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Another year - feeling jaded?


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First one in 2005 from Moissac, France.
Hey .. so, we have had a few years of "not normal" to say the least. Even though a new year has begun - are you feeling jaded? Depressed? Stressed? Well, this video is about nature (and is funny) .. but is also Perfect for Camino thoughts and desires! - time for a 500 mile walk? don't you think?

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Fun fact. I briefly worked with the young man in the video about 10 years ago. He owned a small business called "Soup Cycle" that delivered quarts of freshly made soup via bicycle, all over the city (Portland, OR).

Back to the camino. I'm SO ready for my next camino, planning on February 14th start date! ❤️

It's time to go through the spiritual, mental and physical carwash that is the Camino.
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@David !

"Jaded" ? That is my natural state from working with the moneyed class....and tax authorities. So, 'same stuff, different day".

"Depressed" ? Nah, just tired, but thanks for asking.

"Stressed" ? Is there is ANYTHING going on in the world to be stressed about? (If the sun comes up in the West tomorrow, I reserve the right to change my mind. :p)

Currently renovating my home office area....because my wife also retired. After 45 years together, some "apartness" is required during the long winter days.

I had thought the project would take the time of a leisurely walk from Sarria to to Santiago. After dealing with fixing some wood butchery of the prior owner, and removing 30+ year wallpaper? The venture could occupy as much time as an amble from SJPP to Finisterre. So, that is my Camino for this year.

"Buen Camino" to all those with the opportunity to walk this year - - and all the best in 2023.

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Or should I just walk the Camino,( I am on budget)
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Hi everyone, introducing myself as a lurker :) Buen Camino!

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