, I’m starting my first Camino Frances early May, and I don’t know whether I need hiking poles or not? I’m 26 years old, relatively fit and don’t have any injuries (yet!) I used poles for...
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